What Is The Future For QuickBooks Desktop?

With the advent of QuickBooks (QB) Online and its mantra of running businesses anywhere, anytime, and on any device, it is clearly evident that QB Online has a bright future. It indicates that Intuit’s future focus seems to favor more towards a cloud solution for small businesses. Does that indicate a hazy future for QuickBooks Desktop?
QuickBooks Desktop range of products includes QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier Server, and QuickBooks Enterprise. Although small businesses are moving towards QB Online, there are some reasons that force some QB Desktop users to be loyal to it. Following are some reasons that indicate that the future for QB Desktop range of products is not dim:

• QB Online does not have all the features that QB Desktop contains. People prefer to retain some features and so choose to remain with QB Desktop, especially organizations with complex business needs.
• Many users do not trust cloud services for data security. Such users prefer to use the QB Desktop range of products.
• Although it might be easy, some users are not comfortable using the online product.
• Integrated add-ons like Advanced Reporting, Advanced Pricing, and Advanced Inventory with the QB Desktop Enterprise makes businesses looking out for customizable and advanced features like inventory management, pricing management, and reporting opt QB Desktop Enterprise.
• Barcode scanning, inventory picking, sales order management, and multi-monitor support make it rich with the existing features.
• Security, compliance, and performance aspects of the desktop range of products have been the key focus for users.

As discussed earlier advancements in technology, accelerated growth in smartphone and tablet users and cloud solutions have brought about an increase in the growth of QB Online. This has contributed towards the growth of online users. However, when you compare the revenue generated from QB products, reports indicate that the revenue generated from the desktop range of products has been significant. This very clearly indicates that Intuit will continue to uplift its QB Desktop range of products.

QB Desktop Enterprise has tailor-made industry editions designed for your specific industry. These versions are dedicated to fit in aptly for manufacturing, nonprofit, retail, and much more such industries.

QB Desktop Enterprise with Hosting provides Enterprise users the flexibility to run the QB Desktop Enterprise from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. This flexibility also gives the users a feel of the QB Online while allowing them to enjoy the benefits of having the plethora of features that are part of the Enterprise version. It provides secure anytime, anywhere, and on any device access to data. Team members work at the same time whether they are using a Mac, PC, or tablet. It makes it easy if you are having offices at multiple locations because the data is stored in the cloud and can be easily accessed from multiple locations. Enterprise with hosting gives you immense flexibility and convenience to experience the same business management software from any location.

Customer Support
Priority Circle is a free loyalty program for the most valued customers. As an Enterprise customer, they get a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM). This CSM collaborates with the customers to understand their business needs and help them accomplish their goals. They work towards providing the right products, per the customer requirement. They connect the customers to the top U.S.-based customer care agents and onboarding specialists and provide them access to free QB training.

Additional improvements and new features would definitely give QB Desktop Enterprise users a positive sign about the future of QB Desktop range of products. Although QB Online seems to be rising high, enhancements in QB Desktop gives hope to customers who have been using it probably, since its inception.

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