Why is It Prudent to Host your QuickBooks on the Cloud?

Why is It Prudent to Host your QuickBooks on the Cloud - Verito Technologies

Businesses with simple-to-complex accounting needs regularly use QuickBooks accounting software. It is the most preferred accounting software worldwide and holds a strong market position. More than 80% of the profit for the QuickBooks maker, Intuit, came from its existing customers in 2020. Next to the continued growth of this accounting software’s popularity is the rising trend of QuickBooks cloud hosting. More and more businesses are transitioning towards the cloud-hosted approach. 

If you are still using QuickBooks desktop software, you may be wondering about the benefits of QuickBooks on the cloud versus its local-hosted version. There are many benefits of switching to QuickBooks on the cloud.  

You should use QuickBooks in the cloud for the following reasons:

1. To Get Anytime-Anywhere Access

Working from home is the next big thing that has happened to businesses across the globe. If you are still working for your organization amidst this pandemic, you must be working remotely. What had once seemed so unusual has become the new normal these days. When at home, you cannot access QuickBooks software installed on your office computer unless you can take it home with you. 

QuickBooks cloud hosting is a better solution that allows you to access the software irrespective of the location or time. It simply means you are not tied down to any specific device to continue working for your clients. 

2. To Have Your Team Onboard for Remote Work Opportunities

Many of your team members might be dealing with difficulties accessing the software from remote locations. In general, collaboration with clients and team members is quite essential to sustain the business. When you have QuickBooks hosted on the cloud, letting more people work in a cloud-based environment is just a click away. 

Based on your business needs, you can allow multiple users to simultaneously access the same QB files, thus ensuring work collaboration. Since several QuickBooks hosting plans are available, you can select the one that best suits your needs. You can think of QuickBooks cloud hosting as a feature-rich alternative to local-hosted QuickBooks during the pandemic times and even beyond if needed.

3. To Save Money on IT Infrastructure

Having QuickBooks installed on the office computers implies the need for required IT hardware, software, and support professionals. This additional expense will only fulfill the needs when you and your team are working from the office environment. QuickBooks cloud hosting providers handle the cost of IT infrastructure and maintenance on the flip side, keeping you away from the related financial woes. You only pay for the plan you choose and save money while also enjoying cloud technology benefits. Additionally, you can also ask for a dedicated server to host QuickBooks instead of sharing the cloud space with other businesses. 

4. To Get On-demand Scalability Benefits

Imagine having a team of five members who work on QuickBooks while working for your organization. With business growth, you want more people to join the team and work for you. Does that mean you need to invest not only in human resources but also additional servers to accommodate them? The answer is – Yes if you only rely on locally-hosted accounting solutions.

However, with QuickBooks on the cloud, scalability benefits come in handy. The best part is that you can scale up the resources whenever needed and pay for the upgraded plan only. The rest will be taken care of by the chosen cloud hosting provider. Whether it is virtual RAM, CPU, or number of users, you can quickly expand the resources.

5. To Keep Your QuickBooks Data Secure

One of the most common cyber breaches is attacks against the local networks of different organizations. As per stats, the worldwide information security market is projected to reach $170 Bn in 2022. Although there is an urgent need to protect the business data from such breaches, not every organization is financially strong to invest in the best security measures in-house. 

If data security is one of your top priorities, cloud hosting can help you out. With QuickBooks hosting solutions, your data will be secure in the state-of-the-art data centers with the most advanced security standards deployed in place. 

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