Top 10 Reasons to Host QuickBooks Software Online

Top 10 Reasons to host QuickBooks Software Online - Verito Technologies

QuickBooks is one of the leading accounting software trusted by diverse businesses across the globe. It has multiple versions, including QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and others, with unique features suitable for various industries. 

Many tax and accounting firms are still using QuickBooks desktop products. If you are one of them, the chances are that you know less about QuickBooks hosting. By accessing the software online with the power of cloud technology, you can enhance its usability in various ways.

Hosting QuickBooks on the cloud gives you the capabilities of the cloud to empower your business processes. Let’s talk about the top ten reasons you should switch to QuickBooks cloud hosting.

1. Remote Software Access

With QuickBooks on cloud, you get the power of accessing the software from wherever you are. You can work from anywhere irrespective of your location as long as you access it via a compatible device. This way, you need not limit yourself to work only when you are in the office. 

2. Round-the-clock Support

If you are new to using cloud-hosted accounting software, you might face technical difficulties. With a reliable cloud hosting provider by your side, you can get 24×7 support services for all such needs. The cloud support team will help you run business operations smoothly.

3. Easy Team Collaboration

QuickBooks hosting gives you the ability to bring your team members on the same platform to work together on the software. They can access the files and work on them simultaneously across multiple geographical locations. Also, this collaborative experience is independent of local storage.

4. Security of Data

Security threats often pop up within local infrastructure, making it difficult for businesses to keep their data safe. However, when you prefer QuickBooks on the cloud, you can enjoy utmost data security through advanced measures like data encryption, access controls, and many others.

5. Higher Uptime

Downtime in business can lead to significant losses. This is why top-rated cloud service providers provide high uptime to all their clients. At Verito, we offer reliable cloud hosting services with 99.995% uptime to our clients so that they can always access their cloud-hosted software and data.

6. Disaster Recovery Plans in Place

Loss of data stored in a local device becomes higher in case of natural or man-made disasters. With QuickBooks accounting solution on the cloud, you benefit from automated backups at different remote locations, which prevents data loss in case of a disaster.

7. Professional Cloud Deployment

Hiring a cloud service provider for QuickBooks hosting also means their team will take care of the setup and migration of software and data to the cloud. They will set things for your perusal, and you do not need to invest money in buying on-premise hardware for the same.

8. Seamless Integration of Third-Party Add-ons

QuickBooks add-ons, which you might be using in the desktop-hosted setup, can also be integrated into the cloud-hosted version. You can ask the service provider about the required computing resources and get add-ons integrated easily.

9. No Impact on QuickBooks Usability

QuickBooks UI and interface remain the same when you host it on a cloud server. It implies only the method of accessing the software is changing with cloud computing, while the working and features of QuickBooks remain the same. 

10. Scalability

Depending on the usage and growing business needs, you can easily upgrade your QuickBooks hosting plan at a reasonable cost to get more server resources. The easy scalability is also one of the most significant features of cloud hosting.

The Bottom Line

Switching to cloud-hosted QuickBooks will be advantageous for your business in several ways. If you feel the need to check the utility of QuickBooks hosting services, start with our free trial today!

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