TaxWise Cloud Hosting

TaxWise Software Hosting on Cloud Server

Whether processing returns quickly or navigating through e-filing errors, TaxWise software offers a hassle-free solution. For even better results and remote access, switch to TaxWise hosting and benefit from cloud computing.

Manage Remote Operations

Eliminate office-centric restrictions by accessing TaxWise software from anywhere to get high priority tasks done quickly.

Enjoy Hardware Independence

Remove your dependence on local hardware/infrastructure by accessing cloud-hosted TaxWise software from any device.

Pay Only For What You Need

Our Taxwise cloud hosting services are based on users and server resources. Pay only for what you need and scale up or down with no hidden fees.

TaxWise Hosting Environment for Your Business Needs

Why Choose Verito’s TaxWise Hosting?

Experience Cloud Computing for Smooth Operations

Tax and accounting professionals are often limited by local hardware, causing lag and other issues. Our TaxWise hosting service ensures that our clients do not experience any performance issues. Our servers run faster than your local computer.

Eliminate restrictions on local hardware capabilities with our TaxWise hosting solutions.

Always On Support to Resolves Issues for You

A cloud hosting provider builds a reputation based on its service quality and the support/assistance it offers. Tax professionals often ask for help in making the most of TaxWise hosting.

It is our mission to resolve any hosting-related issues and offer TaxWise support to our clients.

Enhanced Software and Data Security

Your TaxWise software and its confidential customer data need total security. We have deployed multiple security safeguards, including enterprise-grade firewalls, data encryption, multi-factor authentication, to name a few.

Count on our TaxWise hosting services to keep your software and data safe.

TaxWise Add-ons At Your Server

While it is tedious to integrate add-ons with TaxWise software on local hardware, it is quite easy with our TaxWise hosting solutions. With us, you can integrate as many add-ons as needed with TaxWise software hosted on the cloud.

Rely on Verito as a one-stop solution for TaxWise cloud hosting.

Why Choose Verito Technologies?

Flexible Plans for You

In addition to our standard pricing plans for our cloud solutions, we also offer custom-tailored solutions for any business.

Maximum Uptime

We offer 99.995% SLA-backed uptime to ensure your business is always up and running.

Data Backup

Our enterprise-grade automated daily backups to geographically disparate data centers ensure a rolling 30 day backup of your tax and accounting data.

Free Trial for TaxWise Hosting

Get hands-on experience using TaxWise hosted on cloud servers with our no-obligation 15-day free trial.

TaxWise Hosting FAQs

What are the benefits of opting for TaxWise hosting solutions?

Switching from local-hosted TaxWise software to TaxWise cloud hosting is advantageous in many ways. The benefits of cloud-hosted TaxWise include anywhere-anytime software access, full control over authorized users, add-ons integrations, to name a few. Choose Verito for TaxWise hosting solutions.

How can I save money using TaxWise hosting solutions?

Using local-hosted TaxWise software requires a hefty sum to be invested in IT infrastructure maintenance and support. TaxWise hosting eliminates or reduces these expenses, helping you save money. The cloud hosting provider will take care of such needs.

Can multiple users work on cloud-hosted TaxWise software simultaneously?

The accessibility of TaxWise software to multiple users depends on which license you purchase. If you have the multi-user license, TaxWise cloud hosting enables you and your team members to access the application on the cloud altogether. Save time and energy by reducing the need for redundant tasks.

Are the features of the cloud-hosted TaxWise application the same as in local-hosted version?

TaxWise hosting solutions do not alter the software features but further strengthen it up with the power of cloud computing. You can get access to complete desktop features of the TaxWise software.

Are the features of the cloud-hosted TaxWise application the same as the local-hosted version?

TaxWise hosting solutions do not alter the software features but enhance it with the power of cloud computing. You get access to the full desktop suite of features of TaxWise.

Can I scale the cloud server resources up and down with TaxWise hosting?

The utilization of cloud resources directly impacts the cost, so many business owners ask about scalability concerns. With TaxWise software hosting, you receive customized, scalable solutions with need-based resource allocation. At Verito, we offer flexible pricing to all of our TaxWise hosting clients.

Can I file a tax return remotely using TaxWise hosting?

With TaxWise hosting, you gain the freedom to prepare and file tax returns remotely, no matter where you are. You can use any Internet-connected device to access cloud-hosted TaxWise software.

Can I get TaxWise support services in the night time?

At Verito, our certified cloud hosting professionals are ready to help our clients with any hosting-related issues they may face. You can easily reach us 24/7/365 via call, chat, or email.

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