A Complete Guide to UltraTax Virtual Office CS

Guide to UltraTax Virtual Office CS

For accountants and CPA firms handling multiple clients for their tax preparation needs, UltraTax CS software is nothing new. They use this feature-rich software to automate the process of tax preparation followed within their organizations. If you also use this software, you might know its full line of local, federal, and state tax programs and five-star online rating. However, the following related buzzword is UltraTax Virtual Office CS. 

You might have heard your peers switching to UltraTax Virtual Office CS as an alternative to the desktop-hosted UltraTax CS software. The questions that arise are –

  • Is UltraTax Virtual Office CS suitable for your business?
  • How is UltraTax Virtual Office CS better than its desktop version?
  • Is UltraTax cloud-based?

Before making the required switch, you must look into the details and get the correct answers. Let us help you know more about UltraTax Virtual Office CS.

What is UltraTax Virtual Office CS?

UltraTax CS is a part of the CS Professional Suite offered by Thomson Reuters. Hence, UltraTax Virtual Office CS refers to accessing UltraTax software in a cloud environment managed and maintained by Thomson Reuters. In addition, Virtual Office CS provides access to different segments of this all-inclusive suite, including accounting, tax management, payroll solutions, document management, and more.

The above explanation might have made you think – ‘Is UltraTax Virtual Office CS and UltraTax CS hosting the same thing?’

The truth is – they are similar but not the same. So let’s get into the details.

UltraTax Virtual Office Vs. Third-Party Tax Software Hosting

Accessing UltraTax Virtual Office CS simply means using Virtual Office CS that already included UltraTax CS software. This cloud-backed facility is provided directly by Thomson Reuters themselves. In other words, when you choose UltraTax Virtual Office CS, you need not buy the license for UltraTax CS software separately.

On the other hand, selecting a third-party tax software hosting solution for UltraTax CS seems like a better alternative. It is because you hire a cloud hosting provider to host your licensed software on their dedicated server. While hosting UltraTax software on third-party servers may sound different than Virtual Office CS in terms of pricing, it is more affordable and you will benefit from better control over the server usage, remote accessibility, and enhanced security. In other words, UltraTax hosting adds more flexibility to the work environment. 

Verito’s cloud solutions to host UltraTax software are known in the industry for the value they offer. If you want to switch from UltraTax Virtual Office to our dedicated cloud servers, connect with us here

Other Benefits of Using UltraTax Virtual Office CS

  • Ease of doing your tax and accounting work remotely from your home
  • Ease of running the full line of CS Professional Suite programs remotely
  • Automated backups to save the latest data and keep it secure
  • Operational cost savings

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How to Get Started with Using UltraTax Virtual Office CS?

To get with using UltraTax Virtual Office CS, follow the steps given below:

  1. Download/install Citrix receiver, which is required to access UltraTax Virtual Office CS remotely (for more information, click here)
  2. Migrate UltraTax data hosted in the local or network setup to Virtual Office CS and then activate UltraTax CS state PRP applications

This step is further broken down into several sub-steps:

  • Take data backup from the locally-hosted UltraTax CS for each tax year for all your clients
  • Restore data in the Virtual Office CS
  • Set up UltraTax CS Virtual Office
  • Activate UltraTax CS state PRP license
  • Install add-ons like UltraTax CS Bar Code Scan Utility as per your needs.

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What is UltraTax CS?

UltraTax CS is an advanced tax preparation software best suited for big accounting firms. It can be used as a stand-alone application or with other CS Professional Suite applications. For more information about this software, click here.

What is Virtual Office CS?

Virtual Office CS by Thomson Reuters is a cloud-based suite of tax applications that allows users to work from anywhere and anytime. You can use UltraTax Virtual Office CS or host this software on the cloud managed by third-party cloud servers.

What is the PRP code in UltraTax CS software?

Per Return Pricing or PRP code is a licensing option related to UltraTax CS. Unlike an unlimited license, you must pay a specific fee for each return you prepare with PRP codes. These codes are also used to track the PRP account transactions and link them with your clients.

Can you host other apps in Virtual Office?

No. However, if you want host all other apps that you use in your practice, you can switch to Verito’s cloud hosting solutions.

Can you use Virtual office on any device?

Yes, you can use it on any device. However, you should also know that it is Citrix-based which is sometimes unstable. As a better alternative, switch to Verito’s cloud solutions for your UltraTax software. Our solutions are Microsoft Remote Desktop based which has a lot better stability and universal compatibility, including support for windows, Mac, Chromebook, iPad and Android devices.

What is the uptime guarantee for Virtual Office?

UltraTax Virtual Office CS has been in the news lately for very poor performance during the tax season. Therefore, it is advisable to switch to a better alternative for better results.

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