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Before migrating your business data and applications to the cloud, you might want to understand different cloud computing models. In addition, you want to know whether this migration will help eliminate various hassles related to the on-premise IT setup. For instance, you might have found cloud hosting plans that allow you to select a shared or dedicated cloud server

What does private cloud mean, and is it suitable for your business? Let’s find out more here.  

What is a Private Cloud?

As a cloud computing model, private cloud involves dedicating a particular infrastructure to one organization/client. In other words, it is a cloud computing environment dedicated to a single customer. Depending on a company’s choice., it can be hosted within the on-premise IT infrastructure via a third-party colocation facility or a private cloud solution provider.  

In this case, your organization can operate the private cloud as if it is an on-premise infrastructure. As a result, it gives you better control over server configuration and data security. In addition, all the hardware, software, and computing resources allocated to your organization will be accessible only to you and your authorized team.

How Does a Private Cloud Work?

A private cloud is mainly called a single-tenant environment, meaning all the resources are accessible by one client/company. This remote access gives the companies a competitive advantage against competitors regarding data security. As a client, it is up to you to manage the cloud resources by yourself or outside the related tasks to a cloud service provider. 

It also involves the virtualization of hardware components to increase the efficiency of the underlying infrastructure. Once configured, a private cloud can span an organization’s global network and include multiple server locations. Besides this, you can use a private cloud under the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model to host business applications on the cloud.

Why Should You Use a Private Cloud?

With the help of the private cloud, it is possible for organizations – even in the most regulated industries, to benefit from the perks of cloud technology. This is achievable without having to sacrifice control, security, and customization. Some of the benefits of using a private cloud are:

  • Better security

The private cloud will be accessible only by authorized team members within your organization, increasing security benefits. It also reduces the risk of malicious traffic and provides better network, server, and application security control.

  • Unaffected performance

Since the underlying hardware will be dedicated for your use and not shared by multiple tenants, you can expect predictable workload performance.

  • Flexibility to customize cloud resources

With a private cloud, you can customize or configure the servers. You can even include as many add-ons as you want.

  • Fully compliant with regulatory standards

Specific regulations dictate where the data should be stored and computing should occur. In regions where the public cloud is not allowed, the private cloud becomes highly useful and complies with various standards. 

Differences between Public and Private Cloud

A public cloud differs from a private cloud being a multi-tenant cloud environment. Here, the same computing resources are shared among multiple clients – maybe hundreds of them. This model of cloud computing is quite analogous to how we buy various utility services like electricity, water, etc.

With public cloud computing, you must also sacrifice significant control over the cloud resources. On the other hand, the public cloud’s low-cost entry point and easy scalability can be considered beneficial for many businesses. Therefore, properly selecting a cloud computing model depends primarily on the specific business needs.

You can even combine public and private clouds to set up a multi-cloud environment.

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