Benefits of Cloud Hosting for Small Business

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The rapidly changing face of IT: keeping up with updates, software, changing data privacy regulations and security threats, and increase in remote work can easily overwhelm a small business IT team. Even the largest CPA firms in the world struggle to stay ahead of security threats because they are continually evolving. 

Many small business owners don’t even consider being the victim of hacking or malware, thinking, “who would come after my small business? A pair of recent studies showed that 58% of all malware attacks are perpetrated against small businesses, and between 55-61% of all small businesses have been affected by security issues.

Some of the benefits for small businesses looking to adopt the cloud:

  1. Cloud Hosting Provides Unrivaled Cost-Effectiveness –Outsourcing to an experienced cloud provider gives you the capabilities of the top of the line equipment at manageable, small business prices. The cloud eliminates the need for sizeable in-office hardware investments and their associated maintenance costs. 
  2. More Robust, Comprehensive Data Security – Cloud-enabled secured with a team of expert engineers continually watching over your network offers 24/7/365 maintenance and protection for your server. 
  3. Increased Employee Productivity – The cloud provides stronger collaboration through the ability to work from anywhere securely. Reduce commuting by allowing your team and other teams whose books you are managing to all collaborate on the same documents simultaneously. 

The recent pandemic has shown how important it is to have a reliable IT infrastructure for your small business. Take action today to prepare your firm for any potential issues and increase your overall productivity while decreasing costs. It’s a no-brainer. Contact Verito today for a free demo.

About Verito Technologies

Verito Technologies provides fully-managed, turn-key cloud hosting solutions for all size companies. We host your favorite tax/accounting software on a dedicated cloud server backed by enterprise-grade security that is SOC, PCI DSS, SSAE compliant, and our strategically located data centers offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Automated backups and a 24/7 support team provide complete peace of mind.

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