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Ultratax CS hosting
Ultratax CS hosting by Verito Cloud

When you hear about UltraTax CS, you get to think of the entire CS professional suite from Thomson Reuters best suited for large accounting firms. But this software can also be used as a standalone tax compliance application for firms that work for diverse clients to prepare their tax returns. This software is mostly deployed on a desktop computer or laptop for use. But despite its various features, local system deployment limits its capability.

Wondering about the catch between these limitations and the term ‘UltraTax hosting’?

Well, there is. UltraTax hosting refers to an alternative method of software deployment in which it is not hosted on a local system but on remote cloud servers. It is just one side of the cloud technology, which is spreading its wings every year. As per The Future of the Cloud study, 83% of the enterprise workloads will switch to the cloud by 2020, with digitally-transforming enterprises leading this change. 

If you use UltraTax CS but have only heard about UltraTax CS hosting, it is time to dig deeper into its advantages to make your tax processes more efficient.

How Can Cloud Technology Change the Way You Use UltraTax CS?

1. Saves Time by Eliminating Time-Consuming Tasks

When using UltraTax CS software in the local-host configuration, you might be struggling with tasks that take a lot of time. For example, creating data entries manually and then duplicating them takes time and makes it difficult for tax professionals to focus on other important work. The loss of time increases further when this has to be done for several clients. 

With UltraTax hosting, you can eliminate the redundant daily tasks by updating the same file simultaneously in real-time. This way, you can easily update a single file without facing the need to create multiple files with repetitive entries. UltraTax hosting also helps in simplifying the file management process. 

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2. Allows Multiple Users to Collaborate in Real-Time

Before we consider this aspect, imagine the current workplace scenario you get involved every day. You see several CPAs and tax professionals working on their systems, using UltraTax CS and several other software. One common concern that such professionals raise is the inability to collaborate, i.e., their local-hosted software not allowing them to work together. 

UltraTax hosting can eliminate this bottleneck in the tax industry. It enables tax preparers to share files and collaborate in real-time rather than sending the same file to and fro via conventional means. Even multiple authorised users can access the cloud-hosted UltraTax at the same time and access the files to work with each other. All they need is a reliable UltraTax hosting provider for cloud deployment. 

The best part is – you can access the software and data from anywhere in the world, being an authorised user. This is crucial in the current COVID scenario, where most people are looking for ways to work from home without hampering productivity. 

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3. Makes it Easier to Scale the Resources Up or Down

Just like many other businesses, the pace of business does not stay the same for tax professionals. There are months when they can get the work done at relatively low speed. On the other hand, they need to stay back to get the tax preparation done for clients during tax season. Because of these workload variations, usage of UltraTax software also varies. Investing in in-house IT resources for non-perennial needs is not feasible for all businesses. It becomes difficult to upgrade or downgrade the resources as well. 

UltraTax hosting, on the other hand, makes things much easier for tax firms or CPAs. The ease of scaling the resources is what makes hosting UltraTax on the cloud a better alternative. Since the cost of UltraTax hosting depends on resource usage, you can save a significant amount in the non-tax seasons. It is the responsibility of cloud hosting provider to add or reduce IT resources/cloud servers to match your needs. 

In other words, the scalability of cloud resources is just a call away when you switch to UltraTax hosting. If you want to experience the benefits of cloud-hosted UltraTax CS software, contact us for a free trial.

4. Get an Edge over the Competition in Market

The tax industry has evolved over the years, and most organizations, small or big, want to hire professionals who can get the tax filing done most efficiently. Lack of adoption of the latest technology has made it difficult for many tax professionals to match the speed of work and stay competitive in the industry. 

If you are a tax professional, you would agree that it does not matter whether your computer is not working or there is a software issue. The clients want you to get the work done on time and help them with their tax preparation needs. Losing track of time because of redundant tasks at work or leaving urgent things untouched till the next work hours is not acceptable.

UltraTax hosting can give you the much-needed first-mover advantage. Since you can collaborate with your team in real-time no matter where they are, you make quick services available to your clients. Savings of time and effort by eliminating redundant tasks with the help of cloud can lead you towards the next level of business success. With UltraTax hosting, you can also ensure faster tax filing, with many tax forms accessible remotely in just a few clicks.

Wrapping It Up

Think of UltraTax hosting as the next-gen solution to many problems you face when at work. Whether you have recently started your journey as a tax professional or are running an established firm, you can grow your business financially by utilizing various UltraTax hosting advantages.

Want to know more about the steps to be followed to move the in-house setup to UltraTax hosting? Call our solution executive now.

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