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If you are in the accounting and tax preparation field, you might be using or have heard of Lacerte software. It is a desktop-based application powered by Intuit and has many features to help you streamline various tasks. With features like a comprehensive library of forms, tax law alerts, and error diagnosis, Lacerte tax software caters to individual taxpayers and businesses’ needs to manage their tax-filing processes. 

Since businesses of diverse kinds prefer intuit Lacerte, and there is growing cloud adoption, many users think Lacerte software is also cloud-based, which it is not. Lacerte tax software is a desktop application, which means you can only use all its features on a local computer system. While some cloud-based software offers features like remote access and team collaboration, Lacerte when hosted locally lacks these features.

However, you need not worry if you choose Lacerte backed by the cloud. The solution is – Lacerte tax software hosting. 

Wondering what Lacerte software hosting is? Read more.

What is Lacerte Tax Software Hosting?

Lacerte tax software hosting means selecting a reliable cloud hosting provider’s services to host Lacerte on the cloud. As a user, you or your team members will benefit from Lacerte software hosting in several ways. Let’s discuss the advantages of Lacerte hosting.

What Can You Expect from Lacerte Tax Software Hosting?

1. Anytime, Anywhere Software Access

It is relatively easy to understand how Lacerte hosting works – When you have this software configured on a local computer system, you can only access it when on that system. In most cases, such systems are installed in offices, which further limits access during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lacerte tax software hosting enables you to access your software and data hosted on the cloud from anywhere and anytime. You can use any Internet-connected device like a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to access the software. This way, as a user, you are not bound to the local office desktop to work for your clients. It will save your time commuting to the office to access cloud-hosted data and software.

This advantage of Lacerte hosting helps eliminate physical boundaries while continuing to sustain/grow your business during the current pandemic.

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2. Easy Collaboration Between Team Members

Irrespective of the business type, business growth depends on collaboration between teams or within members of the same team. Lack of seamless collaboration because of local-hosted Lacerte software may create hurdles. However, you can easily overcome it with the help of Lacerte tax software hosting. 

Once you get the software hosted on the cloud server, you and your team members can collaborate on a single task simultaneously. If you have been using Lacerte software on your local computer, you might have faced issues with sending data to and fro in emails to access the last updated file. You can easily avoid this with Lacerte tax software hosting. 

With several individuals working on the same file on cloud-hosted Lacerte software, the information gets updated real-time. You can also keep track of the workflow through the centralized dashboard, which is highly essential during this challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

3. Easy to Scale Up or Down

When the data and software files increase, you need bigger storage and higher processing power of computing resources. The same holds when you switch to the cloud for Lacerte tax software hosting needs. But it is advantageous because you can ask for scaling up the cloud resources, be it RAM, number of users, or cloud storage space needed. Lacerte tax software hosting is advantageous when you need a scalable solution to fit the changing business requirements. 

When you switch to Lacerte hosting, you do not need to invest a significant amount in establishing or maintaining an in-house IT infrastructure. The cloud hosting provider you select will take care of such needs. With the ease of scalability and high performance of cloud-hosted Lacerte, you can focus more on growing your business to the next level.

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4. Budget-Friendly Solution

Many tax and accounting professionals think of Lacerte tax software hosting to be a costlier alternative to local-hosted Lacerte, which it is not. Lacerte hosting on cloud servers does not require significant investment. You only need to pay for the resources you use without investing in hardware and IT equipment. Even when it is about getting dedicated customer support services, there is no need to hire in-house professionals. Another side of cost-saving lies in the reduced cost of traveling as cloud-hosted Lacerte can be accessed anywhere.

At Verito, we offer round-the-clock customer support services with our Lacerte tax software hosting solutions. 

5. Enhanced Data Security

When Lacerte software is hosted on a local system, users might not have several security measures implemented to keep the data safe. But with Lacerte hosting, you can benefit in terms of top-notch data security standards as well. Most of the cloud solution providers who offer Lacerte tax software hosting services invest in advanced security protocols, including firewalls, multi-level authentication, DDoS prevention mechanism, to name a few. 

All this helps in retrieving data in accidental data loss – a crucial need of every tax and accounting firm. 

Wrapping Up

Lacerte tax software hosting can solve many business-related hassles. Amidst the current times, making the most of such services is not a choice but a necessity. Switch to Lacerte hosting to gain a competitive edge in business. 

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