Which is the best and most affordable accounting software for 2021?

Best accounting software for 2021

Almost every form of business requires some form of accounting. Whether it is about tracking the expenses, streamlining books, or handling the accounting files of various clients, there are so many tasks that an accounting professional must handle. With technology helping us in every sphere of life, we look for a solution to simplify these tasks too, accounting software. 

The best accounting software will help you streamline accounting processes related to your business. It offers valuable reports to track the financial health of your business and make the daily tasks more efficient. But all this happens after the proper selection of accounting software. 

You might be wondering – ‘Which of the accounting software available in the market is most suitable for my needs and is also affordable?’

If you want a straightforward answer, it’s QuickBooks. There is not just one but many reasons to support it. 

What Makes QuickBooks the Best Accounting Software for 2021?

QuickBooks is one of the top-rated accounting applications preferred by CPAs around the world. It has been designed with features that take care of various accounting needs. Here are the primary elements that make QuickBooks the best accounting software:

  • Financial Reports

With QuickBooks, you can generate reports to analyze various aspects of your business and make informed decisions. With multiple reports like balance sheet reports, cash flow statements, profit and loss reports, etc., you can optimize business processes to generate higher sales and revenue. 

  • User Permissions

If you have hired a team of accountants to support your business, managing their roles while protecting business-sensitive data becomes a challenge. QuickBooks help tackle this challenge by providing complete control over user permissions and settings. You can easily configure their rights to ensure that every user only gets access to the data he needs. 

  • Payroll Processing

Hiring employees to manage payroll is less efficient and often results in human errors. A slight mistake can make your employees unhappy about the payroll processing. This is why reputable businesses rely on QuickBooks to automate various payroll activities. You also get QuickBooks Payroll integrated with this software. 

  • Tax Filing

Manual tax filing often involves tax preparation using hundreds of payment receipts and transactional entries. Still, there are chances that the accountant may make a mistake, or you may lose some essential receipts. With QuickBooks, you can access all your transactional data and bank statements in one place to simplify the tax filing process. 

  • Easy Invoicing

Creating invoices manually for all your clients is a cumbersome process that often results in delayed payments. Having QuickBooks accounting software by your side helps create invoices easily and send them to the clients. You can also check if the client has seen it or not to ask for payments timely.

Does QuickBooks Lie Within Your Budget?

If you want the best value for money, investing in the correct version of QuickBooks can be the best bet for you. Buying this software means saving money that you would otherwise spend on hiring professionals to handle various accounting tasks for you. In simple words, you can run multiple facets of your business with this advanced software. 

The best part is – it is available in different versions – Pro, Premier, and Enterprise. Depending on your requirements, you can select the version that matches the features you need. Since each version has different functionalities, it is advisable to dig deeper into their feature sets before buying.

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QuickBooks and Cloud Hosting – What’s the Connection?

When you buy QuickBooks desktop software, you need to install it on your computer(s) to access its features. It also means you cannot use it when you are not in the office where the system is installed. QuickBooks hosting resolves this location-centric problem. By hosting QuickBooks on the cloud, you can access it from anywhere and anytime, using the device of your choice. The cloud technology also helps in keeping the QB data secure on third-party remote servers.

However, you should know that QuickBooks hosting services are to be chosen in addition to the software license but are worth the price payable. 

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