5 Reasons Why You Struggle to Streamline an Accounting Business and One Way to Quickly Fix It

The majority of accounting firms are small operations that have anywhere from one to five team members. While this lower headcount may be sufficient during most of the year, tax season can be a challenge. It is not uncommon for accounting firm staff to work 80 hours a week. The sad truth is that most of the work consists of manual tasks which distract from higher-value work. This is one of the major reasons why small firms remain small and they are unable to grow their business.

Additionally, the increased workload could lead to missed deadlines and less client service. This is why all accounting firms should invest in automated workflow software. With the right automated workflow software, accounting firms can spend more time on billable work and truly understand how to grow accounting firms.

The all-in-one accounting software platform TaxDome has helped thousands of accounting and financial firms save up to 120 hours per month resulting in an average revenue gain of $50,000 per year. 

Even though automated workflow software can completely transform an accounting practice, there are staff members and clients who are resistant to the idea. Here’s a look at five reasons why firms struggle to incorporate workflow management software and how to quickly fix it. 

Why Firms Struggle To Incorporate Workflow Management Software 

1. Having too many systems 

Some firms will simply have too many systems in place. This can be a challenge for new team members who may need to spend weeks to truly understand how to perform their tasks on these systems. In some cases, accounting firms will need to hire a technician to combine their systems onto one platform. 

Not only that, having too many systems can lead to confusion and possible mistakes. This could make the entire systemic approach counterproductive and cost the firm productively lost. This is why one system will always be superior to multiple systems. 

2. Lack of internal team documentation

It’s important to have everyone on board when it comes to standardizing practices. When a firm has more than one workflow system or if the workflow system is not simple to understand, staff members will begin to improve to find the best way to get their work completed. This could lead to confusion, missed tasks, and other issues.

Ideally, an accounting firm should have one system in place and a simple-to-follow onboarding system that allows all team members to follow a standardized practice. This will not only prevent simple mistakes, but it will also make the entire process easier for the entire firm. 

3. Can’t find the right stack

For most accounting firms, the right tech stack is going to consist of several apps and programs from communication apps to CRM/client tracking apps, project management apps, information gathering apps, e-signatures, cloud accounting software, and payment processors. It can be a challenge to find the best apps which can all be easily integrated. 

This is where an all-in-one accounting work management platform such as TaxDome becomes invaluable. An entire, fly-integrated tech stack is included in the platform. There is no need to “add to the stack.” Everything works within one integrated system which leads to a streamlined workflow experience. 

4. Clients resist automation of any software

Some clients see it as “extra work” to have to interface with an accounting platform. Therefore it is critical to have the simplest and easiest understanding of the solution. With a straightforward accounting platform such as TaxDome, client tasks such as document reviews, e-signatures, and payment processing become a breeze. 

One of the secrets to TaxDome’s success with getting clients on board is the easy-to-follow tutorials. Even the most “old school” clients will be able to easily complete the tasks needed to help streamline an accounting firm’s workflow. 

Easy to use custom-branded accounting client portal software allows you to secure communicate with clients, share documents, sign them & more.

5. Team members are resistant to automation software

Finally, some team members may see a workflow management platform as a threat to their position. Therefore, it is important to communicate that the platform is not there to automate their job out of existence. Instead, the platform serves as a way for the team member to automate lower value work which can allow them to focus on higher-value tasks. 

When team members fully understand how a workflow management platform can make their life easier, they will embrace the technology and will be able to onboard themselves to the platform much easier. 

How Firms Can Overcome These Objections 

Now that we have reviewed the five largest struggles that accounting firms face when it comes to workflow management software, let’s take a look at the simple solution to these major obstacles. 

Your firm needs one simple workflow management program that is specifically designed for accounting firms. The all-in-one accounting platform TaxDome is built with all the apps your firm needs to allow you to instantly create a complete tech stack for your firm:

  • CRM/client tracking app
  • project management app
  • information gathering app
  • Secure client email interface 
  • E-signatures
  • Cloud accounting software
  • Secure payment processor

TaxDome is the one accounting workflow platform that makes it easy for team members, management members, and clients to understand and use daily. 

Example of a workflow automation process.

Standard processes

TaxDome makes it easy for everyone to follow standard practices. This creates better organization, easier workflow, and better recordkeeping. You will find that standardizing all work for all clients will make tax time a much more manageable situation.

Get free help from TaxDome Implementation Team 

TaxDome is more than a leading automated workflow software for accountants. We also have an experienced Implementation Team who can walk your firm’s team members through every step of the onboarding process. Typically, we can have all team members up and running within a month. 

Hire a certified TaxDome consultant 

You can also hire a certified TaxDome consultant who can help further integrate and streamline your workflow management. This could potentially allow you to run a tighter ship and save more money. 

Discover the many ways TaxDome can make it easy to manage your accounting firm’s workflow. Register today for a live demonstration of TaxDome’s platform. Our team specialists are ready to answer any questions you may have and help you quickly implement TaxDome in your firm today. 

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