How to Plan and Host Your QuickBooks on the Cloud?

How to Plan and Host Your QuickBooks on the Cloud - Verito Technologies

While managing the accounting tasks for diverse businesses, you cannot overlook the importance of QuickBooks – the powerful software on almost every CPA’s lips. While it is popularly known amongst accountants and bookkeepers, there is one aspect where QuickBooks desktop software needs external support. It is about getting the benefit of cloud technology to let the users enjoy remote accessibility, enhanced security, and easy scalability features. 

It is where QuickBooks hosting jumps in to play a vital role for the accounting needs. The next important question here is – ‘How to plan for hosting your QuickBooks software on the cloud?’

This question prevails because there are several QuickBooks versions available, while there are even more options when you look for a cloud hosting service provider. If you want the correct answer, you need to plan out how to switch to cloud-hosted QuickBooks. 

Here are a few tips that you can follow to select the right QuickBooks cloud hosting plan:

1. Be Sure About Deployed Security Measures

All your accounting data and QuickBooks software need protection from malware, cyberattacks, and similar other threats. This can probably be one of the reasons why you want to switch to QuickBooks hosting now. Hence, it would be best to ask the chosen cloud solution provider about the security measures in place. 

Some of the critical security standards you should look for are:

  • Anti-virus protection
  • Anti-malware
  • End-to-end data encryption
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Multiple firewalls, etc. 

Besides this, you should also check for on-site cloud security to rest assured that your QB data is kept securely on the cloud.

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2. Check for SLA-backed server uptime guarantee

When you have QuickBooks hosted on the cloud, you would ideally want the cloud servers to stay up and running continuously. However, server downtime can occur for various reasons, including natural disasters, maintenance issues, etc. To balance possible downtime and business continuity, you should select a QuickBooks hosting provider who ensures maximum uptime.

When backed by the Service-Level Agreement (SLA), it becomes the responsibility of the service provider to provide services as agreed upon in writing. With the advancement in cloud technology, top-rated cloud hosting providers now offer a 99.995% server uptime guarantee.

3. Consider Cloud Support for All QuickBooks Versions

QuickBooks accounting software is available in different versions – Pro, Premier, Enterprise, each of which has unique features for different business needs. It often happens that a professional using QuickBooks Pro would want to upgrade to QuickBooks Premier as the business or clientele grows. If you’re going to back the software with cloud solutions, you should ensure that the hosting service provider supports all the different QuickBooks versions.

This will prevent you from facing any issues related to QuickBooks cloud hosting later. At the same time, you can benefit from the service provider’s expertise without having to worry about looking for better solutions.

4. Select the Right Edition of QuickBooks Desktop Software

Besides having different versions, QuickBooks accounting software also has different editions available. Its latest 2021 edition is the most powerful one, packed with all the features you would need to manage your business. 

While many people are still using older editions of QuickBooks, it would be best to go with the latest edition before you plan to host it on the cloud. Because of the benefits, advancements, and upgrades, you can enjoy selecting the newest option. 

However, if you are more comfortable using an older edition of QuickBooks desktop software, you can continue using the same. Make sure you can get the required support services whenever needed. 

Select Verito Technologies to Take Your QuickBooks to the Cloud

Once you have analyzed all the requirements, join hands with Verito Technologies – a leading QuickBooks hosting solution provider. We stay ahead in the market in terms of cloud security, service quality, and an enriching experience to fulfill a diverse clientele’s expectations.

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