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Tax preparation is an essential part of managing finances for both individuals and businesses. To automate this need, people look for the most efficient software to make tax preparation and filing easier. This is where Lacerte tax software from Intuit plays a vital role. 

If you are new to using Intuit Lacerte, this complete guide is meant for you.

What is Lacerte Software?

Lacerte is an all-inclusive tax preparation application that helps individual taxpayers and businesses simplify their tax filing process. Based on the specific needs of different users, Lacerte comes with personalized packages, be it Lacerte Unlimited Modules, Lacerte REP, or Lacerte 200 Federal 1040.

Whether the tax returns are complex or straightforward, Lacerte software has been designed with features to help get things done efficiently. It is also a good fit for both small and large accounting firms, as it can handle a wide range of return types. 

In terms of utility, Lacerte is an on-premise application that needs to be installed on a local computer before use. If you want remote access to Lacerte, you need to switch to Lacerte hosting with the help of a cloud solution provider.

Primary Features of Lacerte Tax Software

Lacerte is one of the most popular tax software amongst firms of all sizes because of its feature list, as given below:

Form Library 

Lacerte software supports more than 5,700 forms, including K-1s, multi-state, and many others. Other tax form modules you get with this software include 1041, 1040, 1120, 1065, 709, 990, 706, and 5500, which helps accounting firms cater to the needs of their diverse clients. 

The software also supports direct tax data importing into the Schedule D form from Excel/CSV files, which further helps in eliminating manual data entry. 

Intuitive Interface

Lacerte has been designed by keeping in mind the complications involved in the tax filing process. Its unique interface consists of customizable columns, worksheet-based design, and quick access to necessary tools to make the tax filing process fast and hassle-free.

Missing Client Data Tool

Accounting firms often come across situations where they need to track down client data and manually ask for missing information for tax preparation. Missing Client Data tool in the Intuit Lacerte software targets this specific need by identifying fields with missing information and sending requests to the clients to provide the required details/documents.

This in-built tool saves time and automates the tax filing process to manage and maintain a seamless workflow.


With E-Signature, you can collect approvals and agreements from your clients digitally. Consider it an IRS-approved method of obtaining client signatures on tax forms, invoices, and other documents. It also ensures secure data transfer with the help of 256-bit encryption.

Error Diagnostics

Lacerte tax software is known amongst its users for its capability to catch errors and omissions with the help of 25,000 extensive diagnoses. As a tax preparer, you can quickly jump from the error screen to the input fields to make corrections in the form. It also provides automated calculations that help in preventing IRS rejections.

Trial Balance Utility 

As the name suggests, Trial Balance Utility comes with features that help save time during the trial balance process. As a tax preparer, it helps modify journal entries, develop charts for accountants, and review trial balance reports. It also saves a trial balance sheet of each year for quick reference. 

While these are some of the most valuable features of Lacerte, you can use many other features with this tax software. Given below is a feature table that covers several features of Lacerte based on their utility.

Utility Lacerte Features
Performance and Integration
  • Unique interface
  • Reliable multi-user experience
  • QuickBooks Accountant Integration
  • On-Screen guidance
  • Integrated e-filing for individual and business form sets
  • Expanded e-filing for all open years
  • E-signature plus payments
  • E-organizer
  • Multiple filings per client
  • Simultaneous e-filing for several users
Data Accessing
  • Jump to Input
  • PDFs by email
  • PDF bookmarks
  • Lacerte client portals
Downloads and Diagnostics
  • Financial institution download
  • Schedule D import wizard
  • Calculations and diagnostics
Utilities and Tools 
  • Trial balance utility
  • Missing Client Data utility
  • Tax analysis and planning tools
  • K-1 transfer
  • Intuit Link
  • Financial transaction summary

For more details about Lacerte features, click here

Workflow Add-ons of Lacerte Software

You can also include various integrated add-ons to benefit from optimized tax workflow. These include:

  • eSignature Plus Payments
  • Intuit Practice Management
  • Intuit Link

Difference between Lacerte and ProSeries

Both Lacerte and ProSeries are tax software offered by Intuit. They are desktop-based tax software that caters to various tax preparation and filing needs of accounting firms. Besides the similarities between the two, there are many differences that make them unique and suitable for a specific type of user. 

The following table covers the differences between ProSeries and Lacerte tax software:

Features  Lacerte  ProSeries
Available number of forms 5700 3700
Error check diagnostics 25,000 1,000
Integrated e-filing feature Available NA
OfficeTools integration support Yes Yes
Interface type Worksheet based Form based
Schedule D Excel import support Yes No
Personalised reports Yes No
Billing clock No Yes

Both the software help taxpayers in simplifying the tax filing tasks. It is advisable to consider the similarities and differences between Lacerte and ProSeries software to make an informed choice.

Why Use Lacerte for Tax Preparation?

Here’s how individuals and accounting firms benefit from using Lacerte tax software:

  • Fast, secure tax preparation process involved
  • Worksheet design that facilitates faster input
  • Deep forms set features that assist in preparing complex tax returns
  • Easy to identify errors using advanced diagnostics
  • Access to online tax resources to stay abreast with the latest tax policies

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Lacerte Software Pricing

Lacerte software pricing is based on the three special feature packages as given below:

  • Lacerte 200 Federal 1040
  • Lacerte Unlimited Modules
  • Lacerte REP (Fast Path Only)

For complete Lacerte pricing information, click here.  

Why Host Lacerte on Cloud?

Using Lacerte in a desktop environment limits its utility. However, you can make the most of its features by switching to Lacerte software hosting. It is the process that combines the powerful features of this software with that of cloud technology.

With Lacerte software hosting, you can:

  • Prepare and file taxes from anywhere
  • Collaborate with your team members from remote locations
  • Enjoy 99.995% uptime
  • Benefit from unlimited user access
  • Integrate other software like QuickBooks, OfficeTools, etc.
  • Enjoy the advantages of disaster recovery
  • Scale the hosting plan up or down as per your needs
  • Save money and pay as you go

To start your free trial of Lacerte hosting, click here

Lacerte FAQs

What is Lacerte?

Lacerte is a tax preparation and filing application offered by Intuit. It helps businesses and individual taxpayers in filing their tax returns without hassles. 

Is Lacerte an Intuit product?

Yes. Lacerte software is offered by Intuit – a leading financial software company. 

Is UltraTax software better than Lacerte?

When you start using any of this software, make sure you compare its features and benefits to make the right decision.

How can I benefit from Lacerte hosting?

Lacerte hosting, also known as Lacerte on cloud, will benefit you from accessing the software remotely. It also provides enhanced data security, better collaboration between teams, and easy integration with other accounting software.

How to update Lacerte when it is hosted on the cloud?

Once you have switched to Lacerte software hosting, the hired cloud solution provider will perform automatic software updates. 

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