Switch to CCH ProSystem fx Tax Software for These 5 Exclusive Features

CCH ProSystem fx Tax Software Features

CCH ProSystem fx is a comprehensive on-premise solution loved by tax firms working at various scales. It helps in automating the tax workflow with its robust tax accounting and audit solutions. It is also a part of the CCH ProSystem fx suite and works well with other applications, including ProSystem fx Document, Fixed Assets, Scan, to name a few.


Although CCH ProSystem fx Tax software is quite popular amongst professionals, those new to automating the tax process often ask several questions about it. These include:


  1. How can I use CCH ProSystem fx tax software?
  2. What can I do with the CCH ProSystem fx software suite?
  3. How much does the CCH ProSystem fx Tax software cost?
  4. How is CCH ProSystem fx hosting better than using it on the cloud?


If you want to use CCH ProSystem fx tax software for maximum advantages, given below are five features of this software you must know about:


  • Worksheets and Interview Forms


CCH ProSystem fx Tax software comes with the interview forms and worksheets, which the users can benefit from while filing returns. Most users look at these forms for the ease of filling the tax-related information in a specified format. You can also use the ‘look-up’ feature for data auto-filling. 


  • Included Tax Forms to Choose From


As per the recent survey conducted by the Journal of Accountancy, the CCH ProSystem fx suite came up as the best tax solution for a mid-size firm. Its core strength lies in the availability of various types of tax forms. This software covers tax forms like 1042, 1040, 990, and 1120, and many others used to file state, country, and federal tax returns. 


  • Advanced Diagnostics


The errors made while filing tax returns can cause significant troubles for any organization, so it is essential to identify and correct them. The CCH ProSystem fx Tax’s Diagnostics feature caters to this aspect and helps review tax returns. It identifies any incorrect data entered and lists it under different number codes.


  • Multiple Types of Interactive Reports


CCH ProSystem fx Tax software has five types of interactive reports, namely Overrides, Diagnostics, Input Overrides, Estimates, and Reversed Tick Marks. You can use these reports to identify inconsistencies in the tax returns. These reports also highlight the field to be corrected along with the error message. 


  • Database Maintenance Tool


Using this tool, you can work on the system rebuild and check for all the client files you worked on using the software. This rebuild usually takes some time and is recommended twice every month during the tax season. 


You can also register for the CCH ProSystem fx Tax demonstration here


Why Switch to ProSystem Hosting?


CCH ProSystem fx Tax software is predominantly used in the desktop environment, installed on local computer systems. However, it can be moved to a cloud server with the help of ProSystem hosting provider to combine its powerful features with cloud technology.


By hosting CCH ProSystem fx Tax software on the cloud, you can:


  • Access it remotely from anywhere as per your convenience
  • Access the application from the device of your choice – smartphone, tablet, or a laptop
  • Allow your team members to work on the same tax files simultaneously
  • Edit the tax files on the go 
  • Ensure protection of data from unauthorized access or cyberattacks
  • Integrate various add-ons with CCH ProSystem fx Tax
  • Ask for round-the-clock support for the resolution of hosting-related issues


CCH ProSystem fx hosting is a way to enhance the software’s functionality and allow you to use its features for maximum benefits. Start your ProSystem fx hosting free trial today with us!


To learn more about ProSystem hosting and its benefits for your business, call us at 1-855-583-7486. 

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