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Switching to TaxWise Hosting? Select Cloud Service Provider This Way

For all tax professionals, having the best suite of tax software is crucial for business success. TaxWise software is one such software they rely on to get helped in the tax filing process. The desktop version of TaxWise software is capable of streamlining e-filing and managing client documents digitally. It has its limitations in the current scenario where most businesses are transitioning towards cloud technology. 

The shift of accounting firms from desktop-hosted to cloud-hosted tax software is a significant transition happening in recent times. 

Using TaxWise on your local computer system and wondering if you can pair it up with the cloud technology? Indeed, it is possible when you go with TaxWise hosting services. Hosting TaxWise on the cloud means you can efficiently work on it from wherever you are. 

However, a crucial step towards switching to the cloud for TaxWise software is selecting a reliable cloud solution provider. If you are new to understanding the utility of the cloud, keep in mind the following factors while choosing a TaxWise hosting provider:

1. Cloud Transition Process

This is very important for tax professionals who only experience working on TaxWise’s desktop version. Since they do not know much about switching to the cloud, they are most likely to face troubles in migrating their data and software to a cloud server. 

If you are one such professional, you would want the hired cloud service provider to provide the necessary support in making this transition to the cloud. Hence, you must check for the transition support provided by such service providers before making any final decision. Also, check for the charges that they might ask for additional services, if any. By considering both these aspects, you will get a better idea of choosing such needs.

2. Data Security

For all tax professionals who use TaxWise software like you, the security of TaxWise data is a common concern when switching to the cloud. You want to confirm if their business-related data will stay safe and secure when hosted on a third-party cloud server. Asking about the security aspect is apparent. Any security lag may lead to the loss of data files, which can cause significant harm to your business.

Hence, you should consider various data security features at the time of hiring a cloud service provider. More particularly, you should ask about security measures in place, including enterprise-level firewalls, data encryption, multi-factor authentication, to name a few.

3. Add-on Integration

Many tax professionals prefer integrating various add-ons with TaxWise software to access more features. As a whole, the integration of add-ons helps make filing taxes more efficient for them. You might have heard of third-party add-ons that serve data conversion and time tracking needs. While some cloud solution providers allow integration of a limited number of add-ons, others do not offer this facility. 

Depending on your specific needs, you should ask a service provider explicitly about these benefits. If you are more comfortable working on TaxWise software integrated with several add-ons, its cloud-hosted version should also support your preference.

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4. Disaster Recovery and Backups

For your accounting business, TaxWise data is no less than a treasure that needs top-notch security. However, certain instances like a natural disaster often lead to unexpected data loss. The loss can be huge if the data is only stored in the local systems and nowhere else. With TaxWise hosting backed by cloud technology, you can safeguard the data to a great extent. Still, it would be best if you asked a cloud service provider for data backup provisions in case of an inevitable disaster. 

Reliable cloud solution providers provide disaster recovery facilities that help safeguard your data to keep the business up and running even in extreme situations. It would be best if you also ask about the duration for which you can retrieve lost data. 

At Verito Technologies, we offer 30-days rolling backup to all our clients.

5. SLA-Backed Uptime

SLA or Service Level Agreement refers to the document that defines specific terms and conditions related to a cloud provider’s service standards. Most cloud service providers share an SLA that includes the uptime guarantee you can expect with their services. It also covers the details about how you will be compensated in case the service providers fail to meet the service standards. 

Being a tax professional, you should carefully evaluate the SLA and check for the uptime guarantee before hiring a cloud service provider. In case you do not agree with any of the SLA terms, you can move on to find another cloud provider. 

6. TaxWise Hosting Pricing 

Different tax and accounting firms operate at different scales and have particular expectations from cloud solution providers. Depending on their clientele and operational needs, they look for TaxWise hosting services that fit well into their budget. It is where the pricing of cloud hosting plans matters for them. 

A top-notch cloud solution cannot benefit your business if you are unable to afford it. Hence, you should look for a TaxWise hosting solution provider who offers customizable pricing plans. This way, you can select a pricing plan that strikes a balance between your business needs and budget. 

The decision to select a cloud solution provider is, indeed, a crucial one for a tax professional. So, make sure you choose a service provider after carefully analyzing the related pros and cons. 

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Grow Your Accounting Business During Pandemic This Way

Accounting firms are continually looking for ways to minimize the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. The restrictions on in-person contact have brought unprecedented challenges to firms. Due to the global lockdown and the resulting decrease in business, numerous clients have called their accountants to work in a reduced capacity. 

For accounting firms, this means lower ROI and an increased focus on sustaining your core business. You might have lost a few clients during the last year, especially the companies that could not survive this crisis. On the other hand, you might have talked to potential clients willing to cut the service cost. 

Surviving these harsh tides is crucial for your business. The right way to think about the pandemic is to implement smart decisions to grow your business even in this uncertain time. Innovation and planning now emerge as the right weapons for you to deal with the pandemic and prevent any impact on your business’s foundations. You can make insightful business decisions by looking at the challenges and following cloud computing trends

Critical Challenges for Accounting Firms During the COVID Pandemic

  • Ensuring a remote work environment that allows your team to continue working from home for as long as needed
  • Switching to cloud solutions with the help of a cloud hosting provider to prevent the problems of physical access to offices
  • Creating balance between the well-being of your employees and the needs of your clientele

Let’s discuss these challenges in detail.

1. Need for a Stable Remote Work Environment

Like you want your team of accountants to work on the go, they also need a source of income to rely on in these times. Prosperity lies in paving the way for mutual benefits, which is only possible by making the remote work environment work for your business. 

You should know that remote work does not only mean providing a computer system or laptop to each of your team members to work from home. It is more about formulating and implementing strategies to make this ‘new normal’ work for you. How your team has been working for the last seven-eight months is different from the past work life. To some people, it means higher productivity, while it is quite stressful for others.

As an employer, you must do all that is needed to ensure business continuity in the current and post-pandemic times. Whether it is about hiring new talent or retaining the existing ones for a remote work environment, there are several facets that you need to consider and lead.

2. Cloud Technology Adoption

The current situation calls for establishing a cloud-based workflow for the sustenance and growth of your accounting business. With meetings held on video calls backed by the cloud, you can easily estimate the power of cloud adoption on a massive scale. Many of the business-related complications brought forward by the pandemic can be best handled with the cloud, particularly for accounting firms. For instance, you can delegate work to the team members, monitor workflow, and even communicate seamlessly with your clients with a cloud hosting provider’s help.

Partnering with a reliable cloud hosting provider in these times will be advantageous for your business in the following ways:

1. Remote Software Access

With the accounting software of your choice hosted on the cloud, accessibility will no longer be a problem for you. Whether your workforce is working from home or is on the go, hassle-free access to your data in real-time is possible when you team up with a cloud hosting provider. 

2. Performance Boost

On top of the pandemic, dealing with isolation is yet another challenge. With cloud hosting services, you can automate many tedious accounting tasks and make things easier for your team. This will not only improve productivity but also help reduce the stress-levels amongst your team members.

3. Managed Backups

Losing data for any reason whatsoever is the last thing you would want to happen these days. This can be best tackled when you hire a cloud hosting provider. Their services are paired with regular backups and data recovery solutions to bring you peace of mind. 

4. Taking Care of Your Employees’ Well-being

If there has been no such month when your work has hampered during the pandemic, you must acknowledge that your team has been your most important support. To keep the business growing, you must take the right steps to take care of your team’s well-being. 

Start with simplifying the common hurdles that most of your team members face. Setting up an organized workflow can be one such possibility to remove teething problems. It is crucial to address the mental and physical side of things. 

Beyond all the protective measures you have invested in, it is essential to communicate with your team often while also encouraging them to communicate with each other. Be ready to provide guidance and support for mental health issues that may arise as an ill-effect of isolation. You should have measures to offer help to your employees if they face health issues while working from home. 

By overcoming these explicit challenges, you can plan to boost your accounting business during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

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All About QuickBooks Pro Hosting

QuickBooks is not just an accounting software but a family of the best accounting applications for diverse businesses. QuickBooks is the undisputed leader in the field of accounting applications for small businesses. A common question that many companies ask regards selecting the right version of QuickBooks for their business. QuickBooks Pro is the basic version of this family. If you are new to QuickBooks Pro, you must know how you can benefit from QuickBooks Pro hosting.

Think of QuickBooks Pro hosting as combining the benefits of this accounting software with that of cloud technology. In this blog, we will talk in detail about QuickBooks Pro hosting.

What is QuickBooks Pro Hosting?

QuickBooks Pro hosting is a cloud solution offered by third-party service providers to host licensed QuickBooks Pro software. Hosting QuickBooks Pro on the cloud makes it accessible wherever you are, at any time. It is beneficial for small businesses who need access to QuickBooks even when they are not near the system where the software is installed. QuickBooks Pro hosting can help companies steer clear of sustainable growth challenges with professionals working from home during the current pandemic. 

With QuickBooks Pro hosting, you can authorize users on your team to access the hosted QB files to avoid data breaches. If you want to achieve your business goals and back them up with the power of cloud technology, QuickBooks Pro hosting can be a good start for you. You can read our guide to QuickBooks hosting for detailed information.

Why Should You Switch to QuickBooks Pro Hosting?

QuickBooks Pro is known amongst small businesses for the range of features it has. These include accounting, online banking, bill payment, online payroll, and many others. The inability to access these features with local-hosted QuickBooks Pro is a big concern for many. QuickBooks Pro hosting solves this problem by providing all-time accessibility to the software from any location. You need not worry about the local device configuration by switching to the cloud-hosted QuickBooks Pro application. 

Given below are some of the primary reasons you should call a QuickBooks Pro hosting provider right away –

  1. Safe and secure cloud hosting solutions best suited for small businesses
  2. Anytime, anywhere QuickBooks Pro access
  3. High-performance achievable for accounting tasks with QuickBooks Pro cloud servers
  4. Easy reach to the cloud solution experts for round-the-clock support
  5. Online collaboration between team members – best suited during COVID-19 pandemic

Let us dig deeper into these reasons to choose QuickBooks Pro Hosting to help you make an informed decision.

1. Safe and Secure QuickBooks Data

When you have the QuickBooks Pro application hosted on a local computer, there is always a risk of unauthorized access, hardware malfunction, or software crashing. All these events can lead to substantial data loss, something you can avoid with QuickBooks Pro hosting. Cloud servers on which your data will be stored have top-notch security methods implemented to ensure complete data security. The hosted QuickBooks Pro data is also protected against malware and cyberattacks.

2. Remote QuickBooks Pro Accessibility 

Those who choose to host QuickBooks Pro on a local system restrict themselves to access the software only on that computer. This limited access makes it difficult for them to handle urgent accounting tasks when they are not near that system. QuickBooks Pro hosting makes things much simpler in this regard. Being an authorized user, you can easily access QuickBooks Pro hosted on the cloud from wherever you are. 

3. Improved Performance at Work

Local-hosted QuickBooks Pro requires a specific system configuration for optimal performance. Also, the QB files and software updates grow in size over time, making you invest money to obtain increased storage and computing power. On the other hand, QuickBooks Pro hosting works differently – you can work on QuickBooks Pro hosted on SSD-based cloud servers without facing any performance lags. 

4. Professional Customer Support at Your Service

Having several accounting team members working on QuickBooks Pro hosted locally requires technical help. Software or IT-related glitches can occur at any time, making the team lose productivity. Hiring in-house IT support members is not feasible for small businesses, which is where QuickBooks Pro hosting providers play a crucial role. They provide 24×7 support services to their clients to ensure uninterrupted operations. 

5. Team Collaboration on the Same QB Pro files

Bringing a team of accounting professionals on a single platform is quite challenging with traditional means. However, this challenge can be best tackled with QuickBooks Pro hosting solutions. By hosting your licensed QuickBooks Pro on the cloud, you can allow various stakeholders – accounting staff and business clients, to work simultaneously. As a result, it helps save time that would otherwise be spent for data sharing through other mediums.

Common FAQs About QuickBooks Pro Hosting

1. How much does it cost to host QuickBooks Pro on the cloud?

The cost of QuickBooks Pro hosting solutions varies as per the cloud solution provider you select. Generally, these service providers host QuickBooks Pro on either shared or dedicated servers, depending on the service cost charges. At Verito, we host QuickBooks Pro for our clients on dedicated servers. 

2. Is QuickBooks Pro hosting better than QuickBooks Pro desktop?

QuickBooks Pro hosting is a better alternative to local-hosted QuickBooks. It is affordable and comes with business-oriented advantages, such as remote access, improved collaboration, and higher productivity at work, to name a few. 

3. What are the Steps to Install QuickBooks Pro on cloud?

It all starts with selecting a reliable QuickBooks Pro hosting provider. From accessing the license code of your application to migrating the data on the cloud, the service provider will take care of it all for you to get started.

4. Should I host my own QuickBooks Pro?

There are several disadvantages of using QuickBooks hosted on a local system. It can be best handled when you rely on cloud solutions in the form of QuickBooks Pro Hosting.

5. How should I proceed to host QuickBooks Pro 2021 on the cloud?

Call 1-855-583-7486 to discuss your needs with our QuickBooks Pro hosting experts. We will guide you on the steps to follow to host licensed QuickBooks Pro on our cloud servers. 


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