Is Remote Work Going to be the New Normal for Accounting Firms?

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What comes to mind when you think of remote work? 

Of course, your answer will vary depending on your line of work. For accounting firms, remote work often boils down to working late or during weekends when there is an urgent need for a client. Tax season comes to mind when we think of remote work. The pace and amount of work during this time often requires late hours and long weekends.

COVID-19 has changed the face of remote work for businesses. As a global pandemic, it came overnight and quickly spread across the globe, pushing firms to switch to a remote work environment. Our homes became our offices in almost no time. There seems to be no division between office hours and downtime. 

Particularly for accounting firms, a remote work environment has been highly advantageous. Formalizing remote work programs and having all business applications hosted on cloud has revealed itself as an unprecedented solution. 

If your accounting firm was cloud-enabled before the pandemic, you must be grateful for the smooth transition to fully remote work.

The next big question you might have in mind, like many other accounting professionals, is – 

‘How long will remote accounting continue?’

We do not know when the pandemic will end. However, you should take specific steps to adapt to the new normal amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.

Making the Most of Evolution to Sustain Accounting Business

Every cloud has a silver lining, even the Coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic has created a unique situation that has forced companies to evolve. The only constant in the face of unprecedented events is change and the need for adaptability. Switching to a remote work environment went from optional to a necessity for accounting firms looking to survive and thrive. Whether it is QuickBooks or Sage hosted on the cloud, accounting software hosting for businesses is the need of the hour. 

Making Remote Environment Work for Accounting Firms

If you closely look at how CPAs work for their clients, you will realize the in-person meeting was just a small part of client interactions. The biggest challenge has been the lack of awareness about transitioning to a remote environment. 

Many small accounting firms that weren’t adequately prepared to make this transition have faced significant challenges. They have faced issues supporting the new normal work environment, including the provisions of necessary IT resources for each team member. 

Cloud solutions have worked as the binding force for accounting team members in diverse firms. With accounting software and data hosted on the cloud, they can easily collaborate on various tasks and work simultaneously on the same cloud platform. Cross-device compatibility is yet another advantage. They can easily access their software and business-critical data using any device, such as a local computer, laptop, or smartphone. The data stored on the cloud servers can be accessed remotely from anywhere, eliminating the need for team members to meet in person to work together on the same files.

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What’s in Cloud Technology for the Present and Beyond?

Cloud hosting has become synonymous with remote work. 

Whether the COVID-19 pandemic lasts for a few more months or beyond, there is a pressing need for a cloud-driven work environment for accounting businesses. The old-school method of data transfer or email from one accountant to another had a direct, negative impact on work productivity. 

Cloud technology can go a long way even when things become normal again. Once you have migrated accounting software and data from in-house computers to the cloud, you can directly benefit from it in the post-pandemic world. Cloud hosting enables team members to work remotely whenever needed, collaborate on tasks, and ensure high work productivity by eliminating redundant tasks. 

As a whole, the importance of cloud technology for accounting firms is not time-dependent but universal.

Switching to the Cloud for Enhanced Data Security

Imagine losing all the accounting data you have stored in your computer system or laptop. There are situations like hard disk crash or software failure when you cannot get it back. 

With cloud technology, keeping your data safe and secure is the responsibility of the cloud providers. They utilize high-tech security methods to provide protection against cyberattacks and ensure all-time access whenever you want. Regular data backups minimize data loss in case of disasters. 

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If your accounting firm has moved to cloud technology, you might be enjoying the new way of working without any hassles. Selecting cloud-based solutions provides remote working opportunities for you and your workforce without geographical limitations. 

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