How to Move Your QuickBooks to the Cloud?

How to Move Your QuickBooks to the Cloud - Verito Technologies

Having feature-rich software that is capable of simplifying various accounting tasks saves both time and money. Being the CPA’s favorite accounting software, QuickBooks does precisely that. Whether it is about managing bills, payrolls, or obtaining reports for tax returns, this powerful software can do a lot for you. Besides this, there are different versions of QuickBooks – Pro, Premier, and Enterprise; you can choose from your needs. 

On the one hand, the popularity of QuickBooks is growing across the globe. On the other, there is cloud technology, making both professional and personal lives simpler. At the merger of these two ends lies QuickBooks cloud hosting. 

Unlike QuickBooks installation on a local computer, QuickBooks hosting places your licensed application on a third-party cloud server. This way, you can access the software remotely from any location and device. Unfortunately, this is not possible in the traditional desktop environment.

Moving your QuickBooks to the cloud results in the amalgamation of the power of this accounting software and the benefits of the cloud. Wondering how you can move QuickBooks to the cloud? You need to follow a stepwise process for successful QuickBooks installation on the cloud.

Easy Steps to Move QuickBooks to the Cloud

  • Evaluate Your Business Needs Carefully

One of the primary steps towards making the much-needed transition to the cloud is to assess your business needs. The selection of a cloud hosting plan depends on the number of users (size) and your business type. For instance, you might be using QuickBooks Enterprise for your accounting firm in which most of your employees use the software. The cloud computing power and resources required for such needs differ from how a single user works on QuickBooks Pro. Similarly, you may ask for the inclusion of QuickBooks add-ons or a customized dedicated server for your application, which requires a different hosting plan. 

Hence, selecting a QuickBooks hosting plan must be done after carefully analyzing your specific needs. 

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  • Select a Reputable Cloud Hosting Provider

Once you have a clear idea of your needs, the next step is to select a QuickBooks hosting solution provider. While there are many such solution providers available in the market, you must choose the one that matches the following requirements:

  • Have expertise in handling QuickBooks installation on the cloud
  • Provides SLA-backed server uptime guarantee
  • Ensure data security with multiple security methods deployed on the cloud
  • Offers round-the-clock support
  • Provides affordable hosting plans with a pay-as-you-go model

A cloud solution provider that fits well into all these criteria will provide you with the best-in-class QuickBooks hosting solutions. If you have any other questions or want a fully customized cloud server, you can ask the service provider about it all. 

  • Migrate Existing QuickBooks Data

After buying a hosting plan for QuickBooks installation on the cloud, you need to prepare the existing QB files and move them to the cloud server. If you are new to this migration process, you can ask the cloud service provider for a helping hand. Once the data is migrated, you can access it by logging into your secure user account on the cloud server. If needed, you can also keep the local copy of the data for later use. 

Many of the best cloud service providers provide managed services for data migration, making the process even easier for you. 

  • Offer Cloud Training to Your Employees

In many companies, the employees are not entirely familiar with using cloud-hosted QuickBooks. While hosting this software on the cloud does not change its UI, you must clear your employees’ doubts about using the cloud. Hence, it is essential to provide them the required training on the benefits and usage of QuickBooks on the cloud. 

You can ask the cloud service provider about hosting training sessions with your team members for better insights. 


QuickBooks hosting can solve many of the problems you might have been facing to streamline the business operations. Follow these steps to move the software to the cloud and enjoy a new way of utilizing its functionalities.

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