TaxAct Software: Features, Pricing, Benefits, and More

All About TaxAct Software

Preparing and filing taxes involves complicated calculations and adherence to various tax laws. While most businesses and individuals rely on tax professionals for tax preparation and return filing, these trained professionals rely on tax software to get things done faster and more efficiently. While several popular tax software is available in the market, TaxAct is highly regarded as advanced for tax accountants.

This blog will cover different sides of TaxAct software to help you understand how it can benefit your business.

What is TaxAct?

TaxAct software is a flagship product offered by TaxAct® – a leading tax preparation solution provider. The software has been developed with exclusive features for tax accountants and in-house programmers. Many professionals consider TaxAct software as a tax filing tool that automates and simplifies the tasks of tax return preparation and e-filing.

TaxAct, the software provider, also offers a comprehensive suite of tax preparation products for tax filers at an affordable price. From beginners to experienced tax professionals, TaxAct provides a wide range of tools and resources to prepare and file tax returns.

TaxAct Software Features

  • Easy to Use Interface

The software has an easy-to-use interface with an intuitive guiding process for using its features. You can navigate its features easily with embedded links that cover explainers, tips, and other resources. In addition, its searchable knowledge base will help you dig deeper and make the most of the software.

  • Easy to Import Last Year’s Return

If you filed a tax return using some other tax software (TurboTax etc.) last year, you could easily import that return into TaxAct software in PDF format to prepare and file taxes this year. It also gives you the option to bring over 1040 only without keeping other supporting forms and schedules with it.

  • Auto-import various tax documents

Using TaxAct software, you can import W-2s or upload 1099-B information in a CSV file. This will help you in preparing the returns. The usability of this feature also depends on the specific TaxAct package you purchase.

  • Donation Assistant

You can get a Donation Assistant with TaxAct’s Deluxe, Premier, and Self-Employed Packages, which can help you calculate the value of donated items for deductions.

  • Platform Mobility

You can either download various TaxAct professional software packages for use in a desktop environment or access them online. With the desktop software, you can benefit from utilizing the power of the cloud with TaxAct hosting solutions.

  • Guidance and Support

A significant reason behind TaxAct software’s popularity is its guidance and user support you can access while preparing and filing taxes. You can use its searchable knowledge base for general guidance, ask for tech support via call or email, or tap into its one-on-one tax help

  • Maximum refund guarantee

The software also ensures a maximum tax refund guarantee like no other tax software.

  • Deduction Maximizer

TaxAct software has this proprietary tool that works in favor of its users to help uncover various qualifying deductions that you may fail to realize.

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TaxAct Software Pricing Overview

Several TaxAct software packages (download products) are available to suit different types of people and their taxation needs. The following table highlights other TaxAct professional software packages with their pricing and suitability:

TaxAct Type


Suitable for

Basic $39 95 W-2 Employees
Deluxe $119 95 Student loans, home owner
Premier $129 95 Investments, maximum deductions, donations to charity
Self Employed $139 95 Business owner, contractor/freelancer

For more details about TaxAct download products pricing, click here

Range of Other TaxAct Products

TaxAct Products Details/Pricing
To file taxes on your own Free, Deluxe, Premier, Self Employed
To file with expert help Free, Deluxe, Premier, Self Employed (with higher pricing)
TaxAct Self Employed $64 95
For Business returns Sole Proprietor, Partnership, C Corporation, and S Corporation
TaxAct Tax-Exempt Organizations $109 95
TaxAct Estates and Trusts $109 95

Why Choose TaxAct?

Given below are the top five reasons why you should switch to TaxAct software:

  • Money savings up to 30% less than choosing other tax preparation software
  • $100k Accuracy guarantee
  • Easy import of tax data from other software
  • More deductions with the help of Deduction Maximizer
  • Customized TaxPlan availability

Get More with TaxAct Software Hosting

Working on TaxAct software in-house is highly suitable for tax professionals. However, with the emerging importance of the cloud, you cannot ignore the need for anytime-anywhere software. Therefore, choose Verito Technologies to host TaxAct software on the cloud and avail a wide range of cloud hosting benefits.

TaxAct FAQs

Is TaxAct free?

The cost of using TaxAct software depends on the particular package you select for your tax preparation and filing needs.

Who sells TaxAct software?

The parent firm, TaxAct®, owns TaxAct software and various other tax software.

How can I download TaxAct software?

You can download the specific package of the software post-purchase online through TaxAct’s official website.

Is TaxAct the same as TurboTax?

Both TaxAct and TurboTax are tax preparation software. However, they are not the same but quite similar. You are advised to read more about their features before choosing any of them.

How much is TaxAct software?

The pricing of TaxAct tax preparation software depends on the package you buy. Besides this, you need to pay an additional price for a cloud hosting solution if you hire a hosting provider.


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