Hey You, Get Onto My Cloud

If you’ve got onto an airplane and flown through clouds and eventually above them, you would know what I am talking about. It’s a ride like nothing else! Safe, swift, smooth, and hassle-free. That’s what Verito is. Verito is like a plane that will take you and your business data through the Cloud; but rather than flying your data to another destination on the land, it actually Hosts onto the Cloud and provides you the experience of Cloud Computing like never before!

What’s on the offer?
Verito offers fantastic Cloud hosting services for applications like QuickBooks, SAGE, ATX Tax and Lacerte etc providing customized and scalable solutions to all types of accounting and taxation challenges for your business. Verito runs its applications on highly advanced and robust SSD servers that guarantee 100% uptime enabling increased workflow. With Managed Network services, you can run your accounting applications in multi-user environment across larger networks in real-time promoting collaboration among the team members. Wait! There’s more to it. Verito imparts the best Colocation services providing more than adequate Cloud data center space and broad bandwidth, thus helping your business to function seamlessly.

Having dealt on the performance front, another important aspect is of security and you can rest assured that Verito has never lost this battle. Verito takes your invaluable data onto the Cloud and builds a fortress around it. A fortress which has multi-level security that is impenetrable. Multi-level authentication, advanced security algorithms, end-to-end encryption, and firewall management not only safeguard your data from unauthorized access but also protect it from getting corrupted. And this is not the end of the story. Verito offers data migration services and multi-site replication services to create and maintain the backup of your data in case any man-made or natural disaster occurs at the location of the primary server.

Leverage Expertise
By now, you must have realized that Verito always believes in giving more and guess what? You’re right! At Verito, you not only get highly appropriate pre-counseling service before you empower your business through the best Clouding but also the post-installation services, that too free of cost. You can gain services of highly committed and skilled support staff which is available 24/7; this is where you get instant solution to any type of functional or technical challenge. You can reach the support staff by email, phone or chat.

What are you thinking now?
With Tier-IV security, best technical support in the industry and highly advanced IT infrastructure, Verito is offering you the ride of a lifetime at incomparable cost! Plug in your business to Verito and enjoy uninterrupted Hosting services onto Cloud. You must get on board NOW (No Other Way!)

For more information on Quickbooks Hosting, QuickBooks Premier Cloud, QuickBooks Premier Hosting visit us at https://www.verito.com

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