Cloud FAQs: Should You Switch to UltraTax Virtual Office?

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UltraTax is a powerful tax software used by accountants and tax preparers. The best part about using this feature-rich software is that it can help you automate the tax preparation process related to your business. In addition, you get access to the full line of federal, local, and state tax programs, such as 1120 corporate, 1040 individual, and many others. It also integrates seamlessly with other solutions offered by Thomson Reuters – its parent company. All its features and benefits had again led to a five-star rating of UltraTax by CPA Practice Advisor in 2020. 


While everything is going well and tax professionals are happy with using UltraTax CS software, what’s the buzz about switching from UltraTax CS to UltraTax Virtual Office? Have you heard about making the cloud transition to UltraTax Virtual Office?


Let’s get into the details to help you understand the right way to use this software. 


What is Virtual Office CS?


Virtual Office CS is a cloud-based environment provided by Thomson Reuters to their clients to do the accounting and tax-related work from anywhere. Virtual Office CS can provide you with:


  • Remote access to CS Professional Suite, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft Office software
  • Round-the-clock web access to the software and data
  • Reduced IT burden
  • Improved business continuance
  • Regular maintenance and data backups
  • Ease of working from home


Let’s dig deeper.


Difference between UltraTax CS and Virtual Office CS

UltraTax CS Virtual Office CS
Flexibility multi-monitor setup Remote access to CS Professional  Suite from client locations, home, or anywhere else
Can only be used when the user is in a local-hosted setup unless hosted on a cloud server Ease of flexible work time for your employees or teammates 
Manual data backups required Automatic backups to save your latest data in case of hardware damage
Additional maintenance costs involved Reduced cost related to the maintenance of software, hardware, and server installed in-house
Basic – UltraTax CS Express 100 priced at $2,500 per year* Custom pricing available


Disclaimer: The information used in the comparison table above has been taken from the Thomson Reuters website.


How is Virtual Office CS Different from UltraTax CS Hosting?


This is a common question that many tax professionals and CPAs ask while switching to a cloud-hosted environment. You should know the difference between Virtual Office CS and hosting your UltraTax CS software on the cloud to make an informed decision.


On the one hand, Virtual Office CS provides you with the cloud benefits for the entire CS Professional Suite, including UltraTax CS. You get this facility directly from the software’s maker – Thomson Reuters, which does not require collaboration with a third-party cloud service provider. While using Virtual Office CS, you need not buy the license of UltraTax CS separately. 


On the other hand, UltraTax hosting is a joint effort between you (a software user or buyer) and a cloud solution provider. You buy an UltraTax CS software license to get it installed on your computer system. But instead, you hire a cloud service provider to host the software on a dedicated server. In simple terms, hiring a cloud hosting provider to host UltraTax CS on the cloud will cost you an additional amount above the software license purchase.


Which One to Choose – UltraTax CS Hosting or Virtual Office CS?


There is no one-size-fits-all answer possible for this question. Different tax professionals have different needs based on which they select a software version – local-hosted or cloud-hosted. Although you may see a thin line differentiating Virtual Office CS from UltraTax CS hosting, it is essential to know these differences before deciding. 


The decision is all yours!


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