Top Benefits of QuickBooks with Cloud Hosting You Cannot Ignore

Top Benefits of QuickBooks with Cloud Hosting

Automating various accounting needs is critical for almost every business these days. This requires selecting the right accounting software and utilizing it for maximum benefits. QuickBooks is a synonym for the ‘best accounting software’, trusted by business owners from different industries across the globe. 


Although this advanced software does not need any introduction to CPAs and accounting software, there is one aspect that many people need clarification. It is about hosting QuickBooks on the cloud server. Some of the common questions people ask about QuickBooks cloud hosting are:


  • Can I host my QuickBooks desktop software on the cloud?
  • How much does it cost to host QuickBooks on a cloud server?
  • How can I get a backup of QuickBooks files on the cloud?
  • Does QuickBooks have cloud storage?
  • Why should I switch to QuickBooks hosting from a desktop environment?


If you have similar questions in your mind, let’s take through the benefits of using QuickBooks with cloud hosting.


Benefits of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting For Your Accounting Business


  • Remote software access
  • 24×7 expert support
  • Ease of collaboration between teams/team members
  • Reduced risk of data loss
  • Maximum uptime 


Let’s talk about each of these benefits in detail.


  • Remote software access


Hosting QuickBooks on cloud gives more control and power into the hands of its users. It allows them to manage their accounting tasks on the go. Furthermore, they can access the QB files using Internet-connected devices from anywhere without installing the software on their systems first. This is highly useful in the remote-working environment led by the Covid-19 pandemic. 


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With remote QuickBooks access, you need not delay urgent accounting tasks till the next working day. Instead, you can get them done at your convenience.  


  • 24×7 expert support


Accountants who are not tech-savvy are more likely to face technical problems associated with cloud-hosted QuickBooks. Since they cannot resolve the issues independently, they need a helping hand from professionals for quick fixes. 


QuickBooks cloud hosting providers invest in a dedicated team of client support specialists to offer 24×7 support services. This will help you manage business operations seamlessly without facing any difference in the interface of QuickBooks hosted on cloud or desktop. 


  • Ease of collaboration between teams/team members


QuickBooks software backed by the power of cloud hosting enables collaboration between team members. You and your teammates can work on the same QB files simultaneously, which will ultimately improve productivity and save your precious time. 


This collaboration is not limited to working in the same cabin at your workplace. Each of the team members can work together even if they are spread across different geographical locations. This way, everyone can be on the same page and not create multiple versions of the same data files.


  • Reduced risk of data loss


As a business owner, it is your priority to keep the accounting data safe from possible security breaches which can arise from external attacks or within the local infrastructure. 


QuickBooks cloud hosting is a brilliant solution that can ensure the safety of your data. Your licensed QuickBooks software and files are protected with stringent security measures to prevent unauthorized access when hosted on a dedicated cloud server


  • Maximum uptime 


Local-hosted software often faces significant downtime during regular upgrades or technical glitches. The longer this downtime becomes, the higher is the risk of financial and reputational loss. As software availability holds significant value for the users, most cloud service providers maintain a higher server uptime of around 99.9%. 


By joining hands with Verito Technologies, you can get access to cloud-hosted QuickBooks software with 99.995% SLA-backed uptime.


If you have been managing your company accounts using QuickBooks, we suggest switching to the cloud to avoid worries related to data security, collaboration, and remote access. Get in touch with our hosting experts at 1-855-583-7486.

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