What Is A Green Data Center?

A green data center is a place where data is stored, managed, and dissimilated. It is basically designed for the large systems that are dedicated to maximize efficiency and reduce environmental impact. To maintain and run a green data center, advanced technologies and strategies are required.

Green data centers are entirely built on the principles of green computing. It is similar to a typical data center but uses less energy and is environment-friendly too.

How to host Green Data Centers?

  1. A green data center utilizes outside air to cool itself instead of using chilled water. This helps in reducing the heat production. In addition, the chiller operation of the compressor is minimized.
  2. The UPS of a green data center saves up to 99 percent of energy. Thus, reducing the heat production and maximizing user output. High-efficiency UPS is fruitful for a green data center.
  3. The motor installed in a green data center is a DC motor, which lets the user take control of the rotational speed. This again minimizes the generation of heat and consumption of power.
  4. The top area of the rack is affected by the hot air recirculation and to avoid that cold aisle containments are designed. These eliminate the hot spots and separate cold aisle and hot aisle, preventing the mixing of hot and cold air.
  5. A demand-based cooling procedure is another way to maintain a green data center. Demand-based cooling modulates the temperature and avoids the energy wastage.

Mostly green data centers are ready to use by the users. Green data centers ensure less carbon footprint to help the environment stay cleaner and greener.

Benefits of green data centers:

We have already discussed some benefits of green data centers. Let us see how else a green data center is beneficial for the environment, workforce, and society.

  1. Turns off the unused/dead servers: Data center allocates space required for servers and then some extra space is allocated to manage the expansion. In the process, there are times when idle server space is created. A green data center eliminates such space. This lowers the energy consumption and cost of maintenance.
  2. Power on demand reduces the power expenditure completely. Usually, data centers cost too much owing to the cost of power. Constant monitoring allows the green data centers to use the required amount of power only.
  3. Storage consolidation helps normal data centers to become green data centers.
  4. The organizations presume that they need one server each to host one piece of software. Software management system helps in server virtualization, which hosts a number of software on the same server.

It is a little expensive to build and maintain a green data center but in a long run, cost savings can be realized. The cost of operation and maintenance reduces to the minimum in a long run. The major advantage of a green data center is that it is environment-friendly. Plus, it forms a healthy and comfortable work environment for the employees.

Slowly, as people are becoming aware, the demand for green data centers is increasing. Everyone in the industry wants to participate and bring in the big change. There are certain monetary incentives being given away by the government to encourage businesses to adopt the good change.

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