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As a QuickBooks user, you might store data in the on-premise environment for later use. However, when handling business-sensitive data from your clients, keeping it secure falls on your shoulders. The amount you can invest to ensure on-premise data security and backups depends on the scale at which your business operates. If these investments do not fit the financial budget of your organization, you still cannot undermine the importance of robust data backup solutions for protecting clients’ data.

This is where backup software comes into the picture and plays a vital role in data protection. The best part is that you need not invest directly in the software but can still avail of its benefits. Before we explain how it is possible, let’s understand more about the working of backup software.

What is Backup Software?

Backup software is full-fledged, feature-rich software designed to automate and manage data backup processes for a company. It creates a copy of the data and stores it on the cloud. 

This differs from storing multiple copies of the same data on local computers for backup purposes. It may not be recoverable if anything goes wrong with the original data or locally-hosted backups. On the other hand, cloud-based backups via backup software provide an additional layer of data protection to deal with such circumstances.

How Does Backup Software Work?

At its core, the backup software work as described below:

  • Firstly, the software is installed on your devices or network.
  • Once configured, the software starts creating copies of data at periodic intervals.
  • It then hosts the data on secure cloud servers. 
  • If the data is lost locally or one cloud server fails, the copies of data hosted in the cloud network become easily accessible.

Why Do Accounting Professionals Need Backup Tools?

As an accounting professional, you know the value of sensitive business data quite well. Losing this data can have severe consequences for your business and your clients. The financial and reputational repercussions of such an incident can be quite damaging. This is especially true for QuickBooks desktop users, where all the data and software files are hosted locally.

Without backup software, you would need to perform the backups manually. This will require one or more external drives, hardware, and other computing resources – all of which incur significant upfront costs. Besides this, you must remember when to take the backups manually. Doing all this might be difficult if you are short on staff and time.

Backup software, on the other hand, is an affordable alternative to taking manual backups and is easy to manage. 

How to Access Backup Software Without Buying It?

Generally, you need to invest in buying a licensed copy of any software to access its features. However, an alternative is available in the form of managed backup services in the case of backup software. Here, you need to understand the concept of shared responsibility. 

Instead of buying the software license, you hire a managed IT service provider who offers managed backup solutions. The solution provider will be responsible for investing in the software and using it for an automated backup facility. 

Here are some of the primary benefits of hiring a managed backup solution provider:

  • Continued data protection in the form of incremental/compressed backups to back up only the parts of a file that are changed over time
  • Snapshots to provide a historical view of the data for protection against ransomware
  • 256-bit AES encryption for additional data security
  • Both onsite and offsite backup facility
  • End-to-end data management for multi-vendor backup infrastructure

To know more, check the benefits of Verito’s managed backup services.

Are Managed Backups an Expensive Affair?

Indeed, protecting the data from all sorts of security risks is essential. However, you do not want to break the bank by adopting the right backup software or technology. If you are looking for an affordable solution that provides good value for money, switch to Verito’s managed IT services at one flat fee of $49.99 per device per month. 

Start Protecting Your Accounting Data Today

In the current competitive business environment, understanding backup software is crucial for accounting professionals. With proper knowledge about managed backups, you can take proactive steps to secure data and ensure business continuity. 

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