Verito Cloud for Solo Practitioners

Host Your Business Applications on Verito’s Cloud

We help solo practitioners like you with our all-inclusive cloud hosting solutions. We know what matters most when it comes to managing a personal business.

Remote Software Access

Work for your clients using cloud-hosted software anytime, anywhere.

Secure Cloud Environment

Benefit from our best-in-class cloud servers that are immune to cyberattacks and local hardware failure

Scalable Hosting Plans

Pay as you go. Pay only for the resources you need.

Why Solo Practitioners Prefer Verito Cloud?

Superfast Software Performance

With Verito Cloud for Solo Practitioners, you get the power of SSD-based servers with guaranteed 99.995% uptime. So whether you want to host accounting software, tax software, or business applications, we have you covered.

Automated Rolling Backups for You

Our Daily Automated backups ensure safety and easy retrieval of your data in case of natural disasters, hacking attempts, or accidental deletion of important files. With our solo hosting plan, you can get this benefit at no extra cost.

Affordable Hosting Means More Savings

Our complete cloud hosting plan for solo practitioners helps save money that would otherwise be spent maintaining a local IT setup. Focus more on your work while our experts serve you with the best cloud solutions.

Start Small With Our Free Trial First

We dedicate our efforts to earn our clients’ trust in our services and offer a 15-day free trial for our cloud solutions. Unlike other alternatives, you get the freedom to choose Verito Cloud once you start believing in us.

Our Cloud Solutions for Solo Practitioners

Application Hosting

Cloud solutions for OfficeTools, TaxDome, and Microsoft Office 365

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Accounting Software Hosting

Accounting Software Hosting for QuickBooks and Sage hosting needs

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Tax Software Hosting

To cover Drake, Lacerte, UltraTax, and many other software.

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How long is the free trial period for Verito’s Cloud solutions?

Verito Technologies offers a 15-day free trial period and does not ask for any credit card to help you get started.

Can I add or remove users as per my requirement?

With us, you can add or remove users on the go. Many of our clients (both solo practitioners and small teams) add more users during the tax season and then disable them afterwards. If needed, you can also keep the user account active for the rest of the year.

Is there any long term contract related to using Verito’s Cloud?

We provide service on a monthly basis and we do not bind our clients with any long-term contract.

Can I use Verito’s Cloud on a Mac?

Verito’s Cloud is device agnostic, and you can access it from any device, including Windows, Mac, iPad, Android Tablet, Chromebook, and even a smartphone.

Where is my cloud-hosted data stored?

Our main data center is located in Chicago while the backup data center is in Virginia. Both of the data centers are in Tier IV locations and offer a 99.995% uptime guarantee.

What is the frequency of backup with Verito’s Cloud?

Everything in your Verito’s cloud server will get backed up automatically every day.

Can I use multiple monitors/screens while accessing the cloud?

You can use as many monitors/screens as you’d like with our cloud solutions

How secure is Verito’s Cloud compared to Local PC?

We have deployed state-of-the-art Antivirus and Firewall to protect your data when hosted on our cloud which is much superior to any local PC.

Does Verito Technologies provide phone support?

We provide 24X7 support via phone, chat, and email.

I am traveling outside the US. Can I still access my Verito Cloud?

One of the biggest advantages of switching to our cloud solutions is that you can access your data and software from anywhere in the world, even though it remains within the US boundaries.

What's the turnaround time for support tickets?

Our support engineers are always available and most of the support tickets are answered in under 20 minutes. For instant support, you can call us at our 24X7 hotline.

What are the additional cloud storage charges?

Additional storage is charged at $10 for 10 GBs per month.

What are the additional RAM charges?

Additional RAM is priced at $20/GB per month.

How can I move files to and from Verito’s Cloud?

Just drag/drop files and folders similar to moving files between drives on your local computer.

How long does it take to set up Verito’s Cloud?

We need 24-hours time to make the server ready for use. The data migration is done at the time of delivery by our support engineer and takes around a few hours, depending on the size of data.

What is the account cancellation process?

Account cancellation with us requires a 30-days period during which we will provide you with the backup copy of your data over the secure link.

How do I install or host any new software to the cloud?

All installations will be handled by our support team via a simple email request.

Who handles the software updates?

You, as a user, can perform general updates. However, major updates that require a server reboot are handled by our support team via a simple email request.

Does Verito’s Cloud offer Two Factor Authentication?

You can opt for 2FA at just $10/per user per month.

Which version of Microsoft Server Edition does Verito provide?

We are currently providing the latest Microsoft Servicer Edition 2019, and we also offer complimentary server upgrades with time.

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