How to Pick the Right QuickBooks Versions?

How to Pick the Right QuickBooks Versions

QuickBooks has its initial release date back in 1983 when the accounting software industry had started growing. Since its introduction, this powerful software has evolved considerably based on the needs of the targeted users. To cater to the business needs related to several industries and business types, Intuit launched different QuickBooks versions. 

If you are an accounting professional or a CPA firm owner, it is essential to know about different QuickBooks versions before selecting the right one for your business. This blog post will cover different QuickBooks desktop versions and their features, in brief, to help you make an informed decision. 

What are the Different Versions of QuickBooks Desktop Products?

QuickBooks Pro

It is the most basic version of QuickBooks that has been designed for small and medium businesses. With its user-friendly interface, you can manage various accounting tasks and save time. Some of its primary features include:

  • Capacity to run more than 100 reports
  • Easy to customize reports with in-built templates
  • Customer Snapshot to get into the details of client insights
  • Bill-tracking to streamline finances
  • Contact import/export from emails
  • Order creation
  • Supports up to three users

If you have just started the CPA firm and have a small team working for your business, you can begin with QuickBooks Pro from the list of QuickBooks versions.

QuickBooks Premier

Known as the medium-level QuickBook version, QuickBooks Premier is meant for growing companies that need help with automating various business-related tasks using advanced software. It is further classified into multiple variants – General Business, Nonprofit, Contractors, etc., each of which has its unique features to the industry type.

Some of the standard features that QuickBooks Premier has in addition to the ones available with QuickBooks Pro are:

  • Ability to run more than 14,000 data entries
  • Barcode facility
  • Balance sheet tracking
  • Easy to add PO numbers in email
  • Reminder for payroll liability
  • Supports up to five concurrent users

QuickBooks Enterprise

This is the most robust QuickBooks version designed for enterprises and large businesses. As an end-to-end business solution, QuickBooks Enterprise also has industry-specific features available with multiple variants – Contractors, Retailers, nonprofits, etc. Depending on the required feature set, you can also select from the numerous plans of QuickBooks Enterprise, namely Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Diamond.

In addition to the features of earlier versions of QuickBooks, this version comes with advanced functionalities like:

  • Advanced reporting tools
  • Ability to run 1,00,000 data entries
  • Supports 40 concurrent users
  • Advanced inventory features for tracking of large orders
  • Faster processing of paychecks backed by Assisted Payroll Service
  • In-built barcode scanner

What’s More Advantageous with QuickBooks Hosting?

Irrespective of the QuickBooks version you select for your business, you can benefit from the power of cloud technology by hosting the software of a dedicated cloud server. This is possible with the help of a reliable QuickBooks hosting provider. Ideally, you can host any QB version on the cloud, depending on the versions supported by the hired cloud solution provider.

By hosting your QuickBooks desktop version, you will benefit from:

  • Remote software access
  • Multi-user access and collaboration on the same QB files
  • No difference in utility when hosted on cloud
  • Easy to scale resources and hosting plan
  • Budget-friendly
  • Top-notch security
  • SLA-backed uptime guarantee

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Final Thoughts

Each of the QuickBooks versions is unique and caters to some specific needs of business across industries. Once you realize the need and utility of their features, selecting the right one becomes more manageable. Post getting the required QuickBooks license, you can host the software on our cloud servers at an affordable price.

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