10 Things To Consider Before Moving To The Cloud Hosting

Migrating from the physical environment to the cloud can seem a tedious task to many. Actually, it is not. Organizations who want to migrate from the existing system to the cloud need to fill up the gap between these two different infrastructures. Cloud is a very modern way of computing. It adds more freedom and accessibility to the existing model of physical infrastructure. This article will educate you on what all do you need to consider before moving to the cloud with the help of a good server hosting provider.

1.Business Impact

It is very important to know how moving to the cloud might impact your business. To gain experience, you must first move the less critical workload on the cloud. This will help you gain insights and understand the workflow of the cloud computing systems. For example, a retail company should move applications like email servers, intranets etc. first rather than moving the e-commerce setup.

2.Test before the final shift

Moving development tools to the cloud is a good idea but you should also do a production test. This will give your developers a similar infrastructure and environment as that of the cloud. The test environment should use the same infrastructure.


Training should start from the initial stage itself. You should train your operational team so that they get used to the cloud management. IT team should also understand the environment they will be working on. Once, you train your team while the small shift, things would definitely go smoothly when large workloads are migrated to the cloud.

4.Focus on the performance

It is very important to keep your focus on the performance. Cloud environment that has extensive data processing should not be considered. You must also not consider the environment that is very performance sensitive. If your server will have more response time then your customers will bounce back from your website.


The environment should not be very complex. It is very important to understand that the systems that have high complexity are hard to integrate. If the architecture has multiple points of integration then it becomes hard to understand and use.


Make sure your cloud hosting provider offers optimum security to your Cloud. A good hosting provider will always have security certifications in place to ensure that your data is hosted in a good environment. Verito supports all the regulations and security constraints to ensure data security.

7.Data Hosting

Your cloud services must be within the vicinity. According to the IT laws, an organization is not allowed to set up a cloud host outside the country. Make sure, your cloud hosting provider offers you the cloud near your physical office or presence.

8.Prepare for the big shift

This is an important step. Analyze your current business model and decide on the applications that you want to migrate from the existing system to the cloud. Shortlist the most critical apps and software and keep them for the last. There might be certain apps that need upgradation to move to the cloud. In such cases, take that time into consideration too. If one of your applications take several months then the migration should be planned accordingly.

9.License and service agreement

Analyze the cloud model of your hosting provider and compare its cost with a dedicated server. Check the service agreement as well. If your cloud hosting provider provides you with a complex server level agreement, then the vendor might not offer it.

10.Check the Infrastructure

You must also check the infrastructure like operating system, platform and more. These are very important as you might have applications that run only on a certain type of platform or operating system.

Understanding why you need to move to the cloud and how to move to the cloud, both are important aspects of a successful migration. It is important to search for a good hosting provider as well. A good hosting provider has all the security certificates in place, provides 24/7 assistance, and has very responsive cloud environment. It is a great step for a company to move to the cloud hosting as not only it is fast and secure, but cost-effective as well.

When on the cloud, you pay for only what you use. The cost of one software is divided among many users, which makes cloud hosting cost effective. You can migrate all your workload or part of it to the cloud, according to your business needs.


Cloud is the demand of the future. With everything growing at a fast pace, it is important to embrace the change at the right time and grow with the industry. Cloud does bring a lot of new opportunities, but it might be a little difficult to implement and understand. It becomes easier to adopt the cloud when your business is new or small scale. But, big business setups must follow some checks before they go for the big change. It is very good to plan and prepare your team and systems to go with the big change. Hiring a hosting provider makes the work easy. Search for a good cloud hosting provider that offers 24/7 support and guidance at each step.

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