Know The Differences Between QuickBooks Pro And Premier

To state simply, QuickBooks Premier by Intuit is designed for the established businesses and small growing businesses. While QuickBooks Pro is more suitable for the new business setups and existing small business setups. Both these Intuit software are good for taxing and accounting solutions.

There are some of the main features based on which we can differentiate these two. We will discuss in detail both QuickBooks Pro and Premier Software.

Business Planner:

QuickBooks Premier comes with an integrated business planner tool. You can use it to make a complete business plan for your company. The format of the business plan is recommended by the United States. This planner in QuickBooks Premier helps you print the reports and receipts for income and expenses, profit and loss incurred by the organization. This software also helps you make balance sheets and graph data.

You do not get included balance sheets in the QuickBooks Pro.

Software Versions:

QuickBooks Premier offers six different versions to cater the needs of different groups of customers. These versions are Premier, Premier Contractor, Premier Retail, Premier Professional Services, Premier Wholesale & Manufacturing, and Premier Nonprofit. The features included in these versions are suitable for different kinds of businesses.

Intuit offers just one version of QuickBooks Pro

Report Generation:

QuickBooks Premier offers 150 types of reports for finances, sales, and tax. It also offers industry-specific reports that cater to the advanced reporting. With special, integrated report generation tools, QuickBooks Premier allows you to take a look at business performance at one click. You can use QuickBooks Premier Report tools to view customized sales reports and profitability reports.

Create a job-to-complete report in QuickBooks Premier and get an estimate of the costs required to complete a job. You also get an under-estimate cost and over-estimate cost of individual items, using the tools.

Using Quickbooks Pro cloud hosting, you get an access to 100s of customizable sales, tax, and finance report making tools.

Technical Features:

QuickBooks Premier allows 5 users to access the software simultaneously. It allows a file size of 150 to 200 MB and lets you create and e-mail quotes, sales orders, invoices, and purchase orders.

QuickBooks Pro allows 3 users to access the software simultaneously. A maximum of 150 to 200 MB of a file can be shared. It allows you to create and e-mail quotes, invoices, and purchase orders but not sales orders.

There are some of the common features too as both QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Pro are products from Intuit. As you saw some of the notable differences between the two software. We will also share with you some of the common features of both QuickBooks software.

Both the software allow you to print checks, track reports, and print receipts all from one place. They also let you generate payroll taxes and manage payroll taxes too. You can also generate and send invoices to multiple customers simultaneously.

Track time and amount of bills that clients need to pay. Moreover, you can locate desired account, report or invoice. Both the software also provide you the freedom of tracking an order, and managing product inventories.

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