How Secure is It to Put Your QuickBooks Software on Cloud?

How Secure is It to Put Your QuickBooks Software on Cloud- Verito Technologies

The massive global user base shows the popularity of QuickBooks as comprehensive accounting software. Intuit, the maker of Quickbooks, is now serving 4.5 million users of QuickBooks online globally and added more than a million customers to its user base in the financial year 2019 alone. 

A common concern raised by many business owners before switching to this advanced accounting software is data security. With the increasing dependence on the Internet, cyber threats are also increasing. As per statistics, there has been a 300% rise in cyberattacks on accounting practices during the pandemic. While dealing with the business-sensitive data of their clients, many accounting firms and CPAs prefer QuickBooks hosting instead of installing it locally. 

Hosting QuickBooks on the cloud provides not only remote accessibility but also ensures enterprise-level data security. The deployment of different security measures depends on the cloud hosting provider you choose. 

If you want to know how secure your QuickBooks data and application will be on the cloud, read more.

End-to-end Data Encryption

Transferring data online from one location to another comes with a particular risk of unauthorized access by cybercriminals. These hackers are known to extract and use sensitive data to their advantage, which can cause financial loss to the underlying organization. 

While you cannot limit the need for transferring accounting data as per business requirements, you can ensure its security with QuickBooks on the cloud. Reliable QuickBooks hosting providers are known for deploying end-to-end data encryption technology using security keys. This encryption prevents unauthorized users from decrypting the data, keeping the security risk at bay.

Malware Protection

Malware attacks are prevalent, using which cybercriminals can cause data breaches to any organization. Whether it is about getting access to the accounting data of your clients or other business-critical information, malware can cause significant damage to your business. 

Malware protection is where QuickBooks hosting plays a vital role. It offers the next-gen solution to the modern cybersecurity breaches caused via malware by using antiviruses and firewalls. The cloud solution provider’s responsibility is to check the cloud servers for vulnerabilities and fight back against them with Intrusion Prevention methods. With the help of cloud technology, you can rest assured your data will be kept safe from any malware attack. 

Authorized Cloud Access

In most cases, human errors become the primary cause of security breaches faced by an organization. Critical leaks of financial information and QB data files can damage a firm’s reputation to its clients, which can be prevented by hosting QuickBooks on cloud servers.

When you choose a dedicated server to host QuickBooks on the cloud, you and your team members are given an authorized path to access your software and data. This restricted role-based access limits the risk of data leaks to unauthorized users. 

Data Recovery

While using QuickBooks hosted on a local server, any unexpected incident like failure of hard disk, system crash, etc., can cause permanent data loss. Not being able to recover the data lost can create numerous problems for your business. 

With cloud-hosted QuickBooks, you can recover the data easily in case of any unforeseen event. It is because the cloud service providers take regular data backups on remote servers. This ensures that your accounting business is not affected by unforeseen circumstances.

Restricted Remote Accessibility

Accounting professionals are always careful about the safety of their client’s data. Consider the situation in which you travel for work and have the accounting data kept in the local computers. In case of any theft or breach, this can lead to loss of data which can be misused against your business. 

If you want to stay protected against such instances, QuickBooks hosting is one possible solution. It provides hardware independence and remote accessibility of cloud-hosted QB data. You can also access the software from any device using your login credentials.

If you have been working on QuickBooks, you most likely consider it to be a critical asset of your organization. Hence, it is essential to protect it the right way with the help of cloud hosting solutions. 

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