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Prepare For Tax Season 2021 The Right Way with These Crucial Tips

For businesses, tax season implies paying due taxes and ensuring their companies abide by the prevailing tax laws. But for tax professionals, it refers to the stress of filing tax returns for their clients one after another. If you also prepare and file tax returns of various clients, you would agree to the sameness of the following situation:


Many clients send their paperwork in the last few days of the deadline to file tax returns. Unfortunately, you do not have enough staffing to deal with the sudden surge in work, which makes you and your team feel like you are working round the clock. 


The busy tax season brings plenty of workloads followed by stress for the accounting and tax professionals. They want to avoid last-minute hassles and thus, look for tips to prepare for tax season. Before we proceed to discuss many such practical tips, let’s have a look at some of the important dates related to the tax season 2021:


Date Significance
Jan 15, 2021 It is when the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) Free File was opened and taxpayers could file the return in advance through Free File partners.
Feb 12, 2021 IRS started accepting individual tax returns.
Apr 15, 2021 Deadline for filing 2020 tax returns
Oct 15, 2021 Extended deadline for filing 2020 tax returns


Tips to Handle Tax Season 2021 with Ease

  • Speed Up the Process of Collecting Tax Documents


Before you even start preparing returns, you need various documents from your clients. The more time they take to make these documents reach you, the longer the delay in filing their tax returns will be. Although you might have some clients who usually wait till the end to provide the required documents, this would pile up the work at your side as the deadline comes nearer.


Hence, you are advised to do your part and push your clients to send the documents, such as their identity proof, income proofs, proof of losses incurred, to name a few. Suppose you need some specific documents from any of your clients. In that case, you are advised to make a checklist for them all to streamline preparing tax returns.  

  • Prioritize Tasks Related to Filing Returns


Many less-prior tasks in life – both professional and personal, often take more time than expected and then become the reason for stress. The same holds when you prepare tax returns to be filed within the deadline. Since you must be having much work lying on your plate, you must prioritize the steps involved in tax preparation and filing the right way.


By categorizing the tasks involved suitably, you will get a clear picture of the time it would take to complete them. Also, you will be in a better position to focus more on the essential steps while delegating other tasks to your associates. 

  • Switch to the Cloud-Hosted Environment


One way to simplify how you work during the tax season is to host your tax software on the cloud. It will ensure remote access to the cloud-hosted software, which means you can work for your clients from anywhere and anytime. Having remote access to your tax applications during tax season feels like being given some extra hours to finish essential tasks at home or on the go. 


Tax software hosting services make the work device-agnostic, meaning you can work remotely using your laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone. 


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  • Double Check for Data Security Measures in Place


While preparing for tax returns, you handle confidential information shared by your clients, which makes it imperative that you ensure data security. However, the increased risk of cyberattacks on accounting firms makes it challenging to keep the data safe. 


Irrespective of the environment you work in during tax season, you must implement advanced security measures to safeguard the data. In the local-hosted climate, you need to invest in various security measures. However, if you go for cloud hosting services, the chosen service provider will handle security. 



Tax season 2021 has already begun. You know more about the work at hand than anyone else. Hence, it is crucial that you focus on doing it the right way to minimize stress while maximizing productivity. 


For more details about how to streamline the tax filing process this year, contact our hosting experts at 1-855-583-7486. 


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Why is Hosting Drake Software on Cloud the Perfect Choice for Your Business?

When you prepare and file taxes for your clients, you want the utmost accuracy paired with an efficient tax-filing process. Although it sounds like a rare combination, you can make it a reality by using Drake tax software. Drake is highly preferred by CPAs, accounting firms, and small businesses as a professional tax management solution. It helps them process tax returns faster, enabling them to avoid unexpected tax-related challenges. 


As per facts, more than 64,000 tax professionals nationwide use Drake tax software at work. This powerful software handles more than 33 million tax returns. However, the software has its limitations when accessed in a local-hosted environment.


As a solution, you can switch to Drake tax software hosting, which offers even more benefits for your business. 


New to using any tax software on the cloud? Here’s why you should host your Drake software on a cloud server:

  • Remote Access Benefits


Make a list of work-related things that you can access only via your computer system installed in your office. If this list includes Drake tax software, you must have thought of a way to make it accessible remotely. All those last-minute client calls for changes in tax returns often make it difficult for tax professionals like you to manage work efficiently. 


Surprisingly, you can have a solution by your side for such urgent needs – Drake tax hosting. 


By hosting Drake tax software on the cloud, you and your team can access the application anywhere, anytime. Earlier, working from home seemed like a daunting task to many professionals. However, now that remote work has become the new normal, it is imperative that you choose the right solution to access Drake software remotely. 


With Drake tax software hosting, you will not be tied to a specific place or location to get the work done. As a result, you get the much-needed flexibility to work at your convenience and enjoy more freedom. This is what you might be looking for to maintain a work-life balance. 

  • Higher Level of Security for Your Data


Maintaining the security of the accounting and tax-related data of your clients is your responsibility. In many cases, just storing it on your computer in a hidden location does not suffice and may cause data breaches. It is where the need for advanced security methods is highly felt. While you can choose to invest in available data security tools in-house, there is a better alternative you can go with – Drake tax software hosting. 

You might be wondering if the cloud-hosted data will be safe and out of reach of cybercriminals. The truth is – the cloud hosting provider you hire will take care of the security measures to be deployed to keep your data safe. Whether it is about monitoring any hacking attempts, implementing firewalls, or setting up multi-factor authentication, every aspect will be covered by experts in the industry. 


Since the Drake software and data will be under the strict surveillance of the cloud solution provider, the level of security is much higher than traditional systems. Remember that the key to increased security of the software hosted on the cloud is your willingness to switch to the cloud-hosted environment.


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  • Pay-Per-Use Benefits


Setting up a secure IT environment at your office means investing a significant amount in local server installation, network maintenance, security tools, and hiring IT professionals for regular upkeep. If you have recently begun your business, spending a considerable amount on such needs might not be feasible. However, neither can you ignore the security side of your client’s data till the time you can afford to pay for in-house data security. 


Drake tax software on the cloud can be your best bet in minimizing the operational costs related to your business. You can save a tremendous amount of money by selecting the most suitable Drake hosting plan. This way, you will only pay for the IT resources you use as covered in your hosting plan. 


Depending on your business needs, you can customize the hosting plan to scale the resources up or down and then pay accordingly.


Cloud technology perfectly fits the need for data security in a small business setup. So why haven’t you hired a cloud service provider for Drake tax hosting yet? Call us today at 1-855-583-7486.

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How Can You Benefit from Switching to ProSeries Tax Software Hosting?

The stress of filing taxes for various clients, filling the proper forms, and optimizing every return to reduce errors can leave tax professionals in jitters. This can happen during tax season or even otherwise, making you realize the need for the right tax software. If you are familiar with ProSeries Tax software, you cannot deny the benefits you receive from using this powerful tax tool. It is easy to use, allows form-based data input, and helps review every return with 1000+ advanced diagnostics. What makes it unique is the on-screen help you can ask for while working on a return and K-1 data import facility. 


While you can save time and perform tax-related tasks efficiently using ProSeries Tax software, you can enjoy more advantages when you choose ProSeries hosting on cloud.


Wondering what ‘ProSeries hosting’ means? Here’s a quick definition:


ProSeries Tax software hosting means storing or hosting the tax software and data on a secure server at a protected facility instead of installing it locally on your computer.


It means you need not feel like being tied down to your office to work on filing tax returns using ProSeries Tax software. You can access the application on any device having an Internet connection. The best part is – ProSeries hosting on cloud does not change its look and feel. The software features remain the same while the accessibility methods change. 


ProSeries Hosting on Cloud – What’s In It For Your Business?


  • Ease of Working on the Go


With ProSeries hosting on cloud, you and your team members can access the software on the go – while traveling, at home, or during business trips. This way, your work will not be hampered just because you are not in the office. In addition, you need not worry about the migration and setup as your cloud solution provider will take good care of it. 


  •  Team Collaboration for Better Results


ProSeries hosted setup will help you ensure the accuracy of tax returns filed by allowing various team members to work together. Multiple users can access the same file simultaneously, resulting in enhanced productivity and a lesser risk of errors in the tax returns filed. Another side of it is that you can improve the client management process.


  • Cost-Savings


ProSeries hosting on cloud is cost-effective, which means you do not pay much money to reap the benefits it offers. Whether it is software update, cloud server installation, or maintenance, the cloud service provider you hire will handle it all. For you, the expense is, thus, based on the ProSeries hosting plan you select. 


  • Enhanced Data Security


Cloud servers are heavily protected with multiple layers of security. Having ProSeries Tax software hosted on the cloud passes that protection element to it. The deployed security measures are capable of limiting data breaches that may occur. If data security has been one of the key concerns as a tax professional, it’s time to switch to cloud hosting for ProSeries software. 


  • Ease of Add-On Integration


With ProSeries software, you might also be using add-ons like ProSeries network solutions and ProSeries forms library. Hosting the software on the cloud allows you to integrate these add-ons to make the tax filing process more straightforward. Therefore, it is advisable to ask your cloud hosting provider about the add-on integration facility.


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ProSeries Hosting FAQ: Do I need to keep a copy of ProSeries on my desktop for backup?


Many ProSeries users ask this question, reflecting the apparent need to maintain data backup for unprecedented situations. As a cloud service provider, we provide a regular data backup facility to all our clients to ensure smooth recovery in case of a natural or man-made disaster. 


We encourage our clients who use our cloud hosting solutions to remove the applications from their desktops. This helps in reducing issues with data synchronization. Once hosted on the cloud, the desktop program may not sync well with the hosted environment. However, you can upload or pull down data from the cloud on a need-to-know basis. 


For more details about ProSeries hosting on cloud, call us at 1-855-583-7486.

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5 Features to Look for In A TaxWise Cloud Hosting Provider

When it is about selecting one of the best tax preparation software, professionals rely on TaxWise. Being a renowned tax software offered by Wolters Kluwer, it helps prepare and file U.S. tax returns faster. The best part – you can select a suitable package as per your business needs. But with the latest advancements in technology backed by the global pandemic, most tax professionals are transitioning from using desktop-based software to cloud-hosted alternatives. The same holds for TaxWise software. 

If you have been using local-hosted TaxWise software, you might have become familiar with this work mode. However, switching to TaxWise cloud hosting calls for the need to understand the benefits of cloud computing for your business. It is where finding the right TaxWise cloud hosting provider is essential. 

Like the research you carried out before buying TaxWise software, you must dig deeper to know how to select a cloud hosting provider for this software. However, finding the right one won’t be a challenge, provided you know what you are looking for. 

If you have analyzed the advantages of hosting TaxWise software on a cloud server, keep the following service features in mind while selecting TaxWise cloud hosting provider:

1. Cloud Transition Process

Being a newbie to using cloud-hosted software, you might not know how to set up and migrate the existing data. This lack of knowledge may cause troubles, making you feel the need for assistance from experts. Hence, you should ask about the transition/migration support or process cloud service providers follow before hiring them. 

Ideally, the cloud provider should offer a smooth transition with the software setup and migration services without any additional cost. The easier the process is, the better it will be for you to continue working on the software without facing any significant server downtime

2. SLA-Backed Services

Service Level Agreement, commonly known as SLA, is a legal document that defines the terms and conditions of the services offered by the chosen cloud provider. Service providers define the standard that they must maintain and how they will compensate their clients in case of failure to abide by the terms. Most cloud service providers offer an SLA-backed uptime guarantee and various other benefits. 

As a tax professional, you need to understand the terms defined in the SLA before selecting any TaxWise cloud hosting provider. 

3. Availability of Different Cloud Hosting Plans

The scale of services provided by tax professionals can be different, depending on their experience in the industry. Since a cloud hosting plan is based on the defined computing resources made available to you, you must know if it best suits your requirements. For example, TaxWise hosting plans for a solo user will be different from those meant for a team of individuals. 

In general, you should select a cloud provider that offers a range of hosting plans, along with the facility to customize the plan as needed. 

4. Data Backup Facility

When you use desktop-hosted TaxWise software, you want to ensure the data is safe and secure by taking regular backups. In addition, while moving the software to the cloud, you need to know if the cloud service provider you are hiring also provides backup services. 

Select a TaxWise cloud hosting provider that offers a rolling backup of 15 days at least so that you can retrieve the data in case of any contingency. 

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5. Seamless Integration with Other Add-Ons/Apps

Although TaxWise software has a wide range of features, professionals often use additional applications/add-ons to make the tax preparation process simpler and more efficient. Therefore, before you hire any cloud solution provider, you should ask if there is a provision of add-on integration with the cloud-hosted TaxWise software. Also, check if there is any limit to the number of add-ons you can integrate with the software. 

The decision to select a TaxWise cloud hosting provider is a significant one. However, as a tax professional, you must have certain expectations regarding service quality and benefits. Hence, it is advisable not to make this decision quickly but after doing the required research. 

What do you specifically want from cloud hosting services for TaxWise software? Connect with us at 1-855-583-7486. 

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What are the Benefits of Drake Tax Software Hosting on Cloud?

While tax preparers have several tax software solutions, Drake is one of the most preferred choices. In a recent tax software survey by the Journal of Accountancy, most respondents voted Drake software with a high rating. While the decision to choose a tax software is based on firm size, features, or budget, Drake fulfills all these aspects to become a popular solution for tax preparation. 

Drake comes with some of the most beneficial features like Drake Tax Planner, Drake Scheduler, and more. Still, tax pros face common challenges, like timely return filing, customer support during non-business hours, and data security. If you also face these problems, it is time to change the way you work by switching to Drake tax software cloud hosting. 

Hosting Drake software on the cloud enhances its capabilities and helps tax preparers simplify everyday workplace tasks. 

Let’s look at five significant benefits of Drake tax software hosting:

  • Remote Software Access

Has it ever happened to you that your client called for a tax consultation during non-business hours? If you are at home or anywhere else but away from your office, your inability to access tax data can leave you helpless in such situations. This feeling of helplessness is because you have the Drake software installed locally, making the software access hardware-dependent. 

However, with Drake tax software cloud hosting, you can access your data no matter where you are or at what time. You can use any smart device like your smartphone or laptop to access cloud-hosted Drake at your convenience. This is something you might not have experienced with local-hosted Drake. 

  • Adequate Data Security

As a tax professional, the security of data you handle for your firm is critical. The Internet age and the current work-from-home environment have increased the risk of cyber threats and an unauthorized leak of confidential data. Deploying strict security measures may not be feasible for every tax professional. But it will be in your best interest to switch to Drake hosting to enjoy enhanced security benefits.

Drake hosting service providers ensure the security of your data on their remote servers using advanced security measures. They make cloud hosting a foolproof solution using measures like end-to-end encryption, malware protection, and two-factor authentication. 

  • Cost Cutting 

Imagine the financial implications of setting up a dedicated in-house server for Drake. You would need a complete IT infrastructure in place, including the hardware and hiring professionals for regular upkeep. The total cost of establishing an in-house environment to host Drake software may turn out to be too expensive for your business like it does for many others. 

You can eliminate a significant portion of these expenses by turning to Drake tax software cloud hosting solutions. The cloud provider will take care of the expenses related to software deployment and maintenance as per the Drake hosting plan you have chosen. Besides this, you will also get round-the-clock customer support services – an affordable alternative to hiring IT professionals in-house. 

  • Impressive Software Performance

living in an age where computer usage is a part of our daily lives, we all know that our systems have limited computing resources. If we keep on adding more software to our computer, it will ultimately result in performance issues. The same happens when you have loaded a plethora of business applications, including Drake and others. The outcome will be work hindrances and decreased productivity. 

A simple solution to such performance issues is hosting Drake software on the cloud. Having Drake hosted on high-performance cloud servers means no performance lag. You can also choose a dedicated server for Drake software to experience incredible performance. 

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  • Disaster Recovery Benefits

Neither the occurrence of disasters nor their aftermath is in our hands. Natural disasters like earthquakes and floods can cause significant damage to various businesses, including the tax and accounting industry. Recovering data from the on-premise systems becomes next to impossible in such situations, leading to loss of clients and business reputation. 

You can stay prepared for such situations with the help of Drake hosting, which ensures replication of data in servers in multiple locations. Even if one server gets impacted by a disaster, retrieving data from another becomes easier with cloud hosting. 

Drake software hosting is a highly beneficial solution for tax professionals, with numerous features and benefits. If you have not switched to the cloud-hosted Drake software, do it today with Verito Technologies. 


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A Complete Guide to UltraTax CS Software

When you search for the best tax software available in the market, you will find UltraTax CS as one of the available options. Made by Thomson Reuters, UltraTax CS forms a part of the complete CS professional suite that the company offers. As an advanced tax software designed for professionals, it is most suited for larger firms that work on and file around 200-250 returns in a year. 


One of the reasons behind the popularity of UltraTax CS software is its multifaceted utility, used as a standalone application or in conjunction with other CS professional suite applications. Thomson Reuters continually releases newer versions of this software with enhanced features and benefits for tax professionals. 


Take the case of UltraTax CS Express 100, a scaled-down version of UltraTax CS software that Thomson Reuters has recently launched. It provides single-user access and the facility to prepare and file up to 100 returns. 


Also, UltraTax CS is highly compatible with Thomson Reuters’ other solutions, including Onvio cloud software and CS Professional Suite. You can integrate the software with these solutions to fulfill various tax workflow requirements. 

Why Choose UltraTax CS?

Using this advanced tax software for your organization, you can automate various tasks related to tax preparation. You can also use various other tools that come with this high-tech accounting software in its complete suite to save time and focus more on your organizational growth. 


Accessing a full line of federal, local, and state tax programs is often a cause of concern for many tax professionals. UltraTax CS can make it easy for you to access 1040 individual, 1120 corporate, 1041 estates and trusts, and even multi-state returns. This can be considered one reason behind its high online rating in the annual tax software reviews. 

Features of UltraTax CS 

With UltraTax CS software, you get numerous powerful features to manage your tax preparation and filing needs. Some of these features are as follows:


1. Multiple Monitor Support

One of the everyday hassles in a tax professional’s work life is the to and fro checking of forms, inputs, and other tax details. It takes a lot of time to review these aspects one by one when you can only have one screen. UltraTax CS covers this hassle by providing flexibility to check tax diagnostics, forms, and other details on four different monitors simultaneously.


2. Ease of Sharing Data Files

Another critical tax filing task that is time-consuming is to link 1065, the 1120S, or 1041 returns manually to the 1040 return. UltraTax CS software also caters to this aspect by automatically linking returns using Tax ID numbers. This way, you can save time and dedicate your efforts to other business goals.  


3. Quick Prep Checklist

It is quite a challenge in itself to gather data from the returns filed by your clients last year to prepare tax files for the current year. If you often feel overwhelmed with this redundant task, use UltraTax CS as it can help pull your client’s data instantly from the returns filed last year in pre-defined fields. 


4. Multi-State Tax Processing

Processing tax returns for clients belonging to different states is more complicated than having all clients from one state only. However, multi-state processing is also needed for you to grow your business. With an Apportionment grid and multi-state grid available with UltraTax CS, you can simplify the process to file tax returns for your diverse clients.


5. E-Filing Process Recording

With this accounting software, you can use e-filing tools that help monitor every step you follow while e-filing a tax return for your client. This way, you can reduce the chances of errors and ensure that the returns are filed correctly. 


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How Does UltraTax CS Software Work? 

UltraTax CS software helps tax professionals in the following ways:

  • It eliminates repetitive data entry tasks that are cumbersome and time-consuming, allowing you to prepare and file returns more accurately.
  • It is best suited to streamline tax workflow related to your business because of its compatible operations with Workpapers CS.
  • Its seamless integration with Onvio cloud software results in simplifying individual tax processes by delivering automated tax workflow.
  • It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easier for you to navigate through its features, making it a go-to software for small accounting firms. 
  • The categorical structure of UltraTax CS is immaculate and organized, with specific breakdowns to input taxpayers’ information.

All these functionalities make it highly useful for individual tax professionals or even big corporations.

Hosting Options for UltraTax CS

There are three ways you can follow in choosing hosting solutions for your UltraTax CS software:


1. Virtual Office CS

It is a cloud-based solution offered by the parent company, Thomson Reuters, that lets the users work on tax and accounting tasks remotely. You need not worry about the related in-house IT hassles with this version of UltraTax CS software.

For more information about Virtual Office CS, click here


2. SaaS for CS Professional Suite

Software as a Service or SaaS for CS professional suite is an online version of the entire CS suite, including Microsoft Office and Exchange. It is highly suitable when you want to scale the staffing levels up or down as needed. 


For more information about SaaS for CS professional suite, click here


3. UltraTax CS Hosting

It refers to third-party service providers’ cloud hosting solution to host licensed UltraTax CS software on cloud servers for their clients like you. You need not pay for the IT infrastructure or upgrades with UltraTax CS hosting, but only the hosting service charges along with the software license cost.


For more details about UltraTax CS Hosting, click here


Why Should You Choose UltraTax CS Hosting? 

Using the local-hosted UltraTax CS software does not facilitate you to access it on the go, which is a crucial requirement for all tax professionals in the current times. This is where UltraTax CS hosting plays a vital role – by hosting your UltraTax CS on the server owned by the cloud service providers. You can easily access the software from anywhere and support your clients in their urgent needs. 


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1. What is UltraTax CS?

It is a highly advanced tax compliance software that established accounting firms use to prepare and file tax returns for their diverse clientele. For best results, it is mainly paired with the other applications of CS Professional Suite. 


2. What is the cost associated with buying UItraTax CS software?

The basic UltraTax CS Express 100 starts from $2500 a year, including filing up to 100 individual tax returns (1040). On the other hand, you can also use UltraTax CS – the most popular plan with unlimited users and tax returns. To get the pricing, you need to request a quote. 


3. Is UltraTax software based on the cloud?

You can host UltraTax CS on the cloud using third-party cloud services. For best results, contact our cloud experts to discuss your needs.


4. Why do professional tax preparers use UltraTax CS software?

Tax professionals use UltraTax CS for all its features that make tax filing easier for them. It also helps them in filing taxes for multi-state clients. 


5. What are the benefits of hosting UltraTax CS on the cloud?

With UltraTax CS hosting services, you can access the software while traveling at any time using portable smart devices. Similarly, you can upgrade the hosting plan during the tax season to meet high demands from various clients. 

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Switching to TaxWise Hosting? Select Cloud Service Provider This Way

For all tax professionals, having the best suite of tax software is crucial for business success. TaxWise software is one such software they rely on to get helped in the tax filing process. The desktop version of TaxWise software is capable of streamlining e-filing and managing client documents digitally. It has its limitations in the current scenario where most businesses are transitioning towards cloud technology. 

The shift of accounting firms from desktop-hosted to cloud-hosted tax software is a significant transition happening in recent times. 

Using TaxWise on your local computer system and wondering if you can pair it up with the cloud technology? Indeed, it is possible when you go with TaxWise hosting services. Hosting TaxWise on the cloud means you can efficiently work on it from wherever you are. 

However, a crucial step towards switching to the cloud for TaxWise software is selecting a reliable cloud solution provider. If you are new to understanding the utility of the cloud, keep in mind the following factors while choosing a TaxWise hosting provider:

1. Cloud Transition Process

This is very important for tax professionals who only experience working on TaxWise’s desktop version. Since they do not know much about switching to the cloud, they are most likely to face troubles in migrating their data and software to a cloud server. 

If you are one such professional, you would want the hired cloud service provider to provide the necessary support in making this transition to the cloud. Hence, you must check for the transition support provided by such service providers before making any final decision. Also, check for the charges that they might ask for additional services, if any. By considering both these aspects, you will get a better idea of choosing such needs.

2. Data Security

For all tax professionals who use TaxWise software like you, the security of TaxWise data is a common concern when switching to the cloud. You want to confirm if their business-related data will stay safe and secure when hosted on a third-party cloud server. Asking about the security aspect is apparent. Any security lag may lead to the loss of data files, which can cause significant harm to your business.

Hence, you should consider various data security features at the time of hiring a cloud service provider. More particularly, you should ask about security measures in place, including enterprise-level firewalls, data encryption, multi-factor authentication, to name a few.

3. Add-on Integration

Many tax professionals prefer integrating various add-ons with TaxWise software to access more features. As a whole, the integration of add-ons helps make filing taxes more efficient for them. You might have heard of third-party add-ons that serve data conversion and time tracking needs. While some cloud solution providers allow integration of a limited number of add-ons, others do not offer this facility. 

Depending on your specific needs, you should ask a service provider explicitly about these benefits. If you are more comfortable working on TaxWise software integrated with several add-ons, its cloud-hosted version should also support your preference.

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4. Disaster Recovery and Backups

For your accounting business, TaxWise data is no less than a treasure that needs top-notch security. However, certain instances like a natural disaster often lead to unexpected data loss. The loss can be huge if the data is only stored in the local systems and nowhere else. With TaxWise hosting backed by cloud technology, you can safeguard the data to a great extent. Still, it would be best if you asked a cloud service provider for data backup provisions in case of an inevitable disaster. 

Reliable cloud solution providers provide disaster recovery facilities that help safeguard your data to keep the business up and running even in extreme situations. It would be best if you also ask about the duration for which you can retrieve lost data. 

At Verito Technologies, we offer 30-days rolling backup to all our clients.

5. SLA-Backed Uptime

SLA or Service Level Agreement refers to the document that defines specific terms and conditions related to a cloud provider’s service standards. Most cloud service providers share an SLA that includes the uptime guarantee you can expect with their services. It also covers the details about how you will be compensated in case the service providers fail to meet the service standards. 

Being a tax professional, you should carefully evaluate the SLA and check for the uptime guarantee before hiring a cloud service provider. In case you do not agree with any of the SLA terms, you can move on to find another cloud provider. 

6. TaxWise Hosting Pricing 

Different tax and accounting firms operate at different scales and have particular expectations from cloud solution providers. Depending on their clientele and operational needs, they look for TaxWise hosting services that fit well into their budget. It is where the pricing of cloud hosting plans matters for them. 

A top-notch cloud solution cannot benefit your business if you are unable to afford it. Hence, you should look for a TaxWise hosting solution provider who offers customizable pricing plans. This way, you can select a pricing plan that strikes a balance between your business needs and budget. 

The decision to select a cloud solution provider is, indeed, a crucial one for a tax professional. So, make sure you choose a service provider after carefully analyzing the related pros and cons. 

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Is Lacerte Software Based on Cloud

If you are in the accounting and tax preparation field, you might be using or have heard of Lacerte software. It is a desktop-based application powered by Intuit and has many features to help you streamline various tasks. With features like a comprehensive library of forms, tax law alerts, and error diagnosis, Lacerte tax software caters to individual taxpayers and businesses’ needs to manage their tax-filing processes. 

Since businesses of diverse kinds prefer intuit Lacerte, and there is growing cloud adoption, many users think Lacerte software is also cloud-based, which it is not. Lacerte tax software is a desktop application, which means you can only use all its features on a local computer system. While some cloud-based software offers features like remote access and team collaboration, Lacerte when hosted locally lacks these features.

However, you need not worry if you choose Lacerte backed by the cloud. The solution is – Lacerte tax software hosting. 

Wondering what Lacerte software hosting is? Read more.

What is Lacerte Tax Software Hosting?

Lacerte tax software hosting means selecting a reliable cloud hosting provider’s services to host Lacerte on the cloud. As a user, you or your team members will benefit from Lacerte software hosting in several ways. Let’s discuss the advantages of Lacerte hosting.

What Can You Expect from Lacerte Tax Software Hosting?

1. Anytime, Anywhere Software Access

It is relatively easy to understand how Lacerte hosting works – When you have this software configured on a local computer system, you can only access it when on that system. In most cases, such systems are installed in offices, which further limits access during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lacerte tax software hosting enables you to access your software and data hosted on the cloud from anywhere and anytime. You can use any Internet-connected device like a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to access the software. This way, as a user, you are not bound to the local office desktop to work for your clients. It will save your time commuting to the office to access cloud-hosted data and software.

This advantage of Lacerte hosting helps eliminate physical boundaries while continuing to sustain/grow your business during the current pandemic.

2. Easy Collaboration Between Team Members

Irrespective of the business type, business growth depends on collaboration between teams or within members of the same team. Lack of seamless collaboration because of local-hosted Lacerte software may create hurdles. However, you can easily overcome it with the help of Lacerte tax software hosting. 

Once you get the software hosted on the cloud server, you and your team members can collaborate on a single task simultaneously. If you have been using Lacerte software on your local computer, you might have faced issues with sending data to and fro in emails to access the last updated file. You can easily avoid this with Lacerte tax software hosting. 

With several individuals working on the same file on cloud-hosted Lacerte software, the information gets updated real-time. You can also keep track of the workflow through the centralized dashboard, which is highly essential during this challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

3. Easy to Scale Up or Down

When the data and software files increase, you need bigger storage and higher processing power of computing resources. The same holds when you switch to the cloud for Lacerte tax software hosting needs. But it is advantageous because you can ask for scaling up the cloud resources, be it RAM, number of users, or cloud storage space needed. Lacerte tax software hosting is advantageous when you need a scalable solution to fit the changing business requirements. 

When you switch to Lacerte hosting, you do not need to invest a significant amount in establishing or maintaining an in-house IT infrastructure. The cloud hosting provider you select will take care of such needs. With the ease of scalability and high performance of cloud-hosted Lacerte, you can focus more on growing your business to the next level.

4. Budget-Friendly Solution

Many tax and accounting professionals think of Lacerte tax software hosting to be a costlier alternative to local-hosted Lacerte, which it is not. Lacerte hosting on cloud servers does not require significant investment. You only need to pay for the resources you use without investing in hardware and IT equipment. Even when it is about getting dedicated customer support services, there is no need to hire in-house professionals. Another side of cost-saving lies in the reduced cost of traveling as cloud-hosted Lacerte can be accessed anywhere.

At Verito, we offer round-the-clock customer support services with our Lacerte tax software hosting solutions. 

5. Enhanced Data Security

When Lacerte software is hosted on a local system, users might not have several security measures implemented to keep the data safe. But with Lacerte hosting, you can benefit in terms of top-notch data security standards as well. Most of the cloud solution providers who offer Lacerte tax software hosting services invest in advanced security protocols, including firewalls, multi-level authentication, DDoS prevention mechanism, to name a few. 

All this helps in retrieving data in accidental data loss – a crucial need of every tax and accounting firm. 

Wrapping Up

Lacerte tax software hosting can solve many business-related hassles. Amidst the current times, making the most of such services is not a choice but a necessity. Switch to Lacerte hosting to gain a competitive edge in business. 

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Here’s How You Can Benefit from UltraTax CS Hosting

When you hear about UltraTax CS, you get to think of the entire CS professional suite from Thomson Reuters best suited for large accounting firms. But this software can also be used as a standalone tax compliance application for firms that work for diverse clients to prepare their tax returns. This software is mostly deployed on a desktop computer or laptop for use. But despite its various features, local system deployment limits its capability.

Wondering about the catch between these limitations and the term ‘UltraTax hosting’?

Well, there is. UltraTax hosting refers to an alternative method of software deployment in which it is not hosted on a local system but on remote cloud servers. It is just one side of the cloud technology, which is spreading its wings every year. As per The Future of the Cloud study, 83% of the enterprise workloads will switch to the cloud by 2020, with digitally-transforming enterprises leading this change. 

If you use UltraTax CS but have only heard about UltraTax CS hosting, it is time to dig deeper into its advantages to make your tax processes more efficient.

How Can Cloud Technology Change the Way You Use UltraTax CS?

1. Saves Time by Eliminating Time-Consuming Tasks

When using UltraTax CS software in the local-host configuration, you might be struggling with tasks that take a lot of time. For example, creating data entries manually and then duplicating them takes time and makes it difficult for tax professionals to focus on other important work. The loss of time increases further when this has to be done for several clients. 

With UltraTax hosting, you can eliminate the redundant daily tasks by updating the same file simultaneously in real-time. This way, you can easily update a single file without facing the need to create multiple files with repetitive entries. UltraTax hosting also helps in simplifying the file management process. 

2. Allows Multiple Users to Collaborate in Real-Time

Before we consider this aspect, imagine the current workplace scenario you get involved every day. You see several CPAs and tax professionals working on their systems, using UltraTax CS and several other software. One common concern that such professionals raise is the inability to collaborate, i.e., their local-hosted software not allowing them to work together. 

UltraTax hosting can eliminate this bottleneck in the tax industry. It enables tax preparers to share files and collaborate in real-time rather than sending the same file to and fro via conventional means. Even multiple authorised users can access the cloud-hosted UltraTax at the same time and access the files to work with each other. All they need is a reliable UltraTax hosting provider for cloud deployment. 

The best part is – you can access the software and data from anywhere in the world, being an authorised user. This is crucial in the current COVID scenario, where most people are looking for ways to work from home without hampering productivity. 

3. Makes it Easier to Scale the Resources Up or Down

Just like many other businesses, the pace of business does not stay the same for tax professionals. There are months when they can get the work done at relatively low speed. On the other hand, they need to stay back to get the tax preparation done for clients during tax season. Because of these workload variations, usage of UltraTax software also varies. Investing in in-house IT resources for non-perennial needs is not feasible for all businesses. It becomes difficult to upgrade or downgrade the resources as well. 

UltraTax hosting, on the other hand, makes things much easier for tax firms or CPAs. The ease of scaling the resources is what makes hosting UltraTax on the cloud a better alternative. Since the cost of UltraTax hosting depends on resource usage, you can save a significant amount in the non-tax seasons. It is the responsibility of cloud hosting provider to add or reduce IT resources/cloud servers to match your needs. 

In other words, the scalability of cloud resources is just a call away when you switch to UltraTax hosting. If you want to experience the benefits of cloud-hosted UltraTax CS software, contact us for a free trial.

4. Get an Edge over the Competition in Market

The tax industry has evolved over the years, and most organizations, small or big, want to hire professionals who can get the tax filing done most efficiently. Lack of adoption of the latest technology has made it difficult for many tax professionals to match the speed of work and stay competitive in the industry. 

If you are a tax professional, you would agree that it does not matter whether your computer is not working or there is a software issue. The clients want you to get the work done on time and help them with their tax preparation needs. Losing track of time because of redundant tasks at work or leaving urgent things untouched till the next work hours is not acceptable.

UltraTax hosting can give you the much-needed first-mover advantage. Since you can collaborate with your team in real-time no matter where they are, you make quick services available to your clients. Savings of time and effort by eliminating redundant tasks with the help of cloud can lead you towards the next level of business success. With UltraTax hosting, you can also ensure faster tax filing, with many tax forms accessible remotely in just a few clicks.

Wrapping It Up

Think of UltraTax hosting as the next-gen solution to many problems you face when at work. Whether you have recently started your journey as a tax professional or are running an established firm, you can grow your business financially by utilizing various UltraTax hosting advantages.

Want to know more about the steps to be followed to move the in-house setup to UltraTax hosting? Call our solution executive now.

About Verito Technologies

Verito Technologies provides fully-managed, turn-key cloud hosting solutions for all size companies. We host your favorite tax/accounting software on a dedicated cloud server backed by enterprise-grade security that is SOC2, PCI DSS, SSAE compliant, and our strategically located data centers offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Automated backups and a 24/7 support team provide complete peace of mind.

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Should You Switch to Tax Software Hosting during COVID-19?

The future is impossible to predict. The current COVID-19 pandemic is a perfect example of this fact. The disease has reached nearly every part of the world, affecting millions of lives across the globe. As of Nov 24, 2020, the WHO has confirmed more than 58 million Coronavirus cases.

Governments worldwide are recommending people stay indoors and work from home. With offices closed, technology has taken center stage for many businesses. More people than ever prefer online shopping and payment, use video tools for meetings, and share data over the Internet.

For tax professionals who rely on in-person meetings and office life, this has been a significant blow. Many firms are struggling to plan for the upcoming tax season amidst the pandemic. But there is a solution for them too – tax software hosting. It is a cloud-based tax solution which involves hosting tax application on cloud. 

What are the advantages of switching to tax application hosting? Let’s discuss.

1. No Need for Local Software Installation

Most tax software is installed on a local computer dedicated to a single employee of a firm. Given the current COVID situation with most people work remotely, this is neither feasible nor economically possible. 

As an alternative, tax professionals can utilize tax software hosting services. The chosen cloud solution provider is responsible for hosting, setup, and installing the software on their cloud. Tax software hosting on cloud lowers expenses related to local IT maintenance and support.

2. Remote Accessiblity

One of the main advantages of tax application hosting is accessing your tax software and data remotely, regardless of location or time. It is different from local-hosted software, which can only be accessed when you are in your office, near the computer system. 

Tax software hosting enables you to access data and software remotely, which is crucial until the COVID-19 disease recedes from the world. In case of urgent tax filing needs, you can work wherever and whenever needed, not worrying about office hours.

3. Top-Level Data Security

Hackers constantly seek opportunities to hack network security and access business-critical information. For tax professionals, this is a significant concern that requires considerable investment in maintaining in-house IT security. 

Tax software hosting ensures maximum data security. Your data and software are hosted on servers kept in state-of-the-art data centers, much safer than traditional local-hosted software usage. The cloud service providers also use high-tech security methods to ensure every bit of your data’s safety.

4. Enhanced Team Collaboration

While collaborating with team members for tax filing, professionals often make multiple copies of the same file and edit the same reports repeatedly. Such redundant tasks are time-consuming and impact productivity. 

Switch to tax software hosting to collaborate with teams for increased productivity. Think of cloud-hosted tax software as a common platform where multiple individuals can work on the same sheet. You can provide limited access to various team members based on their job role or team.

5. Easy Cloud Access on All Devices

When you have tax software installed on a local system, you can only use it on that system. Tax software is often designed for a specific OS like Windows, and tax professionals cannot access their software or data from other devices. 

If your tax filing work is suffering during the pandemic, it is time to switch to tax software hosting that enables multi-device compatibility. Whether it is ATX, Drake, Lacerte, or UltraTax, you can access tax software on the cloud using any computer system, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. This way, you can work on urgent tax filing needs regardless of the device you’re using.

6. Round-the-Clock Customer Support

Like any new technology, users may need quick customer support service to learn how to use it or resolve issues. As a tax professional who is new to utilizing tax application hosting benefits, you may also need support. 

With the right selection of a tax software hosting provider, you get 24×7 support for all hosting-related questions. You can contact the support team via call, email, or chat features. The ease of getting your problems resolved in less time helps prevent any work issues that would otherwise occur because of support delays.

7. Easy to Scale Resources

Tax season is like no other season for tax and accounting professionals. It involves rigorous work activities and tax preparation that requires maximum concentration. With tax software hosted on local systems, scalability requires upgrading each local system in terms of hardware compatibility to meet the demand and eliminate performance issues. This process can take a lot of time, effort, and investment. 

However, you can enjoy scalable cloud resources with tax software hosting in almost no time. Scalable Cloud solutions fit well with the tax business’s dynamic nature and help professionals succeed with the benefit of cloud computing.

8. Smooth Add-on Integrations

Tax software is built with advanced features for tax professionals; however, they often release add-ons to enhance their functionality. If you are using these add-ons with local-hosted tax software, you would also need them after switching to the cloud. 

There is no need to worry about add-on integration while moving to tax software hosting on cloud. Once your tax application is hosted on cloud, you can easily integrate the add-ons your business needs. Ask your cloud service provider for further details and processes about add-on integration.

Grow Your Business with Tax Software Hosting

In the current time of crisis, tax software hosting is an appropriate solution for tax professionals. The benefits of tax application hosting will make it easier for you to handle various clients’ tax files efficiently. If you want to learn more about how tax software hosting can help your business grow, connect with our team at 1-855-583-7486.

About Verito Technologies

Verito Technologies provides fully-managed, turn-key cloud hosting solutions for all size companies. We host your favorite tax/accounting software on a dedicated cloud server backed by enterprise-grade security that is SOC2, PCI DSS, SSAE compliant, and our strategically located data centers offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Automated backups and a 24/7 support team provide complete peace of mind.