Microsoft Office 365 Hosting

Microsoft Office 365 Hosted on Cloud

Microsoft 365 is the go-to choice for businesses from diverse sectors. Our Microsoft 365 hosting services make Office Suite accessible on the go to help your organization succeed with improved collaboration and data protection benefits.

Flexible Plans

We offer personalized Office 365 hosting plans based on users and server resources required for your business-specific needs.

Data Protection

Our cloud servers are backed by state-of-the-art security methods to keep your applications and data safe & secure.

Smooth Migration

Our team of IT experts takes care of migrating your existing Microsoft 365 data and setup on our cloud servers.

Microsoft 365 Cloud Hosting Environment for Your Business Needs

Why Choose Verito’s Microsoft 365 Hosting?

Best-Suited Cloud Technology for Businesses

Best-Suited Cloud Technology for Businesses

Our Microsoft 365 hosting services are powered by High-Performance Computing (HPC) servers and SSD based storage. This ensures that you face no hassles or performance lag when multiple users collaborate on the Office suite.

With our advanced systems for network, power, and security, we guarantee 99.995% uptime.

Seamless Data Recovery from IT Disasters

Avoid traditional computing troubles like infrastructural damage or hard drive crashes by hosting your Office 365 Suite on our cloud servers. We offer built-i9n disaster recovery to ensure business continuity.

We will keep your Office 365 suite up and running with our hosting services.

Seamless Data Recovery from IT Disasters

Integration with Accounting Software & Other Add-ons

At Verito, we deliver custom cloud hosting solutions for businesses. Our cloud servers have been tested to host Microsoft 365 with accounting applications like QuickBooks, its add-ons, and similar other desktop-based business software.

Get in touch with our hosting consultants to migrate your business apps to our cloud servers.

Get More with Microsoft 365 Hosting Experts

We are known amongst our clientele for our fully-personalized cloud hosting solutions and dedicated customer support team. Their testimonials speak volumes for our business-oriented services that surpass their expectations.

Let us guide you to receive maximum benefits of cloud solutions for your business.

Get On the Cloud with Verito Technologies

Easy Office Suite Accessibility

With Microsoft 365 hosted on our cloud servers, multiple users on your team can access data and applications simultaneously. We are dedicated to making your business processes more efficient.

Enhanced Productivity

With several users working together on cloud-hosted Microsoft 365 suite, you can benefit from improved productivity at work, without the need to send files back and forth via emails.

Data Centralization

With Office 365 hosting, store all of your business-related data and apps in a centralized location, allowing efficient management under custom access permissions.

Cost Savings

With our Microsoft 365 hosting solutions, you can save a considerable amount that would be needed otherwise for your business’s IT needs. We can help lower IT set up and maintenance cost.

Microsoft Office 365 Hosting FAQs

What is Office 365 Hosting?

Microsoft 365 hosting indicates hosting Office 365 suite on the cloud-servers of a third-party cloud solution provider. With Office 365 hosting, carry your Office suite wherever you go to enjoy authorized remote access and top-notch data security.

Does Office 365 suite include hosting services?

Microsoft 365 native suite does not include hosting solutions. However, you can opt for Office 365 cloud hosting solutions to benefit from cloud computing technology. For easy migration of your Office 365 suite to the cloud, contact us.

How much does Microsoft 365 hosting cost?

Along with the licensed Office 365 suite, you need to select a cloud hosting plan to benefit from hosted Office 365. This hosting plan's cost may vary from one cloud service provider to another and depends on your business needs.

Is Microsoft 365 hosting worth it?

If you want to access Office Suite remotely, investing in Office 365 hosting is worth the cost. You can choose a cloud hosting plan – a solo or small team that best fits your business needs.

What is the cheapest way to get Microsoft Office hosting?

If you want to use Office 365 hosting for yourself or a single member only, you can opt for our Solo hosting plan. Connect with our cloud solution experts to discuss your needs before choosing a plan.

How to setup and migrate data to the cloud chosen for Office 365 hosting?

In most cases, the cloud solution provider offers setup services and migrates existing Office 365 data. These services may be free or paid, depending on the service provider's terms. Make sure you check with them before you select a cloud hosting provider.

Will my Office 365 suite and data stay safe on cloud servers?

At Verito, we protect the Office 365 software of our clients using state-of-the-art cloud security solutions. We make sure that every bit of your data is safe with us.

Is it possible to integrate QuickBooks with Office 365?

It depends on the service range of the cloud solution provider you choose. At Verito, we provide seamless integration of Office 365 with QuickBooks and its add-ons with our Office 365 hosting solutions. We are ready to assist you and your business in every phase with our cloud solutions.

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