Comparing Verito’s Cloud with Remote Access Tools


Remote access tools enable connections between two or more computer or network nodes and are typically installed on local computers.

Remote Access Tools

With Verito’s cloud solutions, you can host business applications of your choice on our cloud servers and benefit from remote accessibility.

Verito’s Cloud


They are mainly used to perform security updates, fix technical issues, or update system settings for a remotely located computer/laptop.

Remote Access Toolsr

Hosting business applications on our cloud server means improved productivity at work by eliminating the need to share/save multiple versions of the same file.

Verito’s Cloud


These tools help develop a connection between two or more remote systems to resolve hardware and software issues.

Remote Access Tools

With our cloud solutions, you can enable multiple team members to collaborate and work on the same cloud-hosted data files simultaneously.

Verito’s Cloud

Access Security

Although these tools allow authorized system access, they can expose the entire system to a remote user instead of allowing restricted access to some specific software or data files.

Remote Access Tools

Verito’s Cloud hosting services are fully flexible and work as a secure way to provide restricted access to cloud-hosted data and software.

Verito’s Cloud

Data Security

Although you can access data files via a remote access tool, the data resides within that local machine that is prone to hardware failure or ransomware attack.

Remote Access Tools

With Verito, your cloud-hosted data is stored in a SOC-compliant data center backed by best-in-class security measures.

Verito’s Cloud

Access Restrictions

With most remote access tools, the user (on one side) needs to be present to provide remote access to the other user.

Remote Access Tools

We allow our clients to add/remove users for cloud access and control each user’s access limit to certain apps and data files.

Verito’s Cloud

What’s More with Verito’s Cloud?

  • 99.995% server uptime guarantee
  • Hosting solutions backed by HPC servers
  • Multi-level security measures for maximum protection
  • Add-on hosting support
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery benefits
  • 15-Days Free trial

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