What Is OfficeTools Hosting and How Does It Work?

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Managing accounting practice is a tough nut to crack, which is why professionals need advanced software designed for this particular need. You can rely on OfficeTools software for your accounting firm to track time, projects, billing, and more. However, having it installed on a local computer somehow limits its utility because you can only access your files when near the local computer.


OfficeTools hosting can make things easier for you by hosting the software on a cloud server. As an authorized user, you can access the server remotely using any device, anywhere. It is a popular way to transition to a cloud-hosted setup, a move that has become even more popular during the pandemic. 


What Happens When You Host OfficeTools on the Cloud?


OfficeTools hosting means migrating your local-hosted OfficeTools software to a remote cloud server managed by a reliable cloud service provider. The software will no longer be installed on your local computer/laptop but can be accessed on any device via the Internet. 


When stored on the cloud, the software and data files are more secure than in a traditional hosting setup. In addition, only authorized users with valid credentials can access them remotely, making it easier for you to ensure data security. You can also allow your team members to collaborate and access the cloud-hosted software simultaneously from different locations with OfficeTools hosting.


Common Questions You Might Want to Ask About Hosting OfficeTools on Cloud



  • Do I have to pay for setting up OfficeTools on a cloud server?


The cost largely depends on the cloud service provider you select. In most cases, the cloud hosting provider you hire manages the cloud setup, software, and data migration process at no additional cost. In addition, the team will take care of hosting your application on their cloud environment and provide you with the How-to guides to access it later.


The only cost involved in switching to OfficeTools hosting is the hosting plan you select. 


At Verito Technologies, we offer multiple plans at competitive prices, which you can upgrade as and when you need. For instance, they provide a Solo plan meant for single users that provides 20 GB of storage. However, you can ask for a customized hosting plan to fit your needs.



  • How can I ask for hosting support services after switching to the cloud?


If you are new to working in a cloud environment, you might face certain challenges while accessing the software or enabling team collaboration. For your questions in dealing with cloud-hosted OfficeTools, you should immediately connect with your cloud service provider. In addition, the model of customer support services – whether phone, email, or chat, may differ from one solution provider to another. 


A simple way to ensure that you get the necessary support in difficult times is to carefully choose a cloud hosting service provider. Check for round-the-clock availability of the support team and their turnaround time to resolve any issue. 


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  • Is the cloud environment capable of keeping OfficeTools data safe?


Most cloud providers deploy advanced security methods like spam filters, antivirus, IDPS, and firewalls. These steps ensure the utmost safety of your crucial data. Therefore, unlike the traditional software setup in a local computer, the risk of losing OfficeTools data is lower with cloud hosting. Besides this, you will also benefit from regular backup services provided by your cloud solution provider. 


With the right cloud hosting plan for OfficeTools, you can adopt the latest cloud technology trends to ensure consistent growth. Now is the time to switch to the cloud!



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