How Can You Benefit from Switching to ProSeries Tax Software Hosting?

How Can You Benefit from Switching to ProSeries Tax Software Hosting - Verito Technologies

The stress of filing taxes for various clients, filling the proper forms, and optimizing every return to reduce errors can leave tax professionals in jitters. This can happen during tax season or even otherwise, making you realize the need for the right tax software. If you are familiar with ProSeries Tax software, you cannot deny the benefits you receive from using this powerful tax tool. It is easy to use, allows form-based data input, and helps review every return with 1000+ advanced diagnostics. What makes it unique is the on-screen help you can ask for while working on a return and K-1 data import facility. 


While you can save time and perform tax-related tasks efficiently using ProSeries Tax software, you can enjoy more advantages when you choose ProSeries hosting on cloud.


Wondering what ‘ProSeries hosting’ means? Here’s a quick definition:


ProSeries Tax software hosting means storing or hosting the tax software and data on a secure server at a protected facility instead of installing it locally on your computer.


It means you need not feel like being tied down to your office to work on filing tax returns using ProSeries Tax software. You can access the application on any device having an Internet connection. The best part is – ProSeries hosting on cloud does not change its look and feel. The software features remain the same while the accessibility methods change. 


ProSeries Hosting on Cloud – What’s In It For Your Business?


  • Ease of Working on the Go


With ProSeries hosting on cloud, you and your team members can access the software on the go – while traveling, at home, or during business trips. This way, your work will not be hampered just because you are not in the office. In addition, you need not worry about the migration and setup as your cloud solution provider will take good care of it. 


  •  Team Collaboration for Better Results


ProSeries hosted setup will help you ensure the accuracy of tax returns filed by allowing various team members to work together. Multiple users can access the same file simultaneously, resulting in enhanced productivity and a lesser risk of errors in the tax returns filed. Another side of it is that you can improve the client management process.


  • Cost-Savings


ProSeries hosting on cloud is cost-effective, which means you do not pay much money to reap the benefits it offers. Whether it is software update, cloud server installation, or maintenance, the cloud service provider you hire will handle it all. For you, the expense is, thus, based on the ProSeries hosting plan you select. 


  • Enhanced Data Security


Cloud servers are heavily protected with multiple layers of security. Having ProSeries Tax software hosted on the cloud passes that protection element to it. The deployed security measures are capable of limiting data breaches that may occur. If data security has been one of the key concerns as a tax professional, it’s time to switch to cloud hosting for ProSeries software. 


  • Ease of Add-On Integration


With ProSeries software, you might also be using add-ons like ProSeries network solutions and ProSeries forms library. Hosting the software on the cloud allows you to integrate these add-ons to make the tax filing process more straightforward. Therefore, it is advisable to ask your cloud hosting provider about the add-on integration facility.


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ProSeries Hosting FAQ: Do I need to keep a copy of ProSeries on my desktop for backup?


Many ProSeries users ask this question, reflecting the apparent need to maintain data backup for unprecedented situations. As a cloud service provider, we provide a regular data backup facility to all our clients to ensure smooth recovery in case of a natural or man-made disaster. 


We encourage our clients who use our cloud hosting solutions to remove the applications from their desktops. This helps in reducing issues with data synchronization. Once hosted on the cloud, the desktop program may not sync well with the hosted environment. However, you can upload or pull down data from the cloud on a need-to-know basis. 


For more details about ProSeries hosting on cloud, call us at 1-855-583-7486.

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