Which Is Better – A Linux Server Or Windows Server?

Choosing between a Linux server and Windows server will always be tough. It is a great debate, and professionals try to defend the one that they are most comfortable with. One can only decide between the two after a long research. Go with the server that suits your requirements best. On the whole, Linux servers are considered the best and Windows is considered as a good but not a great server. In this article, we will take a look at the features of both Linux and Windows server.

Windows Server:

Most of the businesses are operating on the Windows server. Microsoft application is one of the most acceptable applications in the industry. Windows is easy to learn and offers a familiar environment. Windows Server 2008 and 2012 are mostly used for the Windows server.

Microsoft allows the users to use the software over the Internet and use the software or application using remote desktop services. This lets the users can access information without installing any other software on the system.

When you are opting for a server, then you must consider the time period for which you want to use the server. The mainstream and extended support of the Microsoft server is not very long lived. Using an operating system beyond its lifecycle exposes it to certain security issues that are not covered by the Windows OS updates anymore.

As far as the cost of the server is considered. The cost of the license is quite expensive. Plus, the services are planned in a way that it costs go higher with the rise in the number of employees.

Linux Server:

Linux is the platform that is accepted by both the developers and hosting providers. It is a kernel that requires a set of a bundle (software) like Ubuntu and RedHat to run properly.

It can be installed on any computer and then distributed across freely. It offers the fastest processing speed and smallest resource footprint. Thus more than half of the supercomputers run on Linux environment.

The way Windows offer tools like Microsoft tools, Linux also supports alternative free software or applications. If you are accustomed to the Windows environment and want to make a shift then you can start migrating slowly from the Windows platform. In fact, a lot of Linux bundles can co-exist with the Windows operating system.

Linux offers stability and this is what helps user run Linux servers for hours. It is a multi-level user operating platform. Moreover, Linux is not targeted for the malware attacks. According to the experts, Linux offers an adaptable environment.

One of the major drawbacks of Linux is that it is a less popular platform.

Linux proves to be a better choice. Having said that, it is recommended that you study both the servers and offerings thoroughly before choosing one of them. It is very important that you choose the best server for the sake of the health of your business. Before selecting one of the two servers, you must go for a dry run for the operating systems. This helps you to look at all the aspects of the server and get comfortable with it too.

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