2021 is the Year to Switch to QuickBooks Hosting. 8 Ways How

Why Switch to QuickBooks Hosting om in 2021 - Verito Technologies

QuickBooks accounting software has been exceptionally designed with various features dedicated to accounting processes. Small and medium businesses, previously based on manual calculations, benefit tremendously from using this software. There are several versions of QuickBooks software available. You need to pick the most suitable one for your business. 

If you want to switch to QuickBooks software this year for your accounting firm, you might have thought about local-host installation. However, local-hosted QuickBooks may not be the best way to utilize this software to its full potential.

Keep in mind the challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic and related technological advancements. Many industry experts suggest CPAs and accounting firms switch to QuickBooks hosting for the best results. You can go for QuickBooks hosting services that reliable cloud-solution providers offer.

Let’s talk more about why the year 2021 is the right time to choose QuickBooks hosting for your business.

1. Remote Software Access

QuickBooks on the cloud enables you to access the full suite of software features on the go. It is different from using a local-hosted QuickBooks, which cannot be accessed while you are away from the computer system. 

Smart cloud hosting solutions provide centralized control over the data and software. This means you do not have to be stuck behind your desk all the time but can access the software wherever you are. To make the most of the cloud’s remote software accessibility feature, you should understand what QuickBooks hosting for business is.

2. Security

For accounting firms handling critical data of diverse clients, data security is a significant concern. When you only rely on QuickBooks hosted on a local computer, the chances are high that hardware damage may result in non-recoverable data loss.

You can easily overcome this drawback of hosting QuickBooks locally with QuickBooks hosting services. With these services, you get the complementary benefits of top-notch security for protection against data thefts and cyberthreats. Multi-level security methods are also deployed to make cloud solutions work for your business.

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3. Budget-friendly Pricing

Like many other business owners, you may think twice about investing money in QuickBooks hosting services. Also, you may want to optimize the budget to keep the expenses in check. The best part is – you need not worry much about the pricing part when you switch to QuickBooks hosting.

Most cloud service providers offer business-friendly, customizable hosting plans. You can select the most suitable one for your needs and even scale it up or down as conditions change.

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4. Team Collaboration

With cloud-hosted QBES, its features and files are stored in remote cloud servers and are accessible through a common platform. This unique feature of cloud technology can help your accounting team members share real-time updates. They can work on the same file simultaneously, regardless of where they are.

As a result, you can enjoy streamlined workflows and smooth file sharing between teams. You can also provide authorized access to the cloud-hosted data to your clients to easily share accounting files and updates.

5. Easy to Say ‘No’ to Paper

Having office cabinets filled with numerous files and folders carrying client’s data? You must be looking for a sustainable, greener alternative to handling vast chunks of accounting files from your clients. 

With QuickBooks hosting, you can make it possible and prevent paper usage. Although several things had gone out of our control in 2020, you can make 2021 better by migrating to QuickBooks hosting.

Think of the files kept in a wall-sized cabinet that look so frightening. It would be easy to shrink it down to the soft copies taking a few MBs or GBs of cloud storage space.

6. High Performance

Have you ever gone through instances when your computer lags all of a sudden? This is common when the majority of internal memory is filled with software and data. Such disruptions take a long time to resolve sometimes, which is a common productivity hurdle at work.

You can quickly eliminate performance issues when you rely on high-performance cloud servers’ efficiency for QuickBooks hosting. Depending on the service provider you select, you can enjoy an uptime of around 99.995%. This uptime guarantee means your QuickBooks application and its data will be accessible to you always.

7. Disaster Recovery

Have you heard of instances in which a natural or human-made disaster caused the loss of business data? This can happen to accounting firms, particularly when most of their accounting tasks are done using locally-hosted software. 

However, such situations can be best handled when you have partnered with the right QuickBooks hosting provider. 

Cloud providers keep copies of client’s data stored in redundant data centers, meaning losing data from any location does not interrupt the business forever. The data can be recovered in case of adverse events as a part of disaster recovery measures.

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8. Support

Round the clock customer support is yet another advantage that attracts accounting firms to QuickBooks hosting services. Cloud solution providers are known for providing 24×7 customer support. Their support team members are easily accessible via phone call or email. 

Whether it is about IT setup, cloud configuration, or cloud resource scalability, you will get the best quality support services whenever you need assistance.

The year 2021 is all about embracing change – in business and life. To move towards a better future, and plan for your accounting firm’s growth, switch to QuickBooks hosting today. 

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