Why Should You Host QuickBooks on a Dedicated Server

Why Should You Host QuickBooks on a Dedicated Server - Verito Technologies

Various types of businesses, big or small, use QuickBooks accounting software for its comprehensive features and benefits. However, when it is about hosting QuickBooks on cloud, they have several doubts in their minds, which often confuse them to select the right cloud solution provider. One of the most common options is choosing a shared cloud server for QuickBooks hosting needs. A shared server is so named because several clients like you share the resources of a server.

However, if you are looking forward to exercising more control over the hosted applications and data, you need a dedicated server. By choosing a dedicated server to host QuickBooks on cloud, you get the exclusive rights to use that server’s resources. The cloud service provider will ensure that you enjoy maximum uptime with the hosted QuickBooks. Alongside, there are several advantages of selecting dedicated QuickBooks hosting over shared hosting for your business needs. 

Let’s dig deeper into such benefits to help you understand them better.

1. Freedom From Security Concerns

For most businesses, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought security risks into the picture, making it essential for users to ensure data security even if it is hosted on the cloud. With business workflows changing considerably, it might be challenging to facilitate secure access to data and applications within the remote work environment. 

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Choosing a dedicated server to host QuickBooks on cloud implies a reduced risk of data theft or cyber threats. Reliable QuickBooks hosting providers make significant investments in deploying a highly secure cloud environment for their clients. Whether it is end-to-end encryption, network monitoring, or intrusion detection, robust security measures associated with a dedicated cloud server make it easier to maintain threat-free operations, particularly in these Covid times. 

2. Enhanced Application Performance

With multiple clients sharing the same server, the availability of server resources for you may become a concern quite frequently. The reason is quite simple – if any of the clients who have their data hosted on a shared server consumes more bandwidth than expected, it will result in a bandwidth crunch for others. Ultimately, this will most likely result in performance degradation.

Dedicated QuickBooks hosting, as the name suggests, means other clients will not share your server. The computing resources you choose will be available for use to fulfill your business needs only. This will ultimately result in the glitch-free performance of cloud-hosted QuickBooks. Regarding the uptime of QuickBooks on cloud, you should check the server uptime backed by SLA provided by your cloud service provider. 

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3. Integration of QuickBooks Add-ons

When you use QuickBooks accounting software, you may also require certain additional functionalities not supported by this software. To add value to its feature set, you can add QuickBooks add-ons like eBility, Quotient, etc., and use the additional features to fulfill your business objectives. The addition of QuickBooks add-ons may face limits in the desktop environment because of the system configuration.

If your work-related tasks are such that you have to use QuickBooks with add-ons, a dedicated QuickBooks server will be the right choice for you. Based on the selected cloud server configuration, you can easily add as many add-ons as you want with QuickBooks on cloud. Since the virtual memory is not shared with any other business, you get enough memory to accommodate these add-ons without facing any issues. 

4. Ease of QuickBooks File Storage

As a Quickbooks user, you might have gone through situations where you had to save several copies of QB files at different systems as per client needs. Even after you have delivered the files to your clients, you might be keeping them saved locally, wondering if they would be of any use later. There is also a greater risk of losing locally-stored QuickBooks files. 

With a dedicated server chosen to host QuickBooks on cloud, you can keep such worries at bay. You can store all the files on the cloud without having to keep a local copy alongside. This way, you can save time that would otherwise be spent creating and managing several copies of the same QB file. As a result, you can focus more on accounting tasks and business growth. 

5. Ensured Business Continuity

Client satisfaction is one of the essential elements required for business growth. Particularly if you run an accounting firm and deal with diverse clients simultaneously, ensuring that all your clients are happy with your service often becomes a tough nut to crack. This also requires continued operations without break or downtime. 

Dedicated QuickBooks hosting also means you can work for your clients from wherever you are. In other words, it becomes easy to maintain the continuity of business operations when backed by cloud technology. 

Choose Dedicated QuickBooks Server to Get a Competitive Edge

QuickBooks hosted on cloud can be why your consistent growth in the current pandemic times ahead of your competitors. You can get a high-performance cloud infrastructure with cloud services, otherwise an expensive proposition for any business. 

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