5 Things Restricting You from Moving to Cloud-hosted QuickBooks

5 Things Restricting You from Moving to Cloud hosted QuickBooks - Verito Technologies

QuickBooks is the go-to accounting software for various accounting needs. Since its launch in 1983, this software has undergone numerous changes and advancements to fulfill the increasing demands of accounting professionals. As a result, it has a rich array of features and a wide range of QuickBooks versions available to streamline business operations. If you and your team have been using this software for a long time, you want to continue using the desktop-hosted version. But there are many reasons you should think of switching to QuickBooks hosting solutions. 

While most CPAs now prefer using QuickBooks hosted on the cloud, others might not be fully aware of the benefits they can get by hosting QuickBooks on cloud. If you feel hesitant in moving your QuickBooks to the cloud, this can be because of the following reasons:

1. You Only Want to Work from Office

When you use QuickBooks installed on a desktop computer, it limits the usage as per your availability near the system. While this approach towards work can help maintain work-life balance, it also inhibits you from dealing with urgent needs and client calls when you are not in the office. For instance, you cannot check the QB data while on a business trip in the desktop-hosted environment. 

QuickBooks hosting solutions solve this problem by ensuring that access to the software is not hindered by your location or time. In simple words, QB hosting gives you a mobile workspace. You can access the application at any time and from any location after being hosted remotely on cloud servers.

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2. In-house IT Infrastructure Deployment is Within Your Budget

When CPA firms have more work than expected during tax season, they prefer hiring accountants for the short term. Unfortunately, this requires more QuickBooks licenses and higher storage space to keep the data. In the traditional desktop-hosted environment, periodic business expansion implies significant investment in the in-house infrastructure that you might not have needed before. 

Even if budget is not a constraint for your business, it makes sense not to invest the capital for such needs but choose QuickBooks hosting solutions as an alternative. You can call the service provider to scale up your cloud resources for a short period, saving a considerable amount that can be used for other crucial business activities.

3. You Believe Only In-house Setup Can Keep the Data Safe

When you work as an accountant or are running a CPA firm, maintaining the confidentiality of your clients’ sensitive data is of utmost importance. Since you handle their bank details, card information, and more, you want to safeguard the data from potential loss. This can be why you want to keep the QuickBooks application and data hosted locally with various security measures in place. 

However, QuickBooks hosting solution providers do much more than an individual accounting firm to keep their clients’ data safe. They deploy security solutions, including antivirus, antimalware tools, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, to name a few. This way, the sensitive data is kept safe on cloud servers without worrying about system hacking vulnerabilities.

4. You Think Keeping Multiple Copies of Data Helps During Unprecedented Times

Amidst making financial strategies for clients and assessing the capital flow, a significant chunk of data is released. Accounting professionals keep this data safe and secure in numerous ways, one of which is to make multiple copies so that a backup is available during unforeseen circumstances. Unfortunately, with desktop-based QuickBooks, irreversible loss of data can occur, making it challenging to recover crucial data. 

This is why QuickBooks hosting solutions can be your best bet to safeguard the data and ensure timely retrieval in case of natural calamities. In addition, QB hosting providers periodically take data backup on remote servers, which helps prevent irreversible data loss. 

5. You Do Not Want to Pay for Cloud Hosting Solutions Additionally

The cost of using QuickBooks software in a desktop environment involves purchasing its license. When switching to the cloud, the hosting plan is to be purchased in addition to the software license. While the overall cost of using cloud-hosted QB software is slightly higher, the benefits you get are worth the additional price paid. 


The benefits of QuickBooks hosting can work wonders for your business and help serve more clients. As the data and software are hosted on the cloud, you can get the freedom from worrying about the limitations of working in a desktop environment.

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