A Complete Guide to QuickBooks Hosting for Businesses

A Complete Guide to QuickBooks Hosting for Businesses
A Complete Guide to QuickBooks Hosting for Businesses

When we think of small business accounting software, the first name that comes to mind is QuickBooks. Being the most popular application for accounting businesses, QuickBooks helps manage income and expenses to maintain businesses’ financial health. Whether it is invoicing customers, generating reports, or paying bills, QuickBooks can do it all. But it has certain limitations that you can overcome when you choose QuickBooks hosting for business.

Let’s discuss various aspects of QuickBooks hosting for business and how you can benefit from it.

What is QuickBooks Hosting for Business?

QuickBooks Hosting for Business refers to installing the desktop version of QuickBooks on a cloud server instead of hosting it on a local computer. Also known as hosted QuickBooks or QuickBooks Cloud, this mechanism enables remote software access via a web browser. As an authorized user, you can access the software from anywhere, and at any time with QuickBooks hosting for business. 

If you seek the robustness of the QuickBooks desktop version paired with cloud technology benefits, you need QuickBooks hosting for business.

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How Does QuickBooks Hosting Help Businesses Grow?

Here is the process followed to host QuickBooks on the cloud:

  1. You buy a licensed copy of QuickBooks desktop software and hire a cloud hosting provider to host it on a cloud server.
  2. The chosen cloud solution provider will share credentials with you and your members for secure and authenticated access to the software.
  3. The end-users access cloud-hosted QuickBooks using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).
  4. QuickBooks hosting for business also allows easy software access from various devices empowered by different operating systems.
  5. The features, functions, and interface of QuickBooks cloud will be as same as that of its desktop version. 
  6. All the changes made on QuickBooks data files get saved automatically on the cloud, and authorized users can see the changes simultaneously. 

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Need to Switch from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Hosting for Business

QuickBooks desktop software has excellent functions that make it easy for CPAs to handle various accounting tasks. Its limitations restrict professionals from utilizing it maximally. QuickBooks hosting for business helps overcome most of these limitations. 

Let’s look at the comparative study between QuickBooks hosting for business and QuickBooks desktop version.

QuickBooks Desktop Limitations QuickBooks Hosting Advantages
Limited access to the software Multiple user access
Data storage on the local device only Data and software hosted on high-performance cloud servers
Limited local device configuration Easy-to-scale cloud resources
Inability to collaborate over tasks Seamless collaboration between team members
Inconvenience of sharing data files Quick and easy file sharing between users
No automation in software updates Automatic software updates
Risk of data loss Rolling backup against accidental data loss

Version Compatibility for QuickBooks Hosting for Business

QuickBooks hosting for business is available for all versions of QuickBooks, such as QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Accountant, and Enterprise. 

What More Should You Know About QuickBooks Hosting for Business?

  • When using QuickBooks hosting for business, you do not need to save QuickBooks data files on your local desktop. All the data gets stored on the centralized server where the software is hosted.
  • You do not need to invest in IT infrastructure or support professionals to care for your IT needs. Instead, you gain round-the-clock support from the IT experts of chosen cloud service providers.
  • QuickBooks hosting for business is different from QuickBooks online, which is a cloud-backed SaaS application. QuickBooks Online features are also slightly different from that of its desktop version, making it difficult for some CPAs to transition. Instead, they choose QuickBooks hosting for business with the help of QuickBooks hosting providers.
  • After switching to QuickBooks hosting for business, your Cloud Hosting Provider will help you integrate various add-ons. Most popular QuickBooks add-ons include ACCTivate!, SmartVault, BillQuick, and Fishbowl Inventory.
  • New users often hesitate before switching to QuickBooks hosting for business. Reliable cloud hosting providers offer a free trial to their clients with no obligations. 
  • You can select a QuickBooks hosting provider based on the security practices followed, uptime guarantee, pricing plans, support policies, and client testimonials. 

QuickBooks hosting for business comes with various advantages for accounting businesses. Before you switch to cloud-hosted QuickBooks, it is crucial that you understand what it is and how it works. With a thorough understanding of QuickBooks hosting, you will find it easier to make an informed choice and plan to take the leap for your business. 

Want to experience QuickBooks Hosting for Business? Start your QuickBooks hosting free trial today.

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