Primary Questions You Should Ask About OfficeTools Hosting Before Switching to It

Primary Questions About OfficeTools Hosting

OfficeTools is an advanced software for accounting practice management. Many CPAs go by its name and think of it as another tool to help simplify work-related tasks. However, its use-cases are quite specific towards future-focused firms. If you are a CPA or a small business owner, you can manage several tasks using this software, including team alignment, accounting practice automation, add-integration, to name a few. 


It also comes with a product finder using which you can move a step closer to selecting the right OfficeTools products. The best part about working with OfficeTools is that you can install it locally or on the cloud. However, you might not be aware of several aspects of OfficeTools hosting (which means hosting this software on a cloud server). 


To make an informed decision about using OfficeTools the right way, you must look for the answers to the following questions:


  • Is OfficeTools Cloud different from OfficeTools hosting?


There is a thin line that differentiates both these ways to access OfficeTools software. On the one hand, OfficeTools Cloud is one of the two products offered by AbacusNext – the SaaS provider behind OfficeTools. With this version, you can work on the software on the go and manage your business from anywhere.


OfficeTools hosting helps you do the same thing – remote software and team collaboration, but via a cloud server provided by a third-party cloud hosting provider. Here, you choose to host your licensed desktop-hosted OfficeTools Workspace on a dedicated cloud server. Although both these ways of using cloud technology sound similar, they are not. Hence, you should dig deeper and understand the critical differences between the two. 


  • Why should I switch to OfficeTools hosting?


Hosting a licensed OfficeTools software on a cloud server comes with several advantages for your business. These include ease of accessing the software on the go, which is different from its limited access in the local-hosted environment. For example, if the software is installed on a local computer, you can only work on it when you are around that system. With cloud technology, you can access it irrespective of where you are.


If multiple teammates are located in different regions at any point in time, they can simultaneously access data files and software when backed with cloud hosting.


  • Can I utilize the benefits of cloud-hosted OfficeTools being a solo user?


Small businesses run by a single individual require accounting management software, which is where OfficeTools come in handy. With the advancements in cloud technology, it has become a norm for every business. Even if you handle all the business-related tasks yourself, you can still host OfficeTools on the cloud. There is no such predefined condition that you must have a team – small or big, to gain access to the benefits of OfficeTools hosting.


At Verito Technologies, we offer hosting plans for Solo users starting at $69 per month. Learn more here.


  • How much does it cost to add a new user to my OfficeTools hosting plan?


The cost of cloud hosting plans for OfficeTools software may vary depending on the service provider you hire. Although plan customization is possible in most cases, you may not find the exact pricing unless you specify your needs to the cloud solution provider. For instance, you want to add five more users to the basic hosting plan but with 150GB of cloud storage and ease of integrating more than ten applications. Since the cloud computing resources for this specific requirement will differ from what is included in a basic plan, the pricing will vary. 


Make sure you assess your needs carefully before you ask for a personalized cloud hosting plan. Here’s a glimpse of the extended pricing of our cloud solutions:


  • Additional application charged at $10 per app per month
  • Additional storage is available at the rate of $1 per GB per month
  • Additional user(s) at the rate of $45 per user per month 
  • Additional RAM charged at $20 per GB per month
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