QuickBooks Desktop 2021: Features, Pricing, and More

QuickBooks Desktop 2021: Features, Pricing, and More - Verito Technologies

Each year, QuickBooks maker – Intuit brings the updated edition of the software with new and improved features. QuickBooks desktop 2021 was no different. The unique features of QuickBooks desktop 2021 work like an incentive for the existing QB users to switch to the new edition while also attracting new users to its latest advancements.


QuickBooks desktop 2020 came last year with new features like invoice consolidation, innovative help options, and customer reminders. But the QuickBooks desktop 2021 edition is way ahead of its predecessors with further enhancements to the already-robust application.


QuickBooks desktop 2021 is more about implementing automation to save time and increase workplace productivity. So let’s talk about what’s new in QuickBooks desktop 2021.


Top 9 New Features in QuickBooks Desktop 2021


  • Improved Bank Feeds


Categorizing imported transactions takes a lot of time and effort. QuickBooks desktop 2021 caters to this need by automatically categorizing bank feed transactions using new rules, thus helping you save time. It also results in a quick category-wise matching of transactions and batch editing.


With streamlined bank feeds available using QuickBooks desktop 2021, you can quickly review transaction discrepancies.


  • Automated Receipt Management


If you spend a lot of time entering expense receipts manually and keeping track of them, QuickBooks desktop 2021 can make things easier for you. Its automated receipt management feature helps in categorizing expense receipts. Take a snapshot of the receipt, upload it into the application, and it’s done. You can further review it for accuracy. This feature allows you to eliminate the need to retain or match receipts.


  • Rule-Based Customer Groups


With QuickBooks desktop 2021, you can create rule-based customer groups based on status, customer type, location, and balance fields. This way, you can create customer groups based on a field that is most important to you. For example, you can create groups to track sales in a specific location or particular item. 


This QuickBooks desktop 2021 feature also allows you to add/remove customers from different groups based on the predefined conditions. 


  • Payment Reminders/Automated Statements


With this feature, you can remind your customers about their overdue balance with automated statements based on their payment history, products purchased, and location. These payment reminders will improve cash flow at your end and ensure that the customers receive the statements to pay you on time. 


You can also customize each reminder for a specific customer group to get paid faster and save time to follow up with payment delays. 


  • Payment Receipts Customization


Using QuickBooks desktop 2021, you can customize the payment receipts to reflect your brand logo and provide the payees with a professionally-looking correspondence. Moreover, you can do this irrespective of the type of document you share. With this feature, you can now maintain a consistent look at payment receipts across different types of customer communications.


  • Payroll Liability Reminders


If you run a small business, you can set up reminders to keep track of the upcoming payroll taxes and liability payments. This way, you can ensure that you pay the taxes timely without facing any related consequences. 


  • Easy to Reuse Email Templates


In the 2021 edition of QuickBooks desktop products, you can create and reuse templates for different email communications shared with the customers. Furthermore, you can save and recall these templates whenever you need them.


  • Merchant Services Payment Reconciliation


Based on this improved matching workflow in QuickBooks desktop 2021, you can automatically match all payments to their accounts for easy reconciliation. This feature has been designed for quick and efficient reconciliation of transactions in a single click.


  • QuickBooks ToolHub


By adding more features and functionality to the software, the users may ask even more questions. Keeping that in mind, QuickBooks desktop 2021 edition now has QuickBooks ToolHub as the go-to section for assistance with common QuickBooks-related issues. You will find it easier to find answers about installation, network issues, company file issues, and many others.


How to Buy QuickBooks Desktop 2021?


If you have the following questions in mind, please visit here:


  • How to download/buy QuickBooks desktop 2021?
  • How to upgrade QuickBooks desktop 2021?
  • How to install QuickBooks desktop 2021?
  • How to activate your QuickBooks desktop?


Is QuickBooks Desktop 2021 Right for Your Business?


The simplest way to answer this question is to match your business needs with the QuickBooks desktop 2021 edition features. While the QuickBooks latest editions are suitable for every type of business, some users wish to stick to the older editions. If you are using any other edition of QuickBooks products, it might be the right time for you to switch to QuickBooks desktop 2021 because of its advanced features.


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