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All About Lacerte Tax Software

Tax preparation is an essential part of managing finances for both individuals and businesses. To automate this need, people look for the most efficient software to make tax preparation and filing easier. This is where Lacerte tax software from Intuit plays a vital role. 


If you are new to using Intuit Lacerte, this complete guide is meant for you.


What is Lacerte Software?


Lacerte is an all-inclusive tax preparation application that helps individual taxpayers and businesses simplify their tax filing process. Based on the specific needs of different users, Lacerte comes with personalized packages, be it Lacerte Unlimited Modules, Lacerte REP, or Lacerte 200 Federal 1040.


Whether the tax returns are complex or straightforward, Lacerte software has been designed with features to help get things done efficiently. It is also a good fit for both small and large accounting firms, as it can handle a wide range of return types. 


In terms of utility, Lacerte is an on-premise application that needs to be installed on a local computer before use. If you want remote access to Lacerte, you need to switch to Lacerte hosting with the help of a cloud solution provider.


Primary Features of Lacerte Tax Software


Lacerte is one of the most popular tax software amongst firms of all sizes because of its feature list, as given below:


Form Library 


Lacerte software supports more than 5,700 forms, including K-1s, multi-state, and many others. Other tax form modules you get with this software include 1041, 1040, 1120, 1065, 709, 990, 706, and 5500, which helps accounting firms cater to the needs of their diverse clients. 


The software also supports direct tax data importing into the Schedule D form from Excel/CSV files, which further helps in eliminating manual data entry. 


Intuitive Interface


Lacerte has been designed by keeping in mind the complications involved in the tax filing process. Its unique interface consists of customizable columns, worksheet-based design, and quick access to necessary tools to make the tax filing process fast and hassle-free.


Missing Client Data Tool


Accounting firms often come across situations where they need to track down client data and manually ask for missing information for tax preparation. Missing Client Data tool in the Intuit Lacerte software targets this specific need by identifying fields with missing information and sending requests to the clients to provide the required details/documents.


This in-built tool saves time and automates the tax filing process to manage and maintain a seamless workflow.




With E-Signature, you can collect approvals and agreements from your clients digitally. Consider it an IRS-approved method of obtaining client signatures on tax forms, invoices, and other documents. It also ensures secure data transfer with the help of 256-bit encryption.


Error Diagnostics


Lacerte tax software is known amongst its users for its capability to catch errors and omissions with the help of 25,000 extensive diagnoses. As a tax preparer, you can quickly jump from the error screen to the input fields to make corrections in the form. It also provides automated calculations that help in preventing IRS rejections.


Trial Balance Utility 


As the name suggests, Trial Balance Utility comes with features that help save time during the trial balance process. As a tax preparer, it helps modify journal entries, develop charts for accountants, and review trial balance reports. It also saves a trial balance sheet of each year for quick reference. 


While these are some of the most valuable features of Lacerte, you can use many other features with this tax software. Given below is a feature table that covers several features of Lacerte based on their utility.


Utility Lacerte Features
Performance and Integration
  • Unique interface
  • Reliable multi-user experience
  • QuickBooks Accountant Integration
  • On-Screen guidance
  • Integrated e-filing for individual and business form sets
  • Expanded e-filing for all open years
  • E-signature plus payments
  • E-organizer
  • Multiple filings per client
  • Simultaneous e-filing for several users
Data Accessing
  • Jump to Input
  • PDFs by email
  • PDF bookmarks
  • Lacerte client portals
Downloads and Diagnostics
  • Financial institution download
  • Schedule D import wizard
  • Calculations and diagnostics
Utilities and Tools 
  • Trial balance utility
  • Missing Client Data utility
  • Tax analysis and planning tools
  • K-1 transfer
  • Intuit Link
  • Financial transaction summary


For more details about Lacerte features, click here


Workflow Add-ons of Lacerte Software


You can also include various integrated add-ons to benefit from optimized tax workflow. These include:


  • eSignature Plus Payments
  • Intuit Practice Management
  • Intuit Link


Difference between Lacerte and ProSeries


Both Lacerte and ProSeries are tax software offered by Intuit. They are desktop-based tax software that caters to various tax preparation and filing needs of accounting firms. Besides the similarities between the two, there are many differences that make them unique and suitable for a specific type of user. 


The following table covers the differences between ProSeries and Lacerte tax software:


Features  Lacerte  ProSeries
Available number of forms 5700 3700
Error check diagnostics 25,000 1,000
Integrated e-filing feature Available NA
OfficeTools integration support Yes Yes
Interface type Worksheet based Form based
Schedule D Excel import support Yes No
Personalised reports Yes No
Billing clock No Yes


Both the software help taxpayers in simplifying the tax filing tasks. It is advisable to consider the similarities and differences between Lacerte and ProSeries software to make an informed choice.


Why Use Lacerte for Tax Preparation?


Here’s how individuals and accounting firms benefit from using Lacerte tax software:


  • Fast, secure tax preparation process involved
  • Worksheet design that facilitates faster input
  • Deep forms set features that assist in preparing complex tax returns
  • Easy to identify errors using advanced diagnostics
  • Access to online tax resources to stay abreast with the latest tax policies


Lacerte Software Pricing


Lacerte software pricing is based on the three special feature packages as given below:


  • Lacerte 200 Federal 1040
  • Lacerte Unlimited Modules
  • Lacerte REP (Fast Path Only)


For complete Lacerte pricing information, click here.  


Why Host Lacerte on Cloud?


Using Lacerte in a desktop environment limits its utility. However, you can make the most of its features by switching to Lacerte software hosting. It is the process that combines the powerful features of this software with that of cloud technology.


With Lacerte software hosting, you can:


  • Prepare and file taxes from anywhere
  • Collaborate with your team members from remote locations
  • Enjoy 99.995% uptime
  • Benefit from unlimited user access
  • Integrate other software like QuickBooks, OfficeTools, etc.
  • Enjoy the advantages of disaster recovery
  • Scale the hosting plan up or down as per your needs
  • Save money and pay as you go


To start your free trial of Lacerte hosting, click here


Lacerte FAQs


What is Lacerte?


Lacerte is a tax preparation and filing application offered by Intuit. It helps businesses and individual taxpayers in filing their tax returns without hassles. 


Is Lacerte an Intuit product?


Yes. Lacerte software is offered by Intuit – a leading financial software company. 


Is UltraTax software better than Lacerte?


When you start using any of this software, make sure you compare its features and benefits to make the right decision.


How can I benefit from Lacerte hosting?


Lacerte hosting, also known as Lacerte on cloud, will benefit you from accessing the software remotely. It also provides enhanced data security, better collaboration between teams, and easy integration with other accounting software.


How to update Lacerte when it is hosted on the cloud?


Once you have switched to Lacerte software hosting, the hired cloud solution provider will perform automatic software updates. 


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9 Common FAQs Related to Tax Software Hosting

Most tax professionals now use advanced software to simplify various tasks that form a part of their daily lives. While they can select from a wide range of software – Drake, Lacerte, UltraTax CS, or TaxWise, the next big thing is about accessing them via a cloud server. It is where tax software hosting plays a vital role.


The fundamentals of tax software hosting are quite straightforward to understand – you choose a cloud solution provider and migrate your tax software on their cloud servers for remote access. 


However, not every tax professional knows about it and thus, has various questions in mind before deciding to switch to cloud-hosted tax software. This blog post will address and answer some of the most common questions people ask about hosting tax software on the cloud.


  • What makes cloud-hosted tax software better than the traditional desktop environment?


When you host/install tax software on a computer system, you can only work on it when you are around that system. Think of office computers with specific programs that you can only run while you are within the office premises. 


On the other hand, Cloud-hosted tax software is different from the desktop environment as you can access it on the go from wherever you want. 


  • Who provides tax software hosting solutions?


Renowned cloud solution providers provide these solutions by allowing their clients to host tax software on their cloud servers. Whether it is a software update, cloud environment maintenance, data migration, or security, they will take care of it all.


You will only need to pay them for these services based on the tax software hosting plan you select. 


  • Why should tax professionals switch to tax software hosting?


By empowering your tax software with cloud hosting, you can make the most of the following advantages:


  • Remote software access
  • Regular data backup
  • Cost savings
  • Third-party add-on integration
  • Automatic software upgrades
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing model


  • How does cloud-hosted tax software work?


Tax software works the same in the cloud as in a desktop environment. Neither the software interface nor its features get changed. However, you get the benefit of accessing it from anywhere and at any time. 


Once you have selected a cloud solution service provider, get the licensed software and data migrated to the cloud. Using the access credentials provided by your cloud provider, you can then start working on the software via a web browser.


  • Which tax software can I host on a dedicated cloud server?


Whether you use Drake, Lacerte, UltraTax, ProSystem, or ProSeries, you can host all of them on a dedicated server. However, before you make the final switch, ask your hosting provider about the support available for the particular software you use. 


Recommended Read: What are the Benefits of Drake Tax Software Hosting on Cloud?


  • What determines the pricing of tax software hosting?


The cost of hosting tax software on the cloud depends on several factors, including the tax software you use, the number of users who will access it on the cloud, vRAM (virtual RAM), vCPU, SAN storage, and the cloud hosting provider you use. 


  • How to select a tax software hosting provider?


Ideally, you should check for SLA-backed uptime, customer support availability, security measures, and data center locations at the time of selecting a cloud hosting provider.


  • Do I need a tax software license before hosting it on the cloud?


Getting the license is a crucial step to be followed before hosting it on a cloud server. You need to purchase the license and then ask for the hosting services. 


  • Is my tax software data safe on the cloud?


Tax software hosting providers always ensure that your software and data will be safe. Still, you must ask about the specifics of security measures deployed by the cloud solution provider, like end-to-end encryption, Intrusion Detection, and Protection systems, firewalls, to name a few. 


Final Thoughts


If you had these questions about tax software hosting in your mind, we hope you have got the expected answers. However, if you have any more questions or need help selecting the right hosting plan, call us at 1-855-583-7486.

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Cloud FAQs: Should You Switch to UltraTax Virtual Office?

UltraTax is a powerful tax software used by accountants and tax preparers. The best part about using this feature-rich software is that it can help you automate the tax preparation process related to your business. In addition, you get access to the full line of federal, local, and state tax programs, such as 1120 corporate, 1040 individual, and many others. It also integrates seamlessly with other solutions offered by Thomson Reuters – its parent company. All its features and benefits had again led to a five-star rating of UltraTax by CPA Practice Advisor in 2020. 


While everything is going well and tax professionals are happy with using UltraTax CS software, what’s the buzz about switching from UltraTax CS to UltraTax Virtual Office? Have you heard about making the cloud transition to UltraTax Virtual Office?


Let’s get into the details to help you understand the right way to use this software. 


What is Virtual Office CS?


Virtual Office CS is a cloud-based environment provided by Thomson Reuters to their clients to do the accounting and tax-related work from anywhere. Virtual Office CS can provide you with:


  • Remote access to CS Professional Suite, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft Office software
  • Round-the-clock web access to the software and data
  • Reduced IT burden
  • Improved business continuance
  • Regular maintenance and data backups
  • Ease of working from home


Let’s dig deeper.


Difference between UltraTax CS and Virtual Office CS

UltraTax CS Virtual Office CS
Flexibility multi-monitor setup Remote access to CS Professional  Suite from client locations, home, or anywhere else
Can only be used when the user is in a local-hosted setup unless hosted on a cloud server Ease of flexible work time for your employees or teammates 
Manual data backups required Automatic backups to save your latest data in case of hardware damage
Additional maintenance costs involved Reduced cost related to the maintenance of software, hardware, and server installed in-house
Basic – UltraTax CS Express 100 priced at $2,500 per year* Custom pricing available


Disclaimer: The information used in the comparison table above has been taken from the Thomson Reuters website.


How is Virtual Office CS Different from UltraTax CS Hosting?


This is a common question that many tax professionals and CPAs ask while switching to a cloud-hosted environment. You should know the difference between Virtual Office CS and hosting your UltraTax CS software on the cloud to make an informed decision.


On the one hand, Virtual Office CS provides you with the cloud benefits for the entire CS Professional Suite, including UltraTax CS. You get this facility directly from the software’s maker – Thomson Reuters, which does not require collaboration with a third-party cloud service provider. While using Virtual Office CS, you need not buy the license of UltraTax CS separately. 


On the other hand, UltraTax hosting is a joint effort between you (a software user or buyer) and a cloud solution provider. You buy an UltraTax CS software license to get it installed on your computer system. But instead, you hire a cloud service provider to host the software on a dedicated server. In simple terms, hiring a cloud hosting provider to host UltraTax CS on the cloud will cost you an additional amount above the software license purchase.


Which One to Choose – UltraTax CS Hosting or Virtual Office CS?


There is no one-size-fits-all answer possible for this question. Different tax professionals have different needs based on which they select a software version – local-hosted or cloud-hosted. Although you may see a thin line differentiating Virtual Office CS from UltraTax CS hosting, it is essential to know these differences before deciding. 


The decision is all yours!


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5 Powerful Features of Drake Software You Might Not Know

You might have heard that Drake software became the winner of Reader’s Choice Awards 2021 by CPA Practice Advisor. The software won the award in not just one but five categories, including Document Management, Federal/State income tax preparation, 1099/W-2 compliance, and many others. It is loaded with a wide range of features that help tax professionals prepare and process returns for their clients. 


In many cases, the advanced software we use has so many features that we only get to utilize a few of them. For example, you, as a tax professional, might only be using Drake tax software to file multi-state returns. Unfortunately, this leaves several Drake software features unused while working on it as a part of your business. 


Here, we will cover five features of Drake tax software that you might not know about.

  • Drake Tax Planner

It is one of the fundamental features of this tax software, which can help you plan for taxes for your clients based on factors such as dependents, income, and marital status. You can also check how the current tax status would vary in life situations, like buying a home or getting married. This feature also allows you to save multiple scenarios and change reporting options as required. 


Another powerful feature of Drake software is returns archiving. It can create different versions of a return to compare different scenarios and then save it for later use. You can then revert to a previous version with just a click.

  • DoubleCheck

Irrespective of the experience, any tax professional can commit mistakes while preparing tax returns for the clients. That is why rechecking the information entered is quite essential before filing the returns. With the DoubleCheck feature of Drake software, you can mark items in the fields – text box or check box, as flagged for review, noted for review, or verified. It also flags the item for review if the information in it changes. 

  • Easy Backups

Keeping your clients’ tax data secure becomes your responsibility, which is why you need to take backups to prevent any possible data loss. You can easily do that using the manual Backup and Restore feature of Drake software, where you can specify the location to store the data post backup. Other than the manual back option, you can also enable Automatic Backup or Selective Backup of tax data.


If you prefer using cloud-hosted Drake software, you can ask your cloud hosting provider for the data backup facility.

  • Drake Documents

Handling physical documents in paper format is a cumbersome task in the life of every tax professional. This is a reason why most tax preparers are moving towards working in a paperless environment. If you want this too, Drake Documents is the feature you need. It offers safe electronic storage of your client’s data, including documents and returns. 

Consider Drake Documents as a digital filing cabinet where you can store and access documents, returns, and tax forms. 

  • Import and Export

Preparing returns for clients also involves Importing and exporting files containing tax data, which can be best handled by Drake software’s Import and Export feature. Using this software, you can use:


  • Electronic W-2s to download and import data for select employers
  • Select D Import to load investment transactions from a text file
  • K-1 export from 1041, 1065, and 1120S return flows to 1040 returns
  • Trial balance import, etc.

Do More With Drake Software Hosting

Drake software features are not limited to the ones detailed above. However, you can add more power to its performance by hosting it via Drake software hosting on the cloud. Unlike local system installation, Drake software, when hosted on the cloud, can give you the benefit of remote access, enhanced data security, and better collaboration between teams. 


Recommended Read: All About Drake Cloud Hosting and Its Impact on Your Business Growth

Have more questions about Drake tax software hosting? Contact our experts now at 1-855-583-7486.

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Switch to CCH ProSystem fx Tax Software for These 5 Exclusive Features

CCH ProSystem fx is a comprehensive on-premise solution loved by tax firms working at various scales. It helps in automating the tax workflow with its robust tax accounting and audit solutions. It is also a part of the CCH ProSystem fx suite and works well with other applications, including ProSystem fx Document, Fixed Assets, Scan, to name a few.


Although CCH ProSystem fx Tax software is quite popular amongst professionals, those new to automating the tax process often ask several questions about it. These include:


  1. How can I use CCH ProSystem fx tax software?
  2. What can I do with the CCH ProSystem fx software suite?
  3. How much does the CCH ProSystem fx Tax software cost?
  4. How is CCH ProSystem fx hosting better than using it on the cloud?


If you want to use CCH ProSystem fx tax software for maximum advantages, given below are five features of this software you must know about:


  • Worksheets and Interview Forms


CCH ProSystem fx Tax software comes with the interview forms and worksheets, which the users can benefit from while filing returns. Most users look at these forms for the ease of filling the tax-related information in a specified format. You can also use the ‘look-up’ feature for data auto-filling. 


  • Included Tax Forms to Choose From


As per the recent survey conducted by the Journal of Accountancy, the CCH ProSystem fx suite came up as the best tax solution for a mid-size firm. Its core strength lies in the availability of various types of tax forms. This software covers tax forms like 1042, 1040, 990, and 1120, and many others used to file state, country, and federal tax returns. 


  • Advanced Diagnostics


The errors made while filing tax returns can cause significant troubles for any organization, so it is essential to identify and correct them. The CCH ProSystem fx Tax’s Diagnostics feature caters to this aspect and helps review tax returns. It identifies any incorrect data entered and lists it under different number codes.


  • Multiple Types of Interactive Reports


CCH ProSystem fx Tax software has five types of interactive reports, namely Overrides, Diagnostics, Input Overrides, Estimates, and Reversed Tick Marks. You can use these reports to identify inconsistencies in the tax returns. These reports also highlight the field to be corrected along with the error message. 


  • Database Maintenance Tool


Using this tool, you can work on the system rebuild and check for all the client files you worked on using the software. This rebuild usually takes some time and is recommended twice every month during the tax season. 


You can also register for the CCH ProSystem fx Tax demonstration here


Why Switch to ProSystem Hosting?


CCH ProSystem fx Tax software is predominantly used in the desktop environment, installed on local computer systems. However, it can be moved to a cloud server with the help of ProSystem hosting provider to combine its powerful features with cloud technology.


By hosting CCH ProSystem fx Tax software on the cloud, you can:


  • Access it remotely from anywhere as per your convenience
  • Access the application from the device of your choice – smartphone, tablet, or a laptop
  • Allow your team members to work on the same tax files simultaneously
  • Edit the tax files on the go 
  • Ensure protection of data from unauthorized access or cyberattacks
  • Integrate various add-ons with CCH ProSystem fx Tax
  • Ask for round-the-clock support for the resolution of hosting-related issues


CCH ProSystem fx hosting is a way to enhance the software’s functionality and allow you to use its features for maximum benefits. Start your ProSystem fx hosting free trial today with us!


To learn more about ProSystem hosting and its benefits for your business, call us at 1-855-583-7486. 

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All About Drake Cloud Hosting and Its Impact on Your Business Growth

Preparing tax files is a significant task for every business – small or big. While many big companies have a team of in-house tax professionals working on this task, others rely on tax preparation software and services offered by tax/accounting firms. 


Drake is a symbol of technological evolution in the tax preparation industry. It helps numerous businesses streamline their tax filing processes with increased efficiency and accuracy. If you use this powerful software, you must have felt the stress of filing taxes going down with the help of its comprehensive feature list. Whether you are a sole tax preparer or a business owner in any domain, you can use this application to file taxes conveniently. 


However, using Drake software in a desktop-hosted environment has its fair share of limitations. A locally-hosted Drake may not fulfill your needs and expectations completely. However, this is where you can rely on Drake tax software hosting. Flexibility to work, data security, and improved workflow, you can enjoy it all when you switch to Drake cloud hosting. 


Want to know how cloud-hosted Drake is better than the traditional usage for business growth? Let’s get into the details.

  • Enhanced Security for Financial Data


Whether related to your business or that of a client, tax data contains sensitive information and various financial details that cannot be shared publicly. However, in many cases, this data becomes vulnerable to unauthorized access amidst the rush of filing taxes. This is why using Drake software in the traditional setting is considered risky to secure crucial business data.


One way to protect the Drake application and tax data from unauthorized cyberattacks is to choose Drake cloud hosting services. We deploy reliable security measures for all Drake tax software hosting clients, including data encryption, multi-factor authentication, and role-based access control. All this is done to provide a safe passage to access Drake software on the cloud. 

  • Improved Collaboration Between Teams


If you have ever gone through the hurdles of a tax season, you cannot deny the need for collaboration between team members and other stakeholders. A common way to share the tax data within the teams is via emails, which increases redundancy at work and saves multiple versions of the same tax file. 


If you need a solution for such needs, switch to Drake cloud hosting, which allows multiple users to access the same tax files hosted on the cloud simultaneously. As a result, they can work simultaneously without facing any disruption at work, resulting in higher productivity and streamlined operations.

  • Remote Accessibility of Drake Software Whenever You Want


Many business owners think of tax preparation and filing as an additional task beyond their core business activities. Using Drake tax software for tax filing on a local computer may mean spending extra hours at the office to get things done. It is where the need for a flexible approach to work is highly felt. 


The best part is – you can enjoy remote work opportunities with Drake cloud hosting. Once you have the Drake software hosted on the cloud, you can work on filing tax forms from the comfort of your home. In addition, you can access the tax files at any time at your convenience using a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. 

  • Lower Operational Costs


Setting up a dedicated environment in-house to use tax software costs much money. The cost of establishing a local IT infrastructure generally includes hardware/software prices along with paying professionals for its regular maintenance and upkeep. For many small businesses, making this investment for tax filing needs is not feasible. 


That is why they rely on cloud technology to get similar benefits but at a fraction of the cost. For example, with Drake tax software hosting, you can save a significant sum of money that would otherwise be spent on software upgrades, installation, and maintenance. In addition, your cloud hosting provider will take care of the cost involved in setting up the cloud environment for your business needs. 


By moving your Drake tax application to the cloud, you can do so much more for business growth. With all the benefits of the cloud, you can file taxes more efficiently and can focus more on the core business tasks. 


Planning on switching to Drake cloud hosting? You can try our basic Drake hosting plan and then continue as per your liking. Connect with us today at 1-855-583-7486. 


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What Makes UltraTax Hosting a Comprehensive Solution for Tax Professionals?

Large accounting firms use UltraTax CS software for a variety of tax-related tasks. Although they use it as a stand-alone application or CS professional suite, the software, as a whole, has been designed to improve tax-filing efficiency. This is one reason why it is instrumental during tax season. Its support for multiple forms and 1040 e-filing and AMT calculations makes it a robust tax application for tax professionals. However, if you want to do more with the licensed version of your UItraTax CS software, there is one thing you should do, which is – transition to UltraTax CS hosting.

What UltraTax CS hosting does is that it renders all the benefits and features of this tax application on the cloud, letting you and your team access it anytime and from anywhere. If remote software accessibility and data security have been a frequent thought in your mind, there are many reasons why you should smartly adopt cloud technology in the form of UltraTax CS hosting.

UltraTax CS Hosting Implies All Its Desktop Features Without Local Installation 

If you are new to understand what UltraTax CS hosting is, let us make it easier for you –

Hosting UltraTax software on cloud means installing it on a third-party cloud server. This is different from the local desktop installation of the software you might have used on a personal computer. In other words, UltraTax CS hosting makes it easier for you to access the software without having to worry about its local installation. There are many sides to look at the advantages of switching to the cloud to host UltraTax CS software.

Firstly, you need not set aside a specific memory in your computer or laptop for software installation. You can access fully-featured, cloud-hosted UltraTax CS using any smart device, be it a laptop, tablet, or even your smartphone. This simplifies many hassles and also helps save some money that would otherwise be spent on software installation.

Secondly, you get to save a lot of time with UltraTax hosting while filing complicated tax returns for your clients. This is something you earnestly look forward to during the tax season when you have more work but less time. 

When you work for various clients, you want to deliver the best output. Having the right array of software and technology is a must for such needs. With UltraTax hosted on the cloud, you can also enjoy the following advantages:

Easy to Interact with Clients on a Cloud Platform

Think about ways you get to interact with clients when you file their tax returns. Most likely, you connect with them over a phone call or share information via email. Depending on the size of the businesses you deal with, maintaining communication with your clients becomes an arduous task. 

If you want a more straightforward solution to stay connected with your clients without facing endless hassles of to and fro emails, UltraTax CS hosting can be of great help. With the data and application kept on a cloud server, you can easily eliminate the accessibility issues, which are quite common in the tax world. Irrespective of where you or your clients are located, you can keep them updated about the tasks at hand or share data via the same cloud platform. With more agility brought into action this way, filing tax returns can become easier for you. 

No Worries About Keeping the Data Secure on the Cloud

Wondering about the data security if your clients could access the tax files over the Internet? Reliable cloud solution providers cater to this aspect very carefully. As a security prospect, you exercise control over the permissions shared with other users to access cloud-hosted data and applications. It means only authorized users can access your cloud server based on the permissions or user roles you have granted. 

Sharing the data with your clients or team members implies assigning them the permissions to work on UltraTax CS hosted on the cloud. This way, you can also prevent possible interference to the confidential data on which the foundations of your business are built. 

With UltraTax hosting services, you will also benefit from the chosen cloud service provider’s data security measures. 

No Troubles Related to Data Migration 

Hardware upgrading is common in tax firms, particularly when you want to benefit from the latest technology in the market. A common question that you might have in mind is:

‘What will be the process to transfer data and applications from one system to another?’

While migrating data, there is a risk of losing a part of it or complete data loss. If there is no way out to recover the lost data, it can cause significant damage to a tax firm and its clients. Instead of local storage and upkeep, you can utilize cloud hosting and avoid various troubles that may result from data migration. 

Since your data and UltraTax CS software are hosted remotely on the cloud, you can access it from the upgraded hardware or system from wherever you are.

Maximum Availability of Cloud-Hosted UltraTax CS

When strict tax filing deadlines are waiting, you would always want uninterrupted access to your data. This is what UltraTax CS hosting delivers to the tax firms. With your UltraTax on the cloud, you can ensure maximum server uptime, depending on the hired cloud hosting provider. 

Higher uptime of around 99.995% ensures that you get unaltered access to the software and tax files for an extended duration. On the flip side, higher server downtime can cause significant problems at work.

If you wish to experience the next-gen cloud technology to host UltraTax software, give us a call at: