All About ACT Software Hosting

ACT! CRM software is the one of the best customer and contact manager. The software is easy to use and helps organizations to organize the customer information at one place. This cost-effective CRM helps you to send emails, market products, and services.

There are three different Act! CRM solutions to suit any kind of business setup.

  1. Act! Pro

Best suitable for small business setups that are looking for a robust contact management software at a low price.

  1. Act! Premium

It comes with additional features that allow you to collaborate with the team to stay up-to-date and send targeted marketing emails from anywhere anytime. Plus, it also automates the best practice sales processes.

  1. Act! Essentials

Access the details from anywhere using Act! Essentials. It lets you consolidate and manage contacts, activities, notes, and history.

ACT! CRM is compatible with a number of apps for added convenience like SurveyMonkey, PayPal, Google Contacts, and Outlook. You can customize the features and make the CRM scalable. Plus, it allows you access the data with multiple users when hosted in the cloud.

Benefits of ACT! Hosting with Verito Technologies

  1. Zero Downtime

Hosting solutions at Verito are integrated with advanced technologies. This ensures that ACT is hosted on great cloud infrastructure. In addition, zero downtime is ensured.

  1. A secure and reliable access to the data

Verito ACT Cloud hosting keeps your sensitive data safe on the cloud. We have advanced algorithms and the highest level of encryption to ensure data security. The robust servers of Verito offer a reliable and secure infrastructure.

  1. Anytime and anywhere access to the data

This is the most convenient feature of the Verito ACT CRM Cloud hosting solution. You can access the ACT! CRM account from any device like laptop, smartphone or tablet. All you need to do is enter your valid credentials to log into the software and access the data from anywhere.

  1. No need for IT infrastructure

Hosting ACT software on the cloud helps an organization to save on the additional IT setup in-house. Crucial data can be hosted on the dedicated server. A dedicated server provides more security. You will not have to set up a separate IT wing, which saves the cost and efforts.

  1. 24/7 customer support

Verito Technologies has a dedicated team that provides best IT support whenever required. The response time to the queries related to ACT hosting is really fast and all the queries are answered by experienced staff so that you get the best solution possible.

  1. Complete Maintenance Provided

The task accomplished by Verito Technologies does not include the implementation of the ACT cloud hosting only. But they also provide maintenance of the server, up gradation of the software, and offering quick resolutions to the hosting related issues.

Sage ACT is the best relationship management software in the market. It offers a simplified and user-friendly interface, easy synchronization of the data, and quick customization.

For better performance of the software, it is advised to go for ACT cloud hosting. Research about the offerings and plans before investing in the hosting.

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