Three Ways the Cloud Improves Tax and Accounting Firms

Three ways the cloud improves tax and accounting firms
Three ways the cloud improves tax and accounting firms

Many tax and accounting professionals have yet to move to the cloud, typically stating security, cost-effectiveness, or uptime as the primary reasons they haven’t moved. The cloud provides a safe, secure space for your financial data and applications with anywhere, anytime access. 

Here are the top three ways the cloud improves tax and accounting firms

Enterprise-Grade Security

Tax and accounting professionals are trusted with extremely sensitive company data. Protecting this data can be a challenge for any sized company, but the cloud offers a comprehensive solution. Verito Cloud provides three layers of security: physical, logical, and methodological. 

For physical security, we offer armed guards, biometrics, pre-approved clearance, restricted access, and other measures to protect our two geographically dispersed data centers. For logical security, we offer enterprise-grade firewalls, multiple layers of virus and spam protection, intrusion prevention, automated daily backups, optional two-factor authentication, and user-defined permissions. For methodological security, we help negate human error by ensuring every manual change is approved by the top tier access members to prevent employees from making significant detrimental changes to your server. 


The cloud is extremely cost-effective for the security and accessibility provided; you pay one low monthly price for the highest grade equipment on the market. You get economies of scale by accessing our top of the line equipment at affordable small business prices. To set up a server in your office and another off-site to have geographic separation and provide reliable backups, as well as the IT team to manage this equipment, would set you back tens of thousands of dollars initially and ongoing cost for IT staff. 


Many tax and accounting professionals list downtime as a reason to avoid the cloud, they often rely on word of mouth from a friend who had a bad experience or their own experience trying a cloud solution years ago. Verito Cloud offers a 99.995% uptime guarantee. When you need access to your data and applications anywhere, anytime, never worry, Verito Cloud will be standing by ready.

About Verito Technologies

Verito Technologies provides fully-managed, turn-key cloud hosting solutions for all size companies. We host your favorite tax/accounting software on a dedicated cloud server backed by enterprise-grade security that is SOC2, PCI DSS, SSAE compliant, and our strategically located data centers offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Automated backups and a 24/7 support team provide complete peace of mind.

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