All About Drake Cloud Hosting and Its Impact on Your Business Growth

Drake Cloud Hosting and Its Impact on Your Business Growth - Verito Technologies

Preparing tax files is a significant task for every business – small or big. While many big companies have a team of in-house tax professionals working on this task, others rely on tax preparation software and services offered by tax/accounting firms. 


Drake is a symbol of technological evolution in the tax preparation industry. It helps numerous businesses streamline their tax filing processes with increased efficiency and accuracy. If you use this powerful software, you must have felt the stress of filing taxes going down with the help of its comprehensive feature list. Whether you are a sole tax preparer or a business owner in any domain, you can use this application to file taxes conveniently. 


However, using Drake software in a desktop-hosted environment has its fair share of limitations. A locally-hosted Drake may not fulfill your needs and expectations completely. However, this is where you can rely on Drake tax software hosting. Flexibility to work, data security, and improved workflow, you can enjoy it all when you switch to Drake cloud hosting. 


Want to know how cloud-hosted Drake is better than the traditional usage for business growth? Let’s get into the details.


  • Enhanced Security for Financial Data


Whether related to your business or that of a client, tax data contains sensitive information and various financial details that cannot be shared publicly. However, in many cases, this data becomes vulnerable to unauthorized access amidst the rush of filing taxes. This is why using Drake software in the traditional setting is considered risky to secure crucial business data.


One way to protect the Drake application and tax data from unauthorized cyberattacks is to choose Drake cloud hosting services. We deploy reliable security measures for all Drake tax software hosting clients, including data encryption, multi-factor authentication, and role-based access control. All this is done to provide a safe passage to access Drake software on the cloud. 


  • Improved Collaboration Between Teams


If you have ever gone through the hurdles of a tax season, you cannot deny the need for collaboration between team members and other stakeholders. A common way to share the tax data within the teams is via emails, which increases redundancy at work and saves multiple versions of the same tax file. 


If you need a solution for such needs, switch to Drake cloud hosting, which allows multiple users to access the same tax files hosted on the cloud simultaneously. As a result, they can work simultaneously without facing any disruption at work, resulting in higher productivity and streamlined operations.


  • Remote Accessibility of Drake Software Whenever You Want


Many business owners think of tax preparation and filing as an additional task beyond their core business activities. Using Drake tax software for tax filing on a local computer may mean spending extra hours at the office to get things done. It is where the need for a flexible approach to work is highly felt. 


The best part is – you can enjoy remote work opportunities with Drake cloud hosting. Once you have the Drake software hosted on the cloud, you can work on filing tax forms from the comfort of your home. In addition, you can access the tax files at any time at your convenience using a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. 


  • Lower Operational Costs


Setting up a dedicated environment in-house to use tax software costs much money. The cost of establishing a local IT infrastructure generally includes hardware/software prices along with paying professionals for its regular maintenance and upkeep. For many small businesses, making this investment for tax filing needs is not feasible. 


That is why they rely on cloud technology to get similar benefits but at a fraction of the cost. For example, with Drake tax software hosting, you can save a significant sum of money that would otherwise be spent on software upgrades, installation, and maintenance. In addition, your cloud hosting provider will take care of the cost involved in setting up the cloud environment for your business needs. 


By moving your Drake tax application to the cloud, you can do so much more for business growth. With all the benefits of the cloud, you can file taxes more efficiently and can focus more on the core business tasks. 


Planning on switching to Drake cloud hosting? You can try our basic Drake hosting plan and then continue as per your liking. Connect with us today at 1-855-583-7486. 


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