QuickBooks Desktop 2022: New Features, Updates, Subscription Model, and More

All About QuickBooks Desktop 2022

The term ‘QuickBooks’ rings a bell in the ears of almost every accountant and CPA firm owner. Its feature-list and benefits stay at the top of their minds when they are at work. The end of every year also becomes the reason for excitement for QuickBooks users because of the newer editions of QuickBooks that Intuit releases every year.


The new editions of QuickBooks desktop products are launched to simplify the complex accounting and business processes.


If you also use QuickBooks desktop products, you might be wondering –


“What’s new in QuickBooks Desktop 2022?”


Before you plan to upgrade your QuickBooks application to the latest edition, you must know about various aspects related to QuickBooks Desktop 2022. So let’s cover it in detail.


New Features in QuickBooks Desktop 2022


Given below are the new features that are included in the QuickBooks Desktop 2022 release to benefit your business:


  • 64-bit Advanced Processing Power


There has always been a need for higher processing power to do various accounting tasks faster for many QuickBooks users. This has been taken care of with QuickBooks Desktop 2022 which has been designed to utilize the full capability of a 64-bit processor. This new feature aims to deliver improved performance and stability, time savings, and seamless third-party integrations.


In terms of percentage, QuickBooks Desktop 2022 is 38% faster than previous QuickBooks desktop versions (32-bit).


  • E-Commerce Management with Webgility


As an e-commerce automation solution, Webgility syncs online sales channels with QuickBooks Desktop 2022. With Webgility integration into your QuickBooks Desktop 2022, you can directly track revenue from various selling platforms – eBay, Shopify, and Amazon- into QuickBooks. 


The best part is that information syncing is bi-directional, which implies that you can also get the details of orders, item inventory, or fulfillment from QuickBooks to Webgility. 


  • Custom Bill Approval Workflows


The bill approval process followed within an organization is often different from the procedure defined in third-party software. Syncing bills then becomes a big challenge. With QuickBooks Desktop 2022, you can easily handle accounts payable and manage cash flow using customizable approval workflows for bills.


Once installed, you need to set up and define the approval process in QuickBooks Desktop 2022 and then start to streamline your business processes.


  • Online Bill Payments from Within QuickBooks Desktop


Using QuickBooks Desktop 2022 edition, you will get the facility to schedule and pay bills from within the QB software via credit card, debit card, or bank transfer. Bill Pay powers this feature, and you can select how to process vendor payments – via check or ACH. 


This feature includes all the QuickBooks Desktop 2022 versions – Pro Plus, Premier Accountant, Premier Plus, Enterprise, and Enterprise Accountant. 


  • Bill Entry Automation


The newest edition of QuickBooks Desktop products allows you to capture and upload your bills from your QB desktop mobile app or computer, thus automating the bill entry task. The improved software also captures the details from the bills to match with an existing transaction. You can then cross-check and approve the match later. 


QuickBooks Desktop 2022 also has bill payment stubs added to the list of customizable QuickBooks form templates. 


  • Ease of Attaching Documents to Transactions


This new QuickBooks feature lets you upload documents to QB desktop directly from your mobile device or computer. You can then add them to the invoices, purchase orders (POs), and other transactions.


  • Instant Deposits


Processing customer payments with QuickBooks Desktop can take a few days to settle the amount into your bank account. If you need a solution, upgrade to QuickBooks Desktop 2022, which comes with an instant deposits feature to help you get the money into your account faster. 


With this feature, you can set up instant deposits to get funds in less than 30 minutes and make it run automatically for several days. 


  • Multiple Customer Contact Addition to Batch Emails


In QuickBooks, you can email your customers’ invoices, sales forms, and statements individually or in batches. To get this done even faster, use QuickBooks Desktop 2022, with which you can add several customer contacts into your batch emails.


As a QB desktop payment tool, payment links can help you collect payments quickly from your clients. It is beneficial for items that require an invoice or for advance payments. In addition, you can create custom payment links and share them with your clients to get paid faster.


More About QuickBooks Desktop 2022


QuickBooks Desktop 2022 is also expected to include some of the most useful features, such as:


  • Further upgrades to rule-based creation of specialized groups
  • Accessing and sending payment receipts in an easier way
  • Automated attachment of purchase orders into the invoices
  • Secured access to the bank feed


Other Updates About QuickBooks Desktop 2022


  • Intuit will sell QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Mac products in Pro Plus, Premier Plus, and Mac Plus.
  • While QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is a subscription offering for the last few years, the Pro Plus, Premier Plus, and Mac Plus will also be subscription-based.
  • Discovery hub is to be included with QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus, Accountant Plus 2022, Premier Plus, and all the editions of QB Enterprise 2022.
  • For accountants, the availability of QB Desktop 2021 one-time purchase products has been extended until Dec 10, 2021.
  • The support for all the non-subscription QuickBooks versions will stay the same:
  • 2021 version to be supported through May 2024
  • 2020 version to be supported through May 2023
  • 2019 version to be supported through May 2022


Hosting QuickBooks Desktop 2022 on Cloud With Verito Technologies


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  • 24×7 support


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