Managed Backup Services

Backup Services Managed by Professionals

At Verito Technologies, we have a dedicated team of data backup experts that provides end-to-end data protection and disaster recovery support. They will also help you in lowering compliance-related risks and associated cost. Maximize the value of managed data backup investments with us.

Fully Managed Data Recovery

We deliver comprehensive managed backup services using world-class infrastructure to help keep the data safe and secure.

Onsite and Offsite Backups

We protect data from adverse effects of local catastrophe or disasters with our managed backups, both offsite and onsite.

Any Time Data Recovery

With us, you can recover data 24×7 throughout the year without much ado. Just call us for the same, and we will get it done for you.

Managed Backup Services for Your Business Needs

Customizable Backups for Mission-Critical Data

We understand that data is business for you. Losing critical databases having financial transactional data or customer details can have a significant impact on your business. Keeping that in mind, we offer business-specific managed backup services suitable for your needs.

Rely on us for immediate and effective data backups and recovery needs.

Support for Compliance and Business Continuity

We help you address the compliance and business continuity needs related to the customers and auditors. Whether it is data encryption or keeping the data close at hand for immediate recovery, we will do it for you to keep your business operational.

Get peace of mind by relying on the managed backup services offered by an industry leader.

Multivendor Backup Management

We also offer end-to-end management services for multivendor backup application and infrastructure. These offerings encompass Verito’s advanced managed backup services to address the challenges that businesses face in complex IT environments.

We are ready to help you when you need us the most.

Full Control Over Data Backups

Your data backup options are limitless with us as we allow you to get complete control over the business-related data. With the data encryption facility we offer, you can restrict any unauthorized access to data from third-parties.

Looking for security, efficiency, and speed for data backups? Count on us now!

Why Choose Verito Technologies?

Customizable Services

Every business, as per its scale and nature, has unique requirements, which is why we offer flexible backup plans for our clients from different industries.

24×7 Support

With Verito’s managed backup services, you get dedicated support from our experts to assist you in case of backup-related issues at minimum response time.

Cost Savings

With our managed backups, you need not invest in the purchase, maintenance, and upgrades of on-premise servers and other hardware meant for data backup.

Scalable Backup Plans

We offer data backup solution that scales as your data grows. You also get on-demand scaling with backup solutions to ensure storage space is increased as required.

Managed Backup Services

What are the key features of managed backup services?

Fully-managed backup service providers ensure protection against data loss in various eventualities, such as system crashes, drive failure, manual errors, and disasters. They also handle backup management, troubleshooting, and round-the-clock support for managed backup services' varying needs.

Why should I switch to managed backup services?

Across many industries, business-critical data is at the core of ROI and growth. With managed backup services, you can benefit from end-to-end information protection, compliance risk management, and cost savings. At Verito, we provide immediate support for disaster recovery whenever the need arises under our managed backup services.

How can I keep the data safe in the event of a local catastrophe?

For most businesses, a common cause of downtime is either localized system failure, data corruption, or disasters. Managed backup services help in these situations by providing both onsite and offsite backups. They also support compliance efforts.

Who should invest in managed backup services?

Data loss is critical for all organizations, regardless of their size. Managed backup services are useful for organizations of all sizes, small or big. Whether you are a business owner or responsible for IT security in an organization, you can utilize the benefits of managed backup services.

What are the benefits of managed backup services?

By hiring a renowned managed backup service provider, you can make the most of the following benefits:

  • Minimize the risk of data loss, resulting in peace of mind
  • Money savings related to investments required in IT infrastructure maintenance
  • Easy to balance between cost and data protection needs
  • Inclusive IT support and advice
  • Remote data management and monitoring

Will I get on-going support by investing in managed backup services?

Reliable managed backup service providers are known to handle high-priority data recovery requests and work with automated data monitoring systems. They will respond to the alerts related to issues in the backup process immediately.

Are managed backup services scalable?

When you choose local IT infrastructure for data backups, storage capacity, and network bandwidth issues can occur. But with managed backup services, these are no issue. Their professional team monitors routine backups and raises alerts related to capacity or bandwidth so that you can make the right decision timely.

Does managed backup services help lower the IT maintenance burden?

Managed backup services help minimize the in-house maintenance expenses to a great extent. With their constant support and checks, you can rest assured that there will be no surprises like paused backups because of storage space issues. The service provider will tell you about the hardware upgrade required in advance.

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