Five Benefits of Switching to Office Tools Hosting

Five Benefits of Switching to Office Tools Hosting - Verito Technologies

Tax and accounting firms need automation tools to simplify their daily tasks, including project management, staffing, and billing. While there are several applications and tools available for such needs, OfficeTools is one of the most popular options. It is best suited for various tasks related to taxation and accounting as an accounting practice management solution. However, being a local-hosted software, it has limitations in terms of reach, accessibility, security, and many others. 

One way to overcome local-hosted OfficeTools is to switch to Office Tools hosting for those who run accounting firms. Backed by the power of cloud computing, these third-party solutions will make it easier for you and your team to access Office Tools on the go. Moving OfficeTools to the cloud would be an innovative way for your firm to achieve greater heights of success than the local setup. 

Want to know how your business can benefit from utilizing OfficeTools hosting services? Let’s find out more.

1. Next Level Data Security

Irrespective of whether you run a small or a big accounting firm, you would think twice about security before hosting OfficeTools software on the cloud. You might be wondering if these cloud solutions will keep the software and data safe as expected. The answer to all such doubts lies in realizing the role of cloud technology in the contemporary world.

With OfficeTools hosting, you can limit the possible risk of data loss, which is higher if the software is locally hosted. While the data is stored in third-party cloud servers and not local hardware, it becomes easily accessible remotely. The server access is limited to authorized users only to prevent any unexpected security breach on the security front. Besides this, security safeguards like data encryption, multi-factor authentication, and firewalls are used to avoid data security risks.

You should make the transition to OfficeTools hosting to get a taste of next-gen technology in your work environment.

2. More Cost Savings

A common concern for all accounting firms that look forward to implementing best-in-class technology is related to the returns on investment. Some accountants are more accustomed to using OfficeTools on the local systems and do not easily give up on the traditional way. The financial impact of OfficeTools hosting says that you can save a considerable amount of money with this transition. Once you partner with a reliable cloud hosting provider, you need not invest a significant amount in installing and maintaining local IT infrastructure. All the data and software will be hosted on the servers managed by the chosen service provider.

If OfficeTools is your go-to accounting practice management application, you should realize the power of cloud hosting for SMBs and make the required transition to OfficeTools hosting.

3. Higher Uptime

Have you ever heard of or gone through situations where server downtime has caused work productivity issues? Accounting and tax firms become highly dependent on their preferred local-hosted applications; inability to access the software often creates several business problems. Local server failure can cause a financial impact on the business while also making a firm lose clients.

With OfficeTools hosting, you can eliminate the risk of downtime resulting from local IT infrastructural issues. The hosting solution providers are known to deliver 99.995% uptime, ensuring you can always access the software on the cloud as per your business needs. This way, you can stay prepared to respond to urgent tasks and deadlines for your clients, irrespective of the time and place. If your business witnessed the severe impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, you should work on taking it back to the new normal with the help of cloud hosting solutions.

4. Better Control over the Service Quality Offered

For accounting firms, this means ensuring that the overall accounting practice-related documents are kept in one place for easy accessibility. While you can manage your firm with OfficeTools software, you can better control the work done with OfficeTools hosting. With all the data kept on the cloud platform, you can maintain the consistency and quality of reports you send to clients. It also helps prevent inaccuracies as many users can work on the same file simultaneously to get a clear view of revisions made. 

This is much better than using local-hosted OfficeTools software, which requires different individuals to work on different versions of the same document and often results in human errors. 

5. Lesser Impact on the Environment

This is the least talked about aspect of cloud technology that deserves your attention. When you switch to using cloud-hosted OfficeTools software, you would no longer need to own a server locally. As a result, this will minimize your digital carbon footprint. Also, you can save additional power that would otherwise be needed to cool the server and maintain the IT infrastructure. If you want to contribute to protecting the environment, this would be an advanced way. 

Like any other new technology, switching to OfficeTools hosting may feel doubtful at the start. But when you make an informed decision after carefully analyzing all its merits, you will make the most of it without any hassle or inconvenience. To begin with it, you can also ask for a free trial for OfficeTools hosting with us. Contact us today!

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