Managed IT Support

Comprehensive IT Support Managed by Experts

At Verito, we work as strategic IT partners for all our clients and provide managed IT support services, either onsite or remotely, with round-the-clock system monitoring and management. Connect with our expert team that knows what works as a managed IT support plan and how to lead it proactively.

All-Inclusive IT Support

We will manage and maintain the IT infrastructure supporting your business needs, including day-to-day advice and troubleshooting.

Dedicated Account Manager

You will get a dedicated technical account manager to work closely with your project and service desk teams for technical reviews and roadmaps.

Best of Breed System Solutions

We follow an in-depth system audit approach from the very start using our industry-leading solutions to increase efficiency and productivity at work.

Managed IT support Environment for Your Business Needs

Certified IT Support Team for Your Business

We have a team of IT support consultants, each member of which is well-trained and have years of experience supporting diverse clientele. They are accredited and have hands-on knowledge needed to maintain the operational efficiency of your business.

Make us your strategic Managed IT support partner, and we will work as an extension to your organization.

Comprehensive Solutions for All Your IT Needs

Being our valued managed IT support client, you can avail our additional services, including new upgrades and installations, office relocations, and major system rollouts. Our team will also carry out equipment repairs and upgrades whenever needed.

In times when the risk of cyber threats is increasing, we will lead your IT support strategy for the better.

Covering All Your IT Needs and Technology

Whether it is about offering day-to-day IT maintenance advice or dealing with complex problems, we will make sure you get fully managed IT support services under easy-to-understand Service Level Agreements.

Service desk support, desk-side support, and infrastructure management, we cater to it all.

A Smooth Transition to Verito’s IT Support

If you work with an existing managed IT support provider but want to make a move for specialized managed IT support services, we can help you out. Irrespective of your situation, we will simplify the transition process without affecting your business.

Need additional services for Application Cloud Hosting for SMBs? We are in for that too.

Why Choose Verito Technologies?

Intelligent Performance Tracking

Regular monitoring of network and IT infrastructure done by our experts results in fast-paced performance tracking, which can be used to make improvements.

Expert Team for IT Support

We provide prompt alerts from our NOC (Network Operations Center) for our managed IT support team to resolve issues in almost no time. Servers, routers, SAN, NAS, storage performance, we take care of it all.

All Your Tech Supported

We take responsibility to provide comprehensive support for business-related technology, preventative maintenance, automated updates, and asset/licensing management.

No Hidden Fees

At Verito, we believe in maintaining transparency about the service charges. We never ask for any hidden fees for our managed IT support services, so you can rest assured of not getting unpleasant surprises.

Managed IT Support FAQs

What do Managed IT support services include?

Managed IT Support providers help you achieve a competitive edge by addressing the technology needs of your business. These support services are tailored to the IT infrastructure in use for end-to-end IT management. They include constant network monitoring, data security, backup, and IT automation, to name a few.

When should I switch to Managed IT support services?

Ideally, when the in-house IT management takes a lot of your time, money, and effort, it is best to hire a reliable managed IT support provider. This will help bring the focus back to the growth of your business.

What will be the cost of hiring a Managed IT support provider?

There is no one-size-fits-all plan for every business. The total cost of managed IT support services is determined by the scope of work defined by your business-specific needs. Get in touch with Verito today to get a competitive quote.

Do Managed IT support services also include cloud transition?

It depends on the managed support service provider you choose. Some service providers also offer cloud hosting services. Others outsource such needs. At Verito, we can help you transition to the cloud while also providing managed IT support services.

Can Managed IT support help overcome the drawbacks of in-house IT support?

Managing in-house IT support requires considerable expenses for hardware and software installation, upgrades, security maintenance, and recruitment of IT professionals. Many businesses switch to managed IT support services to minimize these expenses.

Is switching to Managed IT Support a difficult process?

When you decide to reap the benefits of managed IT support, the transition process is not complicated. Most Managed IT support providers simplify the process and help their clients outsource IT support requirements.

What do I need before hiring a Managed IT Support provider?

Before you hire experts for managed IT support services, it is crucial to have a clear idea of your goals, budget, and needs. Managed IT Support services are backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA), which requires these details upfront.

How is managed IT support different from the traditional IT support model?

In the Managed IT Support model, you benefit from IT professionals' expertise at a fraction of the cost of hiring local IT support. Managed IT support means you will have advanced IT skillsets available for your business without investing in training, salary, and everything involved with a regular employee.

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