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Choose Verito For Tax Software Hosting

Tax software cloud hosting to simplify the tax filing process for you.

Tax Data Security

Ensure the safety of your tax filing data with our automated backups.

Smooth Operations

Access tax software on the cloud to improve team collaboration.

Private Server for Tax Applications

Host multiple tax applications on a customized dedicated server based on your needs.

Scalable Plans

Customize cloud resources for tax software as your business grows.

At Verito, we offer comprehensive tax software hosting solutions to help you manage your core business operations.

Tax Software Hosting Solutions

Drake Tax Software Hosting

ost your Drake software on the cloud for various tax-related tasks.

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ProSeries Tax Software Hosting

Get your Intuit ProSeries Tax Software hosted on our cloud with ease.

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Lacerte Software Hosting

File tax returns using Lacerte tax software without worrying about data loss.

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ProSystem fx Hosting

Get anywhere-anytime access to CCH ProSystem fx tax software to lead ahead.

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UltraTax Software Hosting

Work on UltraTax software hosted on a secure cloud backed by multiple safeguards.

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TaxWise Software Hosting

Make TaxWise software available for work round-the-clock with cloud hosting.

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TaxAct Software Hosting

Get rid of common errors and data duplicity flaws with TaxAct cloud hosting.

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Tax Software Hosting FAQs

What is Tax Software Hosting on Cloud?

Tax software hosting enables authorized users to access tax software hosted on the cloud from anywhere at their convenience. Tax software cloud hosting allows businesses to centralize crucial data in one place for enhanced collaboration between teams.

Why should you get a cloud for tax software?

By hosting your tax software on cloud, you get a unified platform for your teams to collaborate during tax preparation. Our superfast SSD-based servers kept in SOC-2 compliant data centers ensure maximum uptime of 99.995% without lag.

How Does Tax software hosting improve collaboration with clients?

With tax software hosted on the cloud, accounting firms experience enhanced mobility and improved collaboration with their clients in the form of uninterrupted communication, round-the-clock availability for client servicing, and automated data backup. Tax software cloud hosting ultimately results in improved client satisfaction.

What are the benefits of tax software on the cloud for SMBs?

Tax software hosting has various benefits for small and medium businesses. It aims to reduce operational time and expenses while providing higher productivity and decreasing human error in tax filing. With no need for in-house IT investments, tax software on cloud is highly feasible for most companies.

What should you ask a tax software hosting provider?

As a business owner looking to implement tax software on cloud, you should ask the cloud solution provider about their uptime guarantee, security parameters, scalability, data backup policy, tax software add-on integration, and customer support availability.

How does Tax software hosting benefit startups?

Startups can benefit from tax software cloud hosting with remote access and multi-user collaboration. Tax software on cloud is more secure. Your data is automatically backed up to disparate data centers, removing the worry of data security. Removing this worry helps startup founders focus more on their core business.

Which tax software can you host on the cloud?

The range of tax software hosting solutions varies from one cloud solution provider to another. However, Verito can host all tax software on our cloud like Drake, Lacerte, UltraTax CS, ProSeries, TaxWise, and many others.

How does tax software on cloud ensure hassle-free tax filing?

When you switch to tax software hosting, you utilize the power of high-performance cloud servers without facing hardware-related issues. As a result, you experience seamless tax-filing with your tax software on cloud.

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