How to Avoid Top Cybersecurity Threats When Working on the Cloud

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Like the changing technological landscape, even the cyber threat environment has evolved. The security measure that used to work once may not be equally capable of detecting and preventing advanced threats. If you are already aware of the top cybersecurity threats and feeling overwhelmed while working on the cloud, you need a holistic approach to maintaining security for your organization. Whether it is about protecting networks, devices, or sensitive data, you must take effective steps to deal with multiple threats. 

The need of the hour is to ensure maximum security with the help of intelligent security management techniques, irrespective of the scale of your business. Here are five ways you can follow to prevent or minimize the impact of the most common cybersecurity threats:

  • A well-defined data map

In today’s world, cloud technology has become essential to every business. Knowing which type of business data is located is critical if you are using a hybrid or private cloud. For instance, you might have hosted client-related data on the cloud while the rest is handled through an on-premise server. Having an updated data map that can tell you the specific location of data can help you streamline data restoration activities in case of a disaster.

For instance, it is more important to prioritize restoring tax software and data in case a mishap occurs during the tax season. You can then work on bringing back time and billing apps for reuse online. 

All this becomes much easier with the help of a cloud provider who hosts and manages the data for your business’s benefit.

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  • Stringent user validation

A crucial aspect of maintaining data and network security is not to trust any external setup, Internet, or VPN. You must ensure that all your employees use an authorized, professionally installed Internet network or a mobile hotspot. They must refrain from using public Wi-Fi or the one installed in client offices. Any security breach can occur if these network enablers install keyboard loggers to track every keystroke and steal sensitive data. Ideally, you can only trust your setup or the one a trusted cloud solution provider provides.

Besides this, you should avoid giving administrator access to any employee but restrict it to firm owners and IT team members. Other employees can only connect with the applications related to their KRAs.

  • Regular infrastructural upgrades

If you have invested in on-premise IT infrastructure, it is essential to update various technology components timely. This means updating the operating system, antivirus, routers, storage devices, and service infrastructure. Besides this, you also need to secure the end-point devices for secure access to critical information.

Infrastructure upgrades and device security maintenance are quite challenging for any business. As a helping hand, you can partner with a cloud provider and managed IT service provider for complete IT setup and upgrade, intrusion monitoring and detection, enhanced data security, and more. 

Verito Technologies have the required experience and technical know-how to provide cloud and managed IT solutions for your business.

  • Zero Trust Security

Besides external cybersecurity threats, some insider threats can cause serious security issues. Amidst the cyberattack surge over the last couple of years, the need for Zero Trust Security (ZTS) is felt even more. As the name suggests, ZTS means trusting no one, not even your employees, when maintaining a secure work environment.

The ZTS architecture requires every authorized user to go through multi-layer authentication before accessing private resources. Irrespective of how cumbersome it might seem to the employees, a safe way to have users log into business apps and databases to check their identity every time they do so.

If you want to know more, here’s a complete guide to Zero Trust Security.

  • Employee Training Against Cyberattacks

Lastly, each workforce member should be equipped with the right tools and knowledge to prevent cyberattacks. All your employees can be the best line of defense for your business against a severe threat once they know how to deal with them. External attacks, these days, aren’t just about clicking malicious links. With cyberattacks becoming more advanced, it is vital to provide evolved cybersecurity training to keep your firm safe.

Besides this, perform background checks when hiring potential employees to avoid losing your firm’s data.

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